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How to be a Thought Leader

February 15, 2019

Are you a thought leader? Should you write a book? These answers and more in this week’s episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur featuring special guest Mitchell Levy.

Mitchell is the AHA guy at ahathat.com who empowers thought leaders and businesses to share their genius. After a two hour interview, Mitchell and his team are able to ghostwrite your book and help turn you into an Amazon best selling author.

Like I said, Mitchell works with “thought leaders,” but what does that even mean? Is it another industry buzzword? Mitchell said a thought leader is a recognized expert.

“If you’re in business today and someone has paid you to do something, you’re an expert,” Mitchell said.

When you’ve gained traction and multiple people are paying you to do something, you’ve become a recognized expert or thought leader.

So you’ve figured out you’re a thought leader, now what? It may be time to write a book. Mitchell notes that the book isn’t about your life – that’s likely not something someone’s going to read unless you’ve got a significant level of celebrity.

Instead, your book should be about your customer’s problem and how you can solve it, he said.

“I call it CPOP – Customer Point of Pain,” Mitchell said. If you can describe your CPOP in 30 seconds, he added, then it’s time to write.

If you aren’t a great writer or don’t know where to start, consider using a service such as AHAthat. Once your book is finished, you’ve got yourself a new way to generate leads.

He explained that you may not make money hand over fist in book sales – but your book is still going to provide authority. Hand your books out. Use them to show your expertise and you’ll end up generating interest in the work that you do.

“Your book is like your business card,” Mitchell said.

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To connect with Mitchell, find him on your favorite social media platform (he’s on them all) or visit AHAThat.com.


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