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Words Matter with In Other Words by Stone’s Angela Marshall

May 30, 2020

Words Matter.

Angela Marshall is the Owner of In Other Words by Stone, a motivational speaker, professional writer, columnist, bestseller author, creative consultant, and ex-NFL wife.

Angela Marshall utilizes her personal life experiences of struggle, strength and success to captivate audiences and readers abroad. She speaks with positive purpose and passion to motivate others while encouraging them through challenges. She is also a community advocate, youth mentor and supporter.

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Welcome to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, Founder and CEO of UpMyInfluence.com. We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. stick around to the end of the show, we're all reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go.

And with us right now, we've got Angela Marshall. Angela, you are a creative writing consultant, you're the owner of In Other Words By Stone and you're on the web at InOtherWordsByStone.com. I think folks are going to really enjoy this conversation because we're going to talk about how to grow your network, how to really grow your authority within a niche and how to make a lot of income. So that sounds like a great plan. Thank you so much for joining us.

Hey, thank you for having me. I definitely appreciate it. And hi to all of your viewers and listeners.

Yeah. So Angela, can you start off by sharing how you got into this space? And of course, you're kind of I love your backstory and relationship. So you were married to an NFL? Er,

yes, absolutely. Which was a book within itself. And so I wrote that book. Been there, done that. And then I also had the opportunity to speak about that book. But I started my business because I was in corporate for about 16 years. And I did really well their monetary, you know, financial wise salary, salary wise benefits. Amazing. But I just was not fulfilled, there was something still missing. And I believe I stayed in corporate as long as I did, because at the time, you know, your dynamics play a big part in the choices that you make. And my dynamics at that time was I had two children to take care of I had an alien Mother and you know, some other things going on. And so once I had a conversation with my mom prior to her death in August of 2013, and she exhorted me to make sure that I live and I fulfill everything that I ever wanted to do, especially since I was, you know, helping other people fulfill their dreams, meaning corporate in my children and herself. And so I kind of took that to heart and 2014 I just started dashing out the door making, you know, I guess plans and arrangements so that I could grow my brand and my business. I've always been a phenomenal storyteller and a writer. And I think now that I look back on it, even when I was in corporate, we used to have these developmental performance reviews, and my co workers would actually pay me to write their review so that you know, that determine like how much bonus they will get. And so they will pay me to do it and I thought to myself, wow, probably Probably could do something like this for a living and get paid. So I started in other words by stone, you know, as a creative writing consultant where I do BIOS resumes I do resume training. I'm also a ghostwriter. Because I love words, and I love writing. So that's really how I got started with everything in 2018. Opening up my own business in 2016. Wow. And so then, Angela, tell me about the audiences that you work with today, who you help who you serve, and specifically a little bit more about how people engage with you and and the work the work do you do side by side? Absolutely. So usually I am my clients are of the private sector. A lot of clients come from infrastructure systems around the csra, which is I'm located in the Augusta, Georgia area, and I write proposals I write grants, I write bids for them in order to get work. and beautify the city. So that's where a lot of my work comes from. I also write standard operating procedures, everyone knows that standard operating procedures. Not only do they help the employee, but they help the citizens or you know, they help the company as a whole because people know what to do and what's expected of them. So that's why standard operating procedures are, are you know, very important. I connect with some agencies, anyone that is looking to build their resume and write their resume the correct and the proper way. I show them certain buzzwords and tools and tips to get get your resume noticed because as you know, words play a big part in the uniqueness of your brand and your business. I always say you cannot be the norm, you have to be, you know, very unique, you have to do something very rare that hasn't been been seen or done in order to get your brand and your business out there just to get noticed in general. So those are just a few and then my late As clients are, I'm ghostwriting for them. So I'm actually either writing their biography for them or autobiography. You know, there's some things behind this behind the scenes and then I also help other authors because I'm an I'm an author. And so I help other authors to get their published, you know, their books published and just kind of, you know, talk them through the tips and everything that they need in order to be successful.

Angela, let's think about, you know, we've got two people and let's say that they've each invested, you know, they've been through school, they each have, let's say, a, maybe a master's in college, they put all of this effort into their education, then they've been out working in the field, and they've, they've each got 10 years of experience working in their professions. And one said, You know what, I'm gonna take, you know, a few extra hundred dollars. I'm going to take a little bit more, you know, I'm going to spend a few evenings here and I'm really going to Make my resume just amazing. And the other ones like, haha, pish posh. I've been in the field for 10 years, I've got my master's degree, I don't need to worry about my branding and communicating my skills and stuff. Who do you think is generally the boy? What a silly question, right? Who do you think is generally going to get a better outcome? And it's amazing, because we're talking 20 years of education and work experience, and then refusing or not taking seriously, how critical it is to do things like not just your resume, but your LinkedIn profile. If that just looks like you know, that hasn't been updated in five to eight years, and it just doesn't look like you're much. You know, you're really that special. And that really, in today's economy? Yeah, go ahead. Tell us about that.

