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Nathan Hirsch: Simplifying hiring with FreeeUp

August 27, 2019


Tired of spending hours and hours going through applicants? Nathan Hirsch has a solution.

Learn more on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur. 

In 2008, Nathan Hirsch started an Amazon business out of his college dorm room. He found hiring people to be difficult, so he turned to the remote hiring world. 

“I got pretty good at it,” said Hirsch, “But I also wanted something faster.”

He was tired of posting a job and getting 50 responses, then having to spend hours going through the applicants. 

He kept looking for something that would be more efficient. When he couldn’t find it, he decided to create it himself. FreeeUp was born. 

“With FreeeUp, we get thousands of applicants every week,” Hirsch said. 

Among them are freelances, agencies and virtual assistants from around the world. They’re heavily vetted for skill, attitude and communication – only the top one percent make the cut. 

“Then we make them available to our clients quickly,” Hirsch said. 

A business owner puts in a request and is matched with a potential worker. The requests are usually filled within less than one business day. 

“You can meet them, make sure you like them,” Hirsch said. “If you like them, you can hire them, negotiate a rate, agree on a fixed price – whatever you want to do.”

If you don’t like them? Simply pass and provide FreeeUp with feedback, so they can find you another match. 

In addition to that, FreeeUp offers 24/7 customer service.

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