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Natural Products and an Integrated Life with Josh Felber

Natural Products and an Integrated Life with Josh Felber

There are entrepreneurs, and there are serial entrepreneurs. Both are not cut from the same fabric. A serial entrepreneur has mastered the game like the back of their hand. Their knowledge isn’t mere theory; it's forged in the furnace of practice. Perhaps most importantly, it's available to support other business owners struggling to balance business and life. Josh Felber, is a serial entrepreneur, someone you may call your favorite entrepreneur’s favorite entrepreneur. The genius, who has founded over 15 companies, is here to share his story with us today.

Who is Josh Felber?

You may have come across the website, JoshFelber.com. Josh is the genius behind that website, and his goal is to help business owners and business leaders primarily transform their mindset. Though he was born to change them, Josh wasn’t born changing mindsets.

Josh’s entrepreneurial marathon began when he started doing audits on the odd ends, selling baseball cards and stuff. At age 14, his first real business – a computer resale company took off. He read Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins and Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, immediately applying what he learned from both men. He wrote out his goals and found he’d achieved eighty-five percent of his list within a year.

Fast-forward to today, and Josh runs a natural personal care company, Primal Organics, with his wife. But, Josh has owned at least fifteen different companies before this. After his computer resale business, he ventured into merchant processing. While attending college, Josh sold electronic terminals. Within six months, he earned a move to Louisiana, eventually opening offices there, in Mississippi, and a few other locations. Yet, Josh craved success. He figured out he could do run his own company.

Josh moved to Dallas and teamed up with someone else to build a top merchant processing company within five-and-half years. Their company garnered around 25,000 customers until they sold it to Society Bank.

The Journey to Here

One of Josh’s bigger breaks came from a nutrition company he connected with. One of their products was mint supplements that featured natural weight loss ingredients. They started to sell them directly to consumers from a website, using Paypal.

Josh's task was to get stores like Target and Walmart to carry them. He performed: through local US and international distribution, Josh got over 45,000 retail stores to carry the supplements. In just three years, the company went from scratch to $13 million in sales. Irwin Naturals eventually came along and bought the successful company.

That experience taught Josh how to get into retail, but his previous experience served him well. It still does. Business success often comes at a huge price. Josh Felber boasts an enviable string of three- to five-year success stories. While that makes for a shiny LinkedIn profile, it doesn't quite tell the entire backstory, which is that not all fifteen companies that Josh started succeeded. That's a reality check for entrepreneurs who think of quitting after a failed venture.

Josh’s present business is Primal Life Organics. His wife started the vision in 2012 to make natural dental care, personal skincare, deodorant, and so forth. Their business model is to sell directly to the consumer. To give an idea of how they're doing, they've hit the Inc 5000 the fourth year in a row – sitting pretty at number 233. Other times, they've bounced within the range of 1,001 and 2,033.

Primal Life Organics operates a 10,000-square-foot facility in Akron, where they manufacture everything. Order fulfillment, digital media, and corporate stuff all happen in the facility. They're also starting to gain key traction with retailers, and Josh's experience from yesteryear is serving the company well. These retailers include around 159 natural grocery store. Around 1,500 Kroger stores are also on the radar to get their naturals department to carry Josh's deodorant.

Navigating COVID

2020 has been interesting for commerce worldwide. Entrepreneurs like Josh have had to make crucial tweaks to how they operate in the face of COVID-19. For instance, there were undue delays in flying out to a natural products Expo in California. The entire show was eventually canceled, and the COVID effect was only starting to dawn.

On the demand side, however, business has been good for Primal Organics. People have actually looked at natural personal care to elevate the immune system and be healthy enough to fight off the coronavirus. The pandemic has even influenced Primal's product line. The natural bug repellent, which could protect hands, is now tweaked and sold as another product – hand sanitizers that people actually need at this time.

Primal’s sanitizer product isn’t alcohol-based, making it entirely safe for kids and adults. So, while others are on some form of standstill, Primal Organics has a product that’s gained steam instead. Creativity is a big part of connecting and communicating with the relevant audience and demographic for the business.

Balancing Life and Business

Josh runs a private networking group, where he works with many people who have families and struggle to balance that with working. Josh recommends involving your family in everything you do. It's the same thing he and his wife have done with their daughter and twin boys. The older the kids got, they traveled with them too, taking them to masterminds and other events.

A friend of Josh's, Chris, records entrepreneurial raps, and the kids really enjoy that. They ended up being on stage with him at a Clickfunnels event hosting 3,000 people. The Felber's also encourage curiosity, so asking the right questions, their daughter owns a natural pet care line, Paleo Pets.

The boys are tasting success, too, with Gratitude Gear, an online clothing line. The shirts, hats, and other stuff are soft and comfortable, with awesome quotes expressing gratitude. They’re not shipping anything and only need to make and market their designs.

Josh believes the initial choice to integrate them early into the couple's work is paying off big time. He encourages entrepreneurs to blend faith, family, fitness, and entrepreneurship for a balanced life. He also helps them figure out what integration really works to build a fun and fulfilled life.

Thriving with Marketing

Primal Organics understands that business isn't an isolated game. The company has engaged an SMS and email campaigns expert who uses data analytics to understand and deliver the right email with the right message to the right audience. This laser-like approach also helps to use resources in a lean and focused way to reach and connect with the audience that matters.

Josh continues to grow Primal Organics with his wife. Who knows what he’ll be up to this time next year? Indeed, Josh Felber is your favorite entrepreneur’s favorite entrepreneur.

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