Absolutely. Well, I let me let me start by saying I Always exhort my mentees, you go after network not net worth. authentic and genuine networking will yield your network. your net worth. Okay? But obviously Yeah, like you said, the person who takes time in building that resume and making sure that it's not lies and I'm not exhorting people embellish. It's just all in how you word what you do. You know, I've had people that have brought their resumes to me literally have not been able to, you know, get on with this particular company, I tweak it, change their the cover page, change their summary a little bit and then also their bullet points, their duties, their tasks and responsibilities. Just add a little bit more, I guess flair to it. They get an interview, they get the job. So words matter. And then as you said, you know, taking time and I will say I actually was, I guess I'm in that same boat coming from From an NFL wife had not worked in my entire life and then after the divorce having to get a job and then you know, was able to get a job at at this major pharmaceutical company here, it was imperative that I work my resume the way that I needed to, in order for them to even look at me because again, you're right people with masters and PhDs and different, you know, BS in science, they weren't there. That's the group that I was working with at that particular time. But my resume got picked over them. Like I was the one that was brought in for for the job because I took time, you know, to hone in on on my resume. Yeah.

Oh, so, um, and I guess what we're talking about, you know, when we talk about, for example, like we're really big on LinkedIn. And so I think that, you know, you could do so much networking on LinkedIn, if you do it right. But one thing that is going to really be hard to overcome is a bad LinkedIn profile. And so what I, you know, I refer to this as lowering the digital barrier, and it's about revealing who you are really. And it's not your greed, it's like, you're never going to want to say something that's not factually correct, right. But

But we deliver.

Yeah, so Angela, if you and I were to spend some time together in person, for example, like we just have this immense benefit of like, you know, Oh, my gosh, you know, you could feel my energy and my authenticity and likewise, and most of the time when we're, you know, interviewing, you might get that as a first impression, but usually, you know, people are going to check you out first. And if they are, you have to understand what are the things that they are going to look at and how can we use our words to convey our true authentic selves as best as possible and and unfortunately, You know, words on a page are just nowhere near as, as beautiful and revealing as being the presence of another, you know, soul. And so but that's that's the, that's some that's a Herculean task that we need to do. And that's why Angela, people hire you.

That's right. Well, I always say just because you have a story, it does not necessarily mean that you are a storyteller. There are those that write and then there are those that can write entail, and then there are those that should only tell. So it just depends, you know, on how bad you want, what you want. And then you know what, what actually fulfills you as a person. For me, when you talk to me about your needs, what you need resume or you need a new bio written like, I'm elated, because all my head does is like wraps around with words and different ways that I can describe jobs. And, you know, make him this up, I mean, just amazing, dynamic and powerful person or even more than you already are. So, you know, that's why you want to really take seriously as far as like, you know your resumes, BIOS, anything dealing with words if you want to become an author, you know, I spoke with one the other day where I was exhorting him, you, it's all in how you deliver your words, you have to be very confident. I'll give you an example. He wrote in a description, he said, this book looks to give you x, y, z. And then I went in and I said, this book looks to give me well sound very convincing that no expert for that I said, No, you need to revise it to this book

will, right?

Because then you know, the people that are reading the description on the back because actually, that's what they're gonna do. First, they're gonna read the cover page, they're gonna see you know, if you know what you're talking about before they even purchase a book, but obviously if you're not confident and in Your skills and what what that book will do, I'm not gonna buy it and i'm not buying into you either. So words are very, very important. You know, if I get the job or if I'm, you know, if I'm afforded the opportunity to do X, Y, Z know is when, you know, you have to just train your brain to really be confident in what you want.

