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Promoting Yourself with Social Proof with Luana Ribiera

June 10, 2020

Get featured in the media!

Luana Ribiera is an actress, author, and media expert, and is found on the web at luanaribiera.com.

Luana Ribiera specializes in getting your business into mainstream media sources. She also helps you write and publish your story!

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Welcome to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, Founder and CEO of UpMyInfluence.com. We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. Stick around to the end of the show; we'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go.

Right with us right now. We've got Luana Ribiera, Luana, thank you so much for joining us. You are we're going to talk about this. You are a known actress and you are also the founder of your book and media coach, and you are on the web at Luana Ribiera.com and I'll spell that right real quick. So someone's probably going to want to jot this down and check you out. Because you're going to share a lot of great intel on how folks can really grow their publicity. They can grow their platform and be, you know, just get recognized for the work that they're doing. But your website is Luana. And that's L U A N A. And then your last name, and my very Caucasian pronunciation, I'll say Ribiera. But I think I'm off. And that's R I B I E R A.com. Luana, thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you. It's really awesome to be here.

So Luana for over a decade now. You have been in oh my gosh, I'm on your IMDb so you've been an actress. You've been an actress. You've been a producer writer, and you haven't even have a Thanks. Okay. And and you have done a lot of horror movies. First, I'd like to about that experience, what was your first horror movie? And why were you like, Oh, yeah, I love this.

The first horror movie Oh, well, what an experience that was. And it was a zombie movie. I played the part it was a lead role. I went straight into the lead role. It was the part. Well, I got basically torn apart by zombies. I have my face ripped off. I had my insides taken out, which is quite an experience when you're watching that in the movie theater, and you're seeing your own face being ripped off. It's something else.

What reaction

is such good fun, and as soon as I gave it a go, I just wanted to do more.

Yeah. What reaction do you get from family and friends who don't know necessarily upfront that you've done this and then they see footage of you getting your face ripped off? I would imagine they're like

My family wouldn't watch it. Family With everything I've been in my my mom would call me up and she'd say, is this one safe for me to watch? I say no, ma'am.


And so from from your work there, and you have a lot of credits to your name, you starting in 2018, you decided to work with clients, and you've built up some pretty great success very quickly. And that is as a book and media coach, explain that work. And how you how you well first off decide, you know, how do you go from acting to representing clients in this way?

Good question. So they're both in this step. So when I was acting, I loved it so much, and I wanted to pass that on. I'm a natural coach. If I learned some I want to help other people to do the same. So I opened an acting Academy. This was in the UK. And it did really well. There were there were four venues across the UK. And it just, it grew beyond what I had planned beyond anything I've expected. And it actually gave me the freedom to be able to leave the UK and to move to Portugal, and to open an animal sanctuary, which had been my lifelong dream that's still in progress. But while I was out here, I wrote my first best selling book, passion to freedom, which was sharing how to create a freedom business because by now, I was out in Portugal, the acting academies were written by a team, you know, a load of automations. And it was it was great. And so it was the board. Really, that took me from doing that into being interested in something else. So I was already using the book leading into a program, which is really effective way to make money from a book. If there's anybody, you know, listening to this now who's interested in writing a book, do so to make sure that it's in alignment with your business and that you're going to offer something at the end of it. If you focus on that more than book sales, that's going to be a lot more. So yeah, so that's what I do. And it It resulted in a turn of media and now I was already used to being in the media because of my accent. So this wasn't anything new. What was different was that I was new in this space. I haven't done anything like this before. And all of a sudden, oh, I was getting a ton of media, you know, for something new. And it showed me that I could very quickly, very easily position myself as being an authority on the subject where I had success where I knew what I was doing. But I hadn't had tons of experience at that time. But it didn't matter. You know, as long as I knew what I was doing, and as long as I have the knowledge to be able to help people say, and I was able to get into the media, and I was able to share that stuff. And then I start then from there, I started helping people to write and publish books. And of course, then they wanted to publicize those books. So I also went into media. Do you know Josh, it was such a surprise for me. Last year when I realized that not every entrepreneur is getting themselves into the media. I thought everybody was already doing this stuff. I thought everybody knew how I thought everybody was, you know, well versed on exactly how, how to do it and the steps and everything. And it was a huge realization that actually, most people don't do this stuff. And the ones that do were the ones that are set apart from the rest.

