Lucas Rubix: Coaching the Coaches with Lucas Rubix Coaching

October 31, 2019

Are you on the right path to achieve your goal?

Lucas Rubix is a coach and mentor to over 10,000 coaches and online experts and the host of the popular podcast, Coaches Corner. He runs multiple coaching businesses and his primary focus is helping coaches create a business that lasts.

He is a firm believer that with enough effort, anything is possible.  Consistent action towards your goal makes success inevitable.

A few years ago, Lucas was struggling with depression when he decided to start a coaching business with nothing but a laptop and an idea. Thus, Lucas Rubix Coaching Corner was born. 

Now, it’s Lucas’ mission to make sure more people achieve the goals they need to succeed. His ‘Coaches University’ and ‘Coaches Circle Mastermind’ programs have helped many people looking to grow a well-respected online coaching business.

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Welcome to the thoughtful entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of up my We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. stick around to the end of the show, where I'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go. Right Lucas Rubix., you're known as the coaches coach. We're getting a little meta here. We're getting a little Inception coaching coaching Inception here. But tell me about the work that you do specifically, and I know you're a podcaster as well. But kind of give us just a quick lay of the land of what you do like what the outcome that you provide,

I think a lot of people and it's Becoming more more prominent have a message and a gift and they really want to help people but they don't know how coaches fall into that umbrella. I had a natural knack or due to my drive or my obsessive nature. When I had my coaching business, I was obsessed with studying marketing, like I stay up till three in the morning like marketing, I understood sales and marketing was the only way to grow a coaching business. And so I barely quickly was able to grow my coaching business. And when I started talking to other coaches, even coaches were doing it for 10 years. They had a mission, they had a purpose, they had a desire to create change, but they did not know how to market how to sell. I saw natural need there. So long story which I won't get into but it naturally transition to that. And so nowadays, it's all coaches we serve, and it's all passion based coach week with some business coaches, but most of these coaches are like coaches, change makers, people who are hungry and I get the feeling when you really want to make a change in your life. You it's it's tearing you apart but you can reach anybody that's the need we feel and we make sure people hear your message

and coaching can- can anybody approach you and say well I haven't really done anything I haven't really created any success I just kind of left my day job and I feel like I'd be a good coach like did sure they have something a little bit more substance behind what they

said 100% I am a huge just due to my background the underdog always touches my heart unlike the any Underdog Story. I'll be tearing up some I'm naturally cheering for underdogs. That being said, I think it's never too early to start marketing it's never too early to start working on your speaking through videos through content. I'm like start where you are right now. You may not be working with clients yet but let's start crafting a message let's start learning how to communicate and at the same time I don't know a formal certifications are absolutely necessary but if you want to be a coach like I'm I read a book and Everything relates back to coaching or to psychology or to how can I work with someone better. So whether that's formal training or informal training, I think you do have to have a level if you're going to make it in the coaching game and obsession with getting through to your clients, and serving clients, if you're just in it for the money is cool. But maybe courses or info products might be a little bit better for you. But if you're going to coach and you get to work with people, you better love people and understand how to create change. So yeah, do you don't think there's too many coaches or too many info products out there? No, I definitely don't. I think there's room for everybody. There's a lot of it. But a

Yeah, I know. I don't believe that.

Well, I hope you don't mind me kind of some holes at the coaching. Because I'm sure that there are certain aspects about it that you're like, I wish they wouldn't do this or I wish I wish we could kind of improve the space for everybody. And what would you say are some of the areas that were Some of the what would you say are the biggest some of the biggest mistakes that coaches make,

over promising under delivering

this space is crawling with. It has a bad rap at times. We try to and I think everybody should do this for every product, but even our high ticket coaching programs, although you can buy it in one big chunk, we break it up into monthly payments. So someone's working with us for six months, there's a contract that you work with us for six months. But if we're not holding up our end of the bargain, or you're not getting value, like you are not stuck in this, there's a lot of stuff in the coaching space where people pay a big ton of money, and they don't get any kind of results for their left to the wind or they don't get the support they wanted. So I'm like, please, we need to treat this like any other business. And it's not grab the money and then give them some junk. It's you've got to deliver. So there's a lot of that going on, which is unfortunate. It's kind of The Wild West at times. Yeah, social media, you can make it look like absolutely anything there was. So I'm just like, even for our program is like one week you join. And if we over promised, and you're not getting what you want, you've got one week, it's one email you sent and you get a refund and you're on your way. So I think there should, it was allows for that I'd be 100% down for it. But

I wouldn't join anything or pay any big money if there wasn't some form of a, you know, a trial or try something. So I know there's a lot of that going on which say no, if someone let's say they have had success in doing something pretty well like how what's a great way for them to start growing their their coaching business, like how did they get their first handful of clients?

