John Livesay: Going from Invisible to Irresistible with

Are you not getting through to your clients?

John Livesay, also referred to as the Pitch Whisperer, is a keynote speaker and author.

He uses his experience from his sales career to advise hopeful sales teams and entrepreneurs.

John’s TEDx talk “Be the Lifeguard of Your Own Life” is widely popular and his best-selling book “Better Selling Through Storytelling” helps entrepreneurs and sales reps better sell their product by giving up “selling” and instead “storytelling” with their product instead.

He shows companies and entrepreneurs how to be virtually irresistible to their clients and gives them the tools to sell better than ever before.

John has appeared on television several times, including in an interview with Larry King.

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Welcome to the thoughtful entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of up my We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. stick around to the end of the show, where I'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go. All right, John Livesay. First off, you're a very good friend of mine and I'm so glad to have you. But let me also for the person who has not become yet your your good friend. You're a very successful keynote speaker you spoken for Fortune 500 companies. You're known as the pitch whisperer. You just released your new book on storytelling which is brilliant list And I was just looking at a Facebook memory and I, we did, we hosted an event called fame and profit lab and you were one of our featured speakers. Absolutely. One of the best speakers of the day. Without question, John, you are a giving person and and just the kind of person that that I think everybody needs to have in their life. You're just you're good people, you've referred people to us like you. You know, I just want to start off by expressing my admiration and appreciation for what a wonderful person you are, of course, you know, your website is John- John Livesay dot com right. Yeah, I want to and so that's John So you can go get to know John yourself, get John's books. But I as well like companies I know that are looking to attract their ideal investor. I've sent them your way because I know that you've just really mastered that, that you know how to, you know, hone your energy and present. You know that energy that you need if you're if you're meeting with people that big decision makers. I mean, it just it's huge and you know, the energy that you bring could really make the difference between yes or no.

Well, first of all, Josh, thank you. Your friendship means the world to me. And I think what people don't realize is that people have to trust you and like you, and then they get to know you. and relationship building, you know, the old way is, oh, you get to know me and then you like me, then you trust me. It's reversed. I start from the gut. You know, the handshake came about to show we didn't have a weapon, the response and then it goes to the heart Do I like you? And then people are in their head going, will this work for me and do I want to work with this person? So the fact that you open this with the relationship and music good person means everything to me because I feel that is the secret to connecting with people and I love what you just said about Energy. Recently, I was interviewing against two other speakers to speak to Redfin, which is a big tech real estate company that is like Zillow, and I'm looking at your places where Yeah, they were looking for a keynote speaker to come in. And so I did something that I want to give your listeners our big takeaway right out of the gate, which is I thought to myself, What can I do to go from invisible to irresistible with this client? What can I think of doing that the competition other speakers are looking at either wouldn't do take the time to do or wouldn't think to do? And so for me, I thought, well, I'm going to call up Redfin, and pretend I'm selling my condo and see how I get treated, and see what the process is like. And then I'm going to call up the competitor and see what that was like. So when you were interviewing me, they said, I told him, I done that. And they went, Oh my God, we can't wait to find out what your what your results are. And nobody else is doing that they were talking about coming

in with their standard pitch.

And so I said, if I do that much preparation for this interview, imagine how much I'll do to customize my talk to your event. And when I got the call from my speaking agent, congrats, they picked you. It's what they said they liked your energy.

Mm hmm.

And that's really what people are hiring. And then yeah, realize that, then it's not about the information left brain stuff, and from its stories and passion that you bring on the table and everything you do, Josh?

Yeah. So john, how do we do this? it, you know, a lot of networking and a lot of connection is done over the web. And so, you know, obviously, we know we've got our approach in terms of you know, making sure that your authority looks great and, you know, kind of talking about you know, we live in this swipe right, swipe left world and so oftentimes, we're kind of being prejudge based on some superficial stuff. Yeah. But you know, how what what do you generally recommend in terms of, like, say someone wants to learn about john lewis say, like, How do you communicate love and generosity and authenticity? If we're connecting over the internet over the web, maybe someone's looking at your social media, maybe someone on your website or reading an email from you. I think

one of the best things we were talking about conversion funnels before the interview started, that you can do for someone is give a free gift that actually has some real value. And I do this on my website. I do this like for everyone who's watching and listening to this. If they literally text the word pitch, P I T C H, to 66866. I send them a free sneak peek of my book, Josh. And I've had people say, Oh, well, I was I loved what you said on the podcast. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go by the book. But the fact that you let me get a sneak peek by texting a word. Let I liked what you said so much or whetted my appetite enough and that's what I talk about. When you are invisible or insignificant to somebody else. They don't really know you. And then maybe they hear you on a podcast, they're interested, give them something else to get them to the next rung of the ladder, which is intriguing. And in my case, it's that pre Sneak Peek by text message. And then they become they read the book, and then they become irresistible and become your fan. And if you don't have that step, you won't get them there.