Yes, exactly. I use I did the exact same thing that I used to do for acting for books for my business, and it works. So yeah. And you're absolutely right. You know, with everything that you were saying that you're not just going to get discovered. You're not just going to write your book, stick it on Amazon. And then somebody is going to come and say, Oh, if it happens, it's extremely unlikely and we can't rely on those things. We have to take action. And it has to be consistent. And I think that's where a lot of people, and I think that's where people luck is with consistency, they may think that, oh, they'll send a press release. So and that will translate to a bunch of leads and sales. And I compare it to social media, okay? So if you write a post on social media, you're not expecting and you've never been on social media with your business before. You don't expect one post to result in terms of leads and sales, though it can happen. And it's exactly the same with getting in the media. You know, there can be a feature that goes out that has a big influence, and that's happened to me, I've had the look at everything you've been on. I'm sure it's happened to you as well. But we can't rely on that. It has to be consistent. And the more we're in the media, the more opportunities open up Media leads to all media and all. Yeah. And it has that snowball effect.

So to someone who's listening to us right now Luana, and they say, you know, I'm frustrated because it seems like other people in my industry or in my space, they're getting recognized. And I'm not. What What do you suppose the difference is?

Oh, it could be a lot of different things. Right? It could be something that goes right back to basics. I mean, I think when entrepreneurs are very experienced, and they get used to what they're doing, and then they can feel it can get to a point where they feel stuck. Sometimes they need to go back to basics, and just to have a look at everything they're doing and to make sure that it's all aligned, and you know, to do things that give them credibility, like you know, getting the media, right the book starts The podcast to start your own TV show, you know, do these things that most people will not do. If there's so much noise out there, there's actually only very few at the top who are doing this stuff that really sets them apart.

And I suppose that there are a lot of people that are hearing what you're saying. And they say, okay, just get in the media sure that well, you make that sound very easy. So I think a lot of times when we talk about, you know, building your publicity, you know, getting on those stages, you know, a lot of people Luana love tactics. Just tell me what to do. Now, i, you and i, I've done 700 TV segments. I've been a syndicated newspaper column columnist for 11 years. Like I live in that world and I, you know, and I commonly tell people I listen, you know, a lot of this comes down to if you say for example, Josh, I want to Be a famous speaker. Okay, so let's take a look at how you are branding and positioning yourself. Are you branding and positioning yourself as a successful speaker online? Because a lot of times the media or meeting planners who are hiring speakers, they're going to go based on what you tell them. And if you look like your amateur hour, I'm sorry, but the reality is, it's going to be a lot harder for you to get in the media, if you just don't look like you have a media personality. And so what my question to you is, what things would you encourage people to do in order to look like a media friendly expert?

So, videos are good, you know, videos that live streams, and just building that social proof. So coming on podcast, and sharing them and they need they also need a really strong social media presence. To be talking about this stuff to be showing that they are the experts on their topic. And if they don't feel that they've got enough knowledge, then they need to work on that. And they need to be able to deliver something that's unique as well. You know, so not just the same old things that everybody's talking about something different, something that's going to cut through the noise, and grab people's attention. And he is, you know, this takes me back to what we were saying earlier, media leads to more media, the more you can show, the more you're going to get called called up for that make sure that your marketing materials and everything are all, you know, that they're showing you as being

top quality, because that's, that's what people want. That's what they want.

Yeah. And so I would imagine that you get people that approach you and they say, Well, you know, I want to be on the BBC. And you you probably Look at them and like, Well, okay, I mean, we we can get there. Right? So what do you tell that person who's, you know, coming to you? And they're like, well, I want I truly, you know, it's like a brand new actor actress who approaches you and says, Well, I want to be, you know, in this major, major, major Hollywood production, and I want to have the starring role kind of like that, right?