Yeah, yeah. So, Angela, one thing that you talked about is sewing into your niche. Can you

tell me a little bit more about that? That just, it kind of ties into what we were just talking about that is whatever you're good at making sure that you are certified, you're qualified, qualify, you're trained. One of the things that a great person that I admire a lot mentioned to me the other day, he said, Angela, when you know your stuff, you know your stuff. And that's how you can tell the difference between people that come before you and they're just blowing smoke, or either they're doing something just to get a paycheck as opposed to passion purpose and you know, like pure desire. I so like I avail myself, YouTube videos I even go to conferences, other training so it's not just because I'm a motivational or inspirational presenter or speaker, like I know all the you know all there is to know and being this guru, I still sit, I just, you know, turn it sit at the feet of others that are doing what I want to do. So sewing is just that whether it's me reading books me, you know, reading up on Josh, if I know that Josh is like in a position if I wanted to start this amazing podcast, my influence that was gonna help people who better to watch and to listen to and to avail myself to then Josh Elledge, right. So that's a part of sowing into your niche I you know, I exhort anybody whether you're going to be a professional athlete, a teacher, an educator, an attorney, you have to soul You know, into what you want to what you want to be what your goals and your dreams are.

Yeah. Can you give us some some tactical skills on how to like what kind of networking works? Well today like what would be some examples of some things that people could add to their regular list so that they could be circulating more?

First of all, like we already mentioned, getting on social media, from LinkedIn to Facebook, IGN, Twitter, you'll know immediately which one of those outlets Will you you will need to spend the most of your time now you don't need to kind of spend, you know, time on each one of them because they all have communities and they have these amazing communities like I've joined writers, authors, everything that I am speakers, public figure, consultants, I've joined those so that way I can connect with other people authentically, you know, not to sending them a pitch in their dm or in their inbox like, hey, Josh, can I be on your podcast or Hey, you know, so and so can you do this or that for me, but also authentic, you know, making authentic connections. So from that is it grows into you, you know, being able to have a really good presence with your networking. And that's really important even outside of that different organizations, whether it's your chamber of commerce, whatever aligns with your vision and your mission and with your business, as an entrepreneur, you need to be making those links. You know, it's very important all of those connections you need to be everyone that is on an entrepreneur journey. You cannot do it alone because no man is or no woman is an allen for that matter. The things that I do, I'm able to do because I have people that have done it before me that I adhere to. I have people that are walking beside me and then I also have people that are, you know, a few steps behind me that I'm now pouring knowledge and tips and tools into them. So it all kind of comes you know, full circle and and works itself out.

Well, great, Angela, what would be the first thing that like if someone's like, well, I want to get to know Angela's work a little bit better. Like, is there something great kind of first way that people can get to know you? Maybe something free that they can engage in? What would you recommend if someone's like, I want to hear more of what Angela has to say?

Well, if they go to my social media pages, they will see I post quite a bit of motivational, inspirational quotes and sayings. I also do tidbits, tips and tools for success I do videos where I'm really transparent with my ups and downs my struggles as well as the success because I think that it's important to show both not just about Look at me I was successful today. I had an amazing day but then also all guys like I had a crappy day today. Somebody says so it says what, hey, we're gonna bounce back from it and we're gonna keep on. So I would suggest definitely checking out my website, go into my website, any social media page Just because you want to do your research first before you dive into a person, which I think all of us should really do that, you know, I've had some people that have asked me to be in their organization or come on their show. And then I did the research and I'm like, now we don't really, we don't really get you know, we don't connect on that level. But I would say definitely do your research. Google is everybody's best friend, they have information on everybody. Some of it may not be up to date or may not be you know, all the truth. But usually, if I'm, you know, someone wants to, I would say that would be the first step and then of course, you can just reach out and when you reach out usually within conversations, emails face to face, like Skype, different, you know, conference calling, virtual conference calling that you can do now, you can tell if a person is authentic or genuine or like you really, you know, will make a connection with that person at that time.

I I agree with you. Well, Angela Marshall. So you know, it's kind of I'm looking at your, your, your LinkedIn and it says that you're a mental horticulturist.

See, that's the play on words. Right? Yeah. And I'm gonna tell you how I ended up with that. So because I speak and plant positive seeds into the minds across the globe, positively impacting and influencing them. I was dubbed mental horticulturist. So to me, it was like a no brainer that I adopt that into, you know, I don't know if I'd necessarily want to call it a title, but it raises curiosity. And when people see that as opposed to now if I had just put a motivational speaker you're like, Okay, everybody's

everybody's motivational speaker that was mad for a living into down by rain band by down by the river.

But that is the play on words because you see that And then is Oh, wow, what is what is that all about middle horticulturist? So I thought that that was very fitting for me, especially with the work that I do from my platform, the store and life of an ex NFL wife. And then I guess from Creative Writing consultant side, I plant seeds also because I'm helping, you know, people grow through their resumes and BIOS and, you know, getting their businesses and everything out there. So,

well, you are also an author, mentor and a creative writing consultant and you're on the web at in other words by stone, Angela Marshall, thank you so much for joining us.

Yes, thank you. Thank you for having me. Appreciate it.

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