how to get twitter verified and grow your authority & followers

How to get verified on twitter and grow your authority

kind of a big deal twitter verifiedLearn how to get verified on Twitter – watch your authority and popularity soar.

Get verified on Twitter – and it will go a long way to gaining new customers and followers. It shows customers and journalists you're committed to taking the extra steps to prove your business account is credible. Becoming verified also helps prevent other scammers from trying to impersonate your account.

The coveted and popular blue check mark on Twitter accounts signifies an account that is authentic and it belongs to someone of authority. You want that!

After verification, your  badge will always be displayed next to your account name, giving visitors and followers confidence. But the badge is only applied by Twitter after they verify that indeed you are someone of public interest


What type of account is considered public interest?

To be of public interest means your account supports a business in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas. You definitely qualify an an entrepreneur – you just need to take the few necessary steps.

Naturally, being Twitter verified does not mean your account is endorsed by Twitter.


How does Twitter verification help in networking with influencers & the media?

Influencers and the media want to talk to those who are true experts and have large followings – that little blue check mark indicates that you qualify as a loud, credible voice in your realm of expertise. And a large following, in turn, adds respect and credibility to what you say.

Sometimes having the blue check mark of verification is the difference between reaching out to you, or quoting you as a source, over another. And that means free exposure for your business.

Does being verified help you get more followers?

In short, yes – it should. When my verification was approved, I instantly went from 40-60 new followers a day to now more than 70 a day! Getting verified is a big deal if you want to build a big audience. As a result of verification, I found that my engagement went up substantially, too. People tend to treat me like I’m someone of a bit more importance. It’s a nice feeling! 🙂 I coached a couple of my friends on how to get verified on twitter and they've now seen the same increase in followers and engagement.

To make it easier for you, I've created a Twitter Publicity Mastery course that covers the tools I use to automate Twitter marketing. Here's a quick link if you want to see that course right now: Twitter Publicity Mastery to get verified on twitter - get twitter verified tips


Before applying for your verification badge, be ready to follow the requirements outlined by Twitter:

  • If the account belongs to a person, the name must reflect the real or stage name of the person.
  • If the account is a corporation or company account, the name must reflect the real name of the corporation or company.
  • Account must have a verified phone number.
  • Account must have a confirmed email address.

Note: If the account is a company or organization account, the email address associated with the account should be a company or organization email address.

  • Your account must have a bio which specifies an area of expertise and/or a company mission.
  • You must have a profile photo which specifies an area of expertise and/or a company mission.
  • Use a header photo which specifies an area of expertise and/or a company mission.
  • Account must have a website
  • Tweets must be set as public in Tweet privacy settings


Next, you will need to prepare a reason why Twitter should verify your account.

This is your opportunity to showcase how you impact your industry or field of expertise. If the account represents a business or corporation, strategically explain your mission, goals and vision for your brand.

Be sure to provide URLs that display third-party sites that have used your information, as it is proof of your business’ newsworthiness or relevancy. For example, if you were quoted in a local news source, or if the media has even retweeted your posts, include the URL(s) in your explanation.

Other items you may want to include are:

  • Who your followers are (demographics if available).
  • Follower metrics.
  • When you began using Twitter, and how it has helped your business grow since that time.
  • Details on where influencers are promoting you.
  • An explanation as to why the media already utilizes you as a source.

Include an explanation as to why, professionally, you should be verified.

One of the biggest tips on how to be verified on Twitter is to explain, in your verification application to Twitter – why you absolutely need verification. Explain that, because of the nature of your expertise, it’s critical that you maintain a clear identity on Twitter. As a consumer expert for, for example, I give very specific advice. If someone were to impersonate me, this would cause me some headaches and trouble – so I need a clear identity.

Now that you've gathered everything – begin the process: Under the “Managing Your Account” settings.

After you've gathered everything I mentioned above, be sure to update your Twitter account.

Next, begin the verification request process by completing the form & reading twitter's how to get verified on twitter article. To avoid unnecessary delays in your verification process – do NOT begin the process until you have everything at the ready.

Note that it should take anywhere from 2 days to two weeks to complete the request and get a response.

If you are denied verification, you may reapply in 30 days. 

If you need assistance in how to get verified on Twitter, please do not hesitate to contact UpMyInfluence.

Our company can even provide a review of your Twitter account, including how Twitter will likely perceive your authority, before you even begin the badge verification process. Our analysis will help ensure your account ties to your business and website cohesively, and looks as professional as possible. Grab one of our memberships for access to smart PR managers who can help you grow your authority.

How to get verified on twitter

Avoid time consuming and costly mistakes.

If you have yet to establish a Twitter account for your business, UpMyInfluence is happy to work with you. We'll help you set it up correctly from the start, and provide guidance on how to increase your follower base. Additionally, we'll share the types of Tweets you should be sending and how to use your account as a public relations tool.

To get started, I strongly recommend you take a look at our Twitter Publicity Mastery course. It will really grow your following, and goes hand in hand as we personally mentor for Twitter verification. Be aware that being Twitter verified may take a few timesof getting quoted in the news first, if you do not already have media placements you can reference in your verification process.

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