Yes, it's quite the same. I do get a lot of people, you know, when I say, what would you love to be on? And they say Oprah and I say, right. Okay, we've got work to do before, you know, before we even think about. So the main thing is to have the foundations for the business sorted to make sure that you're coming that you're showing up powerfully and strong online. You know, it's not mainstream media or social media. It's both working together. And, yeah, so it's building up to that level. And I think people think sometimes that all they need to do is is to be pitched to that place. And because let's be really honest, there are so many amazingly talented people, there are people who have done incredible things and who have got amazing ideas. But that's not enough. That's not enough on its own. They've got to be taking the actions. They've got to be building the foundation. They've got to be building the social proof and working their way up just like you would in any other career.

Yeah. Now when people work with you, Luana, like how do you engage with them? What specific was specifically what what what are the things that you do with them?

So for books, I work very closely with them, so they'll write the book. I'll coach them through it. I'll review the book. It's you They'll send it to me

as and when they do a chapter they'll send it through to review.

So I have a lot of involvement there. Then we do the promotion for the book. And for media, we do absolutely all of the pitching for them. And then in the background, we're working on acting techniques. So we've got acting techniques intermedia, and it's so powerful, like it's unbelievably powerful,

specifically when you say acting techniques, or they're talking about being on a TV segment, and what would be a couple of the or, you know, one or two of the skills that that you would want them to bring from the acting world into appearing on TV.

So I've just been creating a training this morning actually around dealing with nerves. So there's visualization techniques that we use in acting, which is really Really good for being able to get the coffee cup

to them? What was that? Sorry? Is it the coffee cup? No, no, the movie theater visualization? Oh, no.

I don't know that one.

Oh, well, it's fantastic. And it basically takes people through a visualization of, you know, it changes the way they're perceiving themselves. And then it puts them in those in the situation that they're going to be in. And then they turn to visualize that it's all gone incredibly well. So it works against the monkey brain saying, hey, you're gonna screw this up, but everything else that they're trying to give us. So it's just a really nice way of one being able to control those nerves and use them for energy instead of letting them controllers and, and also, I was going to say something now and it's completely lost. completely lost. my train of thought, but this is it. So most people have a misconception around acting. Most people think that an actor is becoming the character, always hiding behind the character. That's absolutely not true. And what they're actually doing is they're revealing themselves. So revealing though is part of their soul.

Now, when I

used to play my psycho roles, I was tapping into a very dark, my shadow, I was tapping into my shadow to be able to draw that part of me out, doesn't mean I'm going to go into that in real life. But it means that I'm able to draw that very real part that's inside me to bring out those emotions that I need. Now that's what people need to do as well. whenever they're being interviewed or you know delivering a live stream or a webinar or anything like that or speaking on stage, it's the same thing. So a preparation for an actor isn't that different to a preparation to preparation for a speaker. And it's really good fun as well to be able to bring in the acting,

no doubt so Luana, Ribiera, can you share? Share your website again? And what I'd love for you to share would be what would be a great initial way for people to engage with you like what would what would you have them enjoy for free or learn for free and kind of, kind of get into your world?

Yeah, well, I have a group on Facebook called rock star of your industry. And in there, I deliver lots of free trainings. So you know whether you want to write a book or get into the media, if you want to do Got yourself. If you want to get into the media yourself, then I'll share how to do that in there. And my website is www.LuanaRibiera.com.

And the best way of contacting me is Facebook. I'm always on there

to chat. Well, Luana Ribiera, thank you so much for joining us. And this was great. You know, and again, you and I are certainly of like minds, building upon your branding and branding yourself as the thing that you are, and you want more of couldn't be more important, I think today, and you know, in a world where consumers are, you know, then they know when you're telling the truth or not. So it's, you know, it's all about, it's projecting who we truly are with within. Right. So, Luana, thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you, Josh.

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