Yeah, so when we work with clients, usually they're already working with some clients because I truly don't believe that the digital marketing online marketing path alone is the fastest way to do it. Because it's not it's three C's Connection conversation clients, you've got to connect with some people, you've got to have a conversation with those people. And that's going to get you a client, you don't need an online presence to do any of that. That being said, if you're just getting certified, or you want to get into coaching, why is everything has to be either or because we can be connecting with people in person, which is really easy to do. You could get a few clients, but the end of the week, if you talk to enough people, you can't, and you can connect with them. But at the same time, why don't we build the online presence so that when this over here is not sustainable forever, of talking to 10 people a day, but even when we have a brand new coach signup, and we're building up their online presence, they're also challenged to reach out to five to 10 people a day, just to talk about what it is they're doing, not to sell, not to pitch but the more people that know you and that always leads to Yeah, I'm really interested in what you're doing. So online marketing is amazing to scale or to automate or decrease systems. But if you're just looking for your first few planes, you don't need any of that. Talk to people. Like, I know it sounds so simple, but talk to people craft your message, find out their needs, figure out what it is that you can help them with and help them with it may not be charging 10 grand right off the bat for three months. That's cool. Start simple start.

Just Yeah, yeah, hope that explains that.

Uh huh. And so what So one thing that it looks like that you do some advising on would be making sure that you've got a great funnel. So what is a what is a good funnel for coaches look like today?

Two steps, super simple. I've tried every complex upsell down sale, cross sell around sale and it's just it from my experience, it does not work and we've tested we've tried it. It's very simple. We've got the lead gen side of things, building a list, really simple two step offer. Thank You page is sending them to some kind of social media social relationships. So you've got something that you can drive people to to build a relationship with. You've got something that you can send send people to for the conversion. So that would be like our sales portion of it. So some kind of booking systems, some kind of offer to get them on the phone. But you've got to be building a relationship. So it's that simple two steps. We drive the traffic to the relationship building part of the funnel, which is usually build your email list, sending them some content, I really push people to do video. You've got to remember we work with a lot of coaches who did in person, and they were really successful, but now they're struggling online and in person, me and you can meet and in five minutes, I can build rapport. You can know me, you can like me, you can trust me and we can start working together. Online although it's not an absolute truth, that process can take a little bit longer. So through video, like anyone watching this, who is like I should be doing more video every morning, grab your phone, shoot a video. You don't have to post it but just practice daily. You get through to people connect with people, that's that side of the funnel, and then you give them an option for every piece of content. Every piece of asset that they're receiving from you online through here, they're being driven to Hey, when you're ready, book a call, it's that simple. I don't even sell the idea of a funnel because to build a funnel is really easy these days, you can download it done for you channel. It's the it's the marketing is the connection. You can funnel hack my stuff to death, and I know it won't work for you until you get your messaging right.

Yeah, what kind of content do you like? So in terms of like building an audience, what kind of content Do you like to see coaches do do you like the flashy cars and all that sort of thing? Or what do you kind of go for?

So I think we all go through phases I'm I'm

in a point where I'm like a judge less because I did I bought a black male BMW and they used to post photos of it because I got it. So get attention. I'm successful. Now look at me. Sure. And it lasted like a month or two. And then I, I was actually going to delete it and I left it. You'll find it on my social media because I'm the keynote that that's who I was. That's a part of my journey, I'm not gonna lie, it's like, I'm good at a T shirt. And, and, you know, I might do my hair might not, you know, whatever. So I think everyone goes their journey and I'm not against here 2122 and you've got a great body and you've got a fortune, and that's who you are at that point. Do it, I think there's an audience for every kind of person. So, but with where I met, its value is just pure value, the more valuable than I am.

