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#HACKED: Kate Erickson Reveals the Secret to Being a Speaking Success

Kate Erickson reveals the secret to being a speaking success

The “Pod Hacker” secretly recorded me in an effort to share information he thought I was keeping for myself. I’m always one step ahead though and managed to steal his hacked audio. Buckle up, because you’re about to hear it! In this episode of Authority Confidential, the secret to being a successful speaker is revealed.

Social media is a HUGE deal, but so are public appearances and speaking gigs! Do enough of them, and you’re going to get your name out there and get recognized. But HOW do you go about getting on stage? Kate Erickson has mastered the art of public speaking and has some great tips.

In 2015, Kate was pretty nervous as she stood in front of the crowd at Podcast San Diego. She’d never done the whole public speaking thing, and the group of 100 eager listeners sitting in front of her was WAY more than she’d ever addressed before. She had just launched her podcast EO Fire with her husband John a few months prior (by the way, that podcast has become a multi-million dollar endeavor).

Over her time as a speaker, Kate learned something important: It’s vital to have an expertise.

“That would be my number one piece of advice,” Kate said. “You have to know what you’re going to bring to that stage before you’re ever going to be able to get on it.

In Kate’s case, it’s her passion for systems and automation – things that make an entrepreneur's life way easier. Who doesn’t want to simplify their life?!

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