And you're not sending them a media kit. I mean, within that sneak peek, you're actually you probably will tell them in this preview, this is what you're going to, you're actually going to get something actionable. And there's going to be a benefit, not just a feature of getting to know me, but you're actually going to get benefit from what I'm going to give you for free.

Yes, I'm giving them the ladder. I just described it invisible to irresistible and how to get up that ladder right now. And if they want more, they can buy the book to find out more, but there's a lot of and it's visually done beautifully. It's not your typical boring copy. There's graphics in there and it's it's you know, so it's Some time and money creating really valuable content as an act of generosity to let people get engaged and make it easy. And I think using technology, which are the Wiz app, that makes it you know, nobody wants to go to a website anymore, maybe and just enter in their email. But if you say text the word to a number, like, Oh, that's fast and easy, I can do that. And then

I'm going to do this in real time, John, and I'm gonna I'm going to I'm going to reveal exactly what happens. So was it 66866?

Yes, and the word pitch with a p after really enunciate that on camera.

reply with your email address better selling, selling through storytelling. There's my email address. And thank you your info has been received. Check your inbox to learn how you go from invisible to irresistible. Can I ask who you use for the text service?

Yes, it's a you know what I'm going to have I'm blanking on the moment because of a virtualization That set all that up for me, but what I can do with military once I find out and then you can maybe share it in the show notes or something. I don't get six. Yeah,

yeah. Yeah, that's 66866 I was actually just a podcast movement and Google was there and they actually use that same service. And and because I actually just recently did this and they had a, like a podcasting, some podcasting videos that they would send you if you opted in, so well, I got the email. So now we're actually walking through John's sales fire John's funnel at the same time. Okay, here we go. Better selling through look at click to open. This is wonderful. Okay, well, john, thank you. Here's my sneak peek Oh, you're right. This is this is beautiful. And so someone who's listening to this right now they can't see what I see. But so you can go and get go and text it yourself. And you can see this and at this point, you know, now I just warm up my relationship with you and and at some point, you know, I'm I see some opportunities to engage with you further. So how about in person? Like, how do you? Let's say we're just let's say we're at a conference or networking. I see john that some people do this very poorly, like they start going into pitch mode. And boy is that unsettling. Oh, everybody feels it is uncomfortable. You know, what, what should let me ask you this, let me ask it this way. Okay, I'm going to an event. What should I what should Where should my mind be before I even walk in the room?

My mind should be let me be as curious as possible and come from a place of service. If I have that is my mindset. And you want to know, Hey, tell me about yourself. Who do you help? What problem do you solve? Either I minded or I could probably refer you to somebody who does. Yeah. And then they're like, Oh, alright, well, tell me what you do. And here's the secret to When someone asks you will tell me about you or what do you do? It is not an invitation for a 10 minute monologue, right? instead just tease them enough that they say, Hmm, that's interesting. Tell me more. When you get you tell someone a little bit of that, like, I can tell people Oh, I'm the pitch whisper and I help people go from invisible to irresistible when they have to get a new job or get someone to hire them. And I stop. That's it.

See, I love that because, okay, from it, and I'll kind of go to kind of shift to put my salesman hat on when you get them pulling the rope, like I want more like that really sets up a great dynamic to you know, have this, you know, get getting them to one, you know, because if you just like ba ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba ba then it's like, Whoa, they kind of put their hands up like whoa, too much. You're drinking from the firehose, nothing.

You know? How computer has different things depending on whether you click A or B, so some says, I know what a horse whisperer is, what's a pitch whisper? I have my answers. And I go much like a horse whisperer. I help people with their confidence because people get nervous. And I give them the three unspoken questions that they're going to get asked them. I know what your pitch and I stop.


then people go one of those three unspoken questions.

You're, you're you're almost you're not to this extent, but you're kind of talking and clickbait a little bit.

Well, it sound bites and if someone's goes, Okay, well, that leads me to that. I'm getting their permission. which I love. Yeah, so and if they go i going from invisible to irresistible. Does that work in dating? Yes, it does. You want to hear how? Yes, please. It works in dating and in your career. So there's all within one sentence I had two possible things to intrigue people to say. Tell me more about that part of yourself.

Yeah. Yeah. So I'll typically I someone asked so what do you Do well I turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, I've been in the media over 2000 times myself. And so I believe that everybody has a message, it can positively impact the world and the media can really help you do that. So it's a little messy, it's not as cool as yours. But if I if I stop there, you know, some people will not bite. And I actually I like that, because that lets me know, hey, I don't want to be a media celebrity anymore with them, because there's no they don't really, they're not intrigued by that. So there's no sense in right sharing with them anymore about that.