Yeah, I agree. So, you know, I think of, you know, kind of developing this brand. You know, it's, I think there's a lot of questions we can ask in regards to what is our purpose, our values, you know, starting with why, you know, that sort of thing. And I think once we figure out what our core values are, then things start to get a lot easier, but I and so if I'm not mistaken, it sounds like you do some work with your coaches to kind of figure that stuff out. Because if they're just trying to pair it What another coaches doing? It's it feels a little more lips to me, you know where it just they just kind of seemed to be meandering quite a bit. And as opposed to getting very, very clear on who they are, what they do the outcome they provide, why they do it, and it talk talk just a bit about that kind of, you know, why? Why is so critical,

huge I'm going to completely butcher this but and maybe you'll know where someone will know, and they can correct me on it. I don't know if it was Buddha, or it was one of these spiritual teachers, but they had a follower who wanted to be like them. And they asked the question of how can I be more like you? How can I be enlightened? How can I How can I create what you've created? And Buddha or whomever that was said if you want to be more like me be more like you. And I think that's so true because and I found this trap to where I have coaches around me all the time and I want to model what they're doing. But at the same time stay true to who we are. So my coaching style over the years has changed from this is how you do it to asking questions, how would you do it? What do you think of this and find your own path. So I think you can model it. But the second you start funnel hacking, or you start trying to model someone's Instagram, or you start out, hey, I like these guys photos, let me try to do it like that. You're going to run into problems, then again, if you're doing that, I really think it's part of the journey. So I think we've all done it at a point because I definitely have so don't beat yourself up. But we do you do a thing called core values, for sure. And we write down our core beliefs. And it helps shape our brand and who we are and how we want to show up. And those are probably change if you're addicted to growth. I mean, if you're not embarrassed by who you were six months ago, you've got some Yeah, it's so

simple. Yeah, I you know, I want one good exercise that I think anyone can look at is you know, just Look at someone who you think is producing really, really great stuff, and try to get back to the very beginning. Like, if it's a podcast or a YouTuber, very easy. Just go back and watch or listen to some of their first episodes, you're going to feel very good about yourself.

I think that,

yeah, would you say that one of the biggest differentiators is just, you know, they just stayed in the game and, you know, eventually, you know, at the beginning, you might be leaning on others, or, Oh, I see. So and So doing that. And so I'm going to do like a slight variation on that. And then eventually, like, you know, I just need to create my own art and I need to, you know, follow my heart and and truly, you know, deliver that unique impact that I feel uniquely positioned for that. They don't worry, right that

big time I'm not like I'm not a crazy artist when it comes to painting but I've Yes, an amazing painter, but she'd been Explain to me as you got to learn how to you gotta learn the techniques. So like study from someone for as long as you can and copy them, they outgrow them and do what they do. And then at some point, when you learn the rules of the game, you can start coloring outside that and you can start creating your own art. So every time I get an email saying, Oh my God, this episode was amazing. And I realize it's like the second episode of ever done or the second video, I like still get flushed because I when I watch it, I'm like, Oh my god, that's so bad. And people are seeing that, but at the same time, I love it because that's the journey so I like that idea of going back into the first episode or second episode that someone did because it's Yeah, it's going to be bad. There's there's no way around it. And we thought it was good. I like I remember that was just so good. This is so awesome. And it's like, and I in a year of the watching the stuff I do now and I'm like, that's what I that's what I was saying. So do you and you'll figure it out. I mean, when I was 2223 I didn't even know who I was what I was doing and I probably still don't like I'm still learning. So stay in the game. That's a big one for sure.

Awesome. Well Lucas Rubix, you are the bearded dude behind the Coach's Corner that founder CEO So, so your podcast so someone's listening to podcast, you can find you right now. They just search for the Coach's Corner and they'll find your podcast is that right?

Lucas Rubix for everything. We've got everything under one name. My last name is difficult to spell. So everything is now under just Lucas Rubix. Google that Yeah,

yeah. Yeah, right. Right. Rubix like a Rubik's Cube.

That's right. Awesome.

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