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Kirsten Barrie: Is outsourcing financial services a better option?

August 22, 2019

On today's podcast, we will be talking about outsourcing services in handling the finances of the company. We have invited Kirsten Barrie, CEO of Verte Consulting, to tell us more about why outsourcing is a better option for starting companies. 

Every company needs someone who overlooks the finances and cash flows within the company. Far more than that, if you aren't a prowess in that area, how are you going to manage your budget? This is where outsourcing financial services come in, for starters. Not every business has a large amount of budget to spend on the business itself and paying an employee to do certain tasks.

“Having that external CFO, but not paying for a full-time person, is valuable to a growing company,” says Kirsten.

Kirsten Barrie founded Verte Consulting to provide professional services and aid businesses attain financial organization as the company grows. They provide more than just bookkeeping, they also coach you on how to understand and use your numbers.

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