If you have more than just a one liner, and it's not a complete stranger to convention. You can phrase it with this and we can do it in real time with you if you want. Describe a little bit of the problem. So and then how you solve that. So within your pitch. So what I can say to people is, you know how salespeople have to compete on price all the time, and they feel like they're a commodity? Well, I give keynote talks to salespeople to teach them how to be storytellers so they don't have to push out a bunch of information. They become magnetic. And when that happens, the price is no longer their issue. Right? Oh, that my company could use that we're totally struggling with being seen as a commodity or, you know, pitching against other firms and coming in last or trying to be the third one that presents, I go, you can't control that. But you can tell control who tells a better story. So it's a conversation. So if I was to take what you do, I would open it with, you know how there are so many entrepreneurs that just don't have a big budget to get publicity and awareness of how great they are and what they're doing. Yeah, well, um, I help entrepreneurs become media celebrities, without needing millions of dollars to do it. And I love doing it. Because when I help change the world by getting the message of what the observers are doing out into the world, then I'm doing my small part to make the world better. And that's what gets me up in the morning. That's my personal passion. Yeah, like, I'm making the world better to my product as a DNC. So and yeah, and I don't have a budget to You know, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing and you, you can help me become what you're solving a problem you described. And literally the phrase dogs without, you know how and then you just yeah, that keeps it conversational. You know how sales?

I really love that? Yeah, yeah. Well, cool, john. Gosh, I, man. All right. Well, I know we could do so many interviews on this topic. And so tell me like as a keynote speaker, I think there are a lot of people that are listening that are really intrigued by that. How do you become a keynote speaker? And how do you get keynote speaking gigs? Got it?

Well, the key way to becoming a keynote speakers or certain boxes to check off, one is get a TEDx talk. It's a lot of people discover you through a TEDx talk. And then after you get the TEDx talk, figure out a way to promote it so that you can get a number of years I've been fortunate enough to have over a million views of mine be the lifeguard of your life. So that's one credibility, a book within the word authority. It is the word author. So whatever you're the author of, you're considered to be the authority and and that gives you some credibility. And then finally, figure out a way to get some footage of yourself in front of hundreds of people in a ballroom and invest some money in having it done with great graphics and music and clips of you speaking to several places, we get some testimonials going. It's taken me five years to get to the place where I have speaking agents putting me in front of big fortune 500 clients, where do you get interviewed and then you have to be able to sell yourself to be the right speaker. The irony recently DHR International, one of the top executive search firms, said, Okay, if between you and two other people, and we want you to help us win against our competition when we have an hour to go in and pitch against other firms. And so they said, you know, how have you ever spoken to the executive search industry before? And I said I haven't but what I have not done is spoken to the architecture industry. And they are set up very similar. They have practice areas where people specialize in entertainment or law, you do the same thing. And I've helped them win a billion dollars in new business renovating an airport. Would you like to hear that story of how I helped them do that? to even in the even selling myself? Oh, sure. I asked for them. Yes, please. I want to hear that story. And then they found themselves in the story. And then I've solved the problem of we can't control what order we are pitching at. And you're going to give the keynote on how to tell better stories that will help us win new business. Boom. We pick you.

I love it. John. Did you your TEDx talk? Did you apply to wine and get it or did you apply it?

Oh, yes. My life is that charm Josh.

I think it's important to tell the truth, all this stuff. It took me a year and a half. I got 15 nose. Wow. Talk of not taking the rejection personally. And with the feedback. I would like an actor auditioning, you know, we get thousands was about the top 40 we're going to pick 10. And it was just like, you know, your talk doesn't fit our theme. Our theme is about artificial intelligence and you're not talking about that. Okay, I can understand that. Finally, I'm the right team. So I think your passion for what you're doing and listening to the feedback going, huh? Is my video as good as it can be is my application we're keep and I got someone who has done a TEDx talks to coach me on how to apply properly and make get as good as it can get and then just being willing to get in the nose until I got a yes. So we never reject ourselves when we get a no, that's my big takeaway.

Right. Right. Right, John. That's brilliant. All right. So go to John Also, you can

work with Li ve live

LIV. Yeah, I'm sorry. LIVESAY. com, or you can also text 66866, and you send the word pitch with a PE, and then send you a sample. I'm looking at it right now of the book. And of course, john, your new book is called better selling through story telling the central roadmap to becoming a revenue Rockstar, and I would imagine is that it's on Amazon and everywhere. And that's terrific, John, I appreciate you, my friend. I really, really am grateful for our friendship. And thank you so much for joining

us, Josh, you're the best.

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