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The Power of Video with Magnfi’s Doug Dibert

Video Marketing made Easy.

Doug Dibert is the Founder and CEO of Magnfi.

Magnfi utilizes four video marketing tools to serve their clients: branded videos, video testimonials, video email messages, and case study videos.

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Welcome to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, Founder and CEO of UpMyInfluence.com. We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. stick around to the end of the show, where I'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go.

On with us right now we've got Doug Dibert. Doug, you are the Founder and CEO of Magnfi, and Doug we're going to be talking about today is the power of video. And so listen, if the person our guest who's listening to us right now our conversation is in business for themselves or if they're in a leadership position with their company. We're going to turn them into an evangelist For video in ways that they may not be using it. And of course, obviously one thing that we're going to focus on for sure is the power of video testimonials, since that's what Magnfi does. And by the way, for the folks that are listening to us, let me spell Magnfi for you because it's, again, one of those cool next-gen spellings where you take out the letters. Magnfi.com is M A G and this is where it gets silly here N F I but you gotta listen. It's a great domain. It was available, less letters. But it's a magnfi.com. And again, that's magnfi.com. Again, Doug, thanks so much for joining us.

Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it.

So let's talk about why video is so critical in the year 2020 and beyond.

Gosh, so why why video is so important. It's because we live in a visually engaging society, right? Nobody wants to take the time to Or nobody cares about your gigantic block of text trying to explain something. So whenever I give a talk to like a big group of marketers or trade people or whatever, and usually I open up my talk with having them read a giant block of text on a big overhead as serious as I possibly can do it, so hey, just want to take a moment for you guys. Before we get started, could you just take a moment I want you to read this screen really fast. And let's go dead silent for like two minutes. It's painful, right? And but the one minute mark, I'll be like, Hey, how's it going? Everybody good to go and you guys enjoying the reading? And people are the grounds and obviously all back alright guys. So how many people made it past the first sentence and like a couple people raised their hands like how many I didn't read it at all or didn't care. Most people like raised their hands that I got. That's the that's what the majority of people feel about your website. It's loaded with the Bunch of tech stuff that you may think is like gold and it's magical but guess what they don't care not to mention with with video I mean it's your your you your personality your is coming across in that and what you're saying right and people want to connect with a human being that's the biggest thing right now is the with the age of AI and all that stuff and the AI stuff is awesome, but people still want to connect with a person. Right? So that's just a few few reasons as to why video is, is the demand for it is just is exponentially growing.

Yeah, it absolutely is. So what a great illustration to and that is kind of a powerful way to make your point across but if you look at heat maps of your own website, and I challenge anyone to do this, install a free heat map, go take a look at how consumers are responding to your website and if there is a Any paragraph more than, like two sentences? Yeah, good luck. Good luck. And so you may as well not even put it on there. Like your only reason you'd put it on there was maybe for Google's benefit. But I would argue against that, again, because Google is really favoring, how are humans engaging with your website? That's what they really want to replicate as best as possible. And they've gotten very intelligent in that. So you have to understand that even text like it needs to be I mean, we just got to dumb it down imagine and with the way I explained to Doug, is that we're earning our clients or our customers attention, like three to eight seconds at a time. Yep. And as soon as you fail, one of those three to eight second increment tests, you're done, you've lost them. And so everything needs to be so super easy to digest. Uh, that is just, you just, you know, again, imagine that you're just dealing with the most add person. Imagine. And guess what? That's everybody.

That's the person staring in the mirror.

And they used to make fun of my generation Gen Xers who were raised on Sesame Street. The Gen Xers, they have no attention because they were raised on Sesame Street. And Sesame Street segments are two minutes in length, you know, or two to three minutes in length. And so they laugh about us not being able to stay focused on anything for more than two to three minutes. Well, today again, that's like two to three seconds. And it's not this young people. It's not millennials or Gen Y or Gen Z or whoever it is. It's everybody. And because we're bombarded with messages, yeah. Yeah, so talk about why video can can keep someone's Been a little bit longer

versus text right? Yeah. Yeah well the simple fact that whether if you're if you're listening to this or if you're you're watching this on video me you've already spent more than three to six seconds engaging with with content right and that's that's the biggest thing is that people want to engage with a person that's I think that's the that's the biggest thing is that nobody nobody cares so much about it's it goes back to what that Simon Sinek right cynic and you know people don't care so much about what you do but the why behind it. Right and video is a fantastic way to communicate that why and when I'm doing I occasionally do consulting with companies on their video marketing plan and usually the first series of videos I have to make is the About Us or about me video. And it's not like the about me who's the profession right? It's the About Me video. That's you as a Parents you as a mom or a dad you as who's lived in the community for X number of years has x number of kids are for babies, right? Talking about you as a person, right? Because that's the first step with getting people to connect with your businesses. They're learning about you and why you do what you do.

Yeah, okay, so why it let's let's talk about why testimonials are so important. Absolutely. So

right now you're seeing a ton of the fake written reviews. Reviews are just are beginning to lose their power. Right, which is you're seeing like all the the star rating and the pushing the getting the star and even the the star ratings now are like, Well, I mean, is it legit or is it somebody down the road? You know, clicking the star rating or writing that review, right. And you're seeing a lot of fake reviews coming Or a lot of people who are writing fake reviews that are negative on competent on competitors websites. So you, you just, it's sad but video is the unbelievable way to combat that. And it's a real person on camera talking about how your product or your service made their life better. And the beauty with with video right? If you're watching this with the this video cast, you're seeing me use my hands, you're seeing my facial expression, you hear the tone of my voice, right? And we all have built in bs meters, right? We're running out to someone we can tell if somebody is well, most of us right? can tell if somebody is BS in us, right? So if you're watching a video review, and your bs meter kind of kicks into play like I don't know if I believe that that's an actor or they got paid to do something like this. It just doesn't feel right that feeling comes across right With a written review, it's, that's that's easy to fake, right? Oh, there's such a fantastic product. It was really great. It helped me, right? Where there's somebody on camera talking about it. It's, it's just blows written reviews out of the water. And it's the natural, especially with search, right, that's gonna be the natural iteration, I think I think you're going to see very soon Google making a move to really push and promote video reviews and video testimonials beyond rate. Because if you think about it, right, it's the natural iteration of things. So if you have the Yeah, obviously the text and then you have the the pictures then he had the written, you know, video is on the rise, and Google wants to stay ahead of the curve. Right. So what is next? It's video. They're pushing it with YouTube. You're obviously with video. They bought that for a reason. So I said, I think you're going to see my prediction is you're going to see a change in that jogger that within the next probably, I bet next first quarter next year, you're going to see video reviews of video testimonials getting a lot more authority versus a written.

And I think that we're quite a ways off from me. It's so easy to fake written reviews


a it's a lot harder to video reviews right now. Yeah, five years from now maybe you know, the technology is improving with I've seen some creepy stuff but

robots coming in. I know. Yeah. Right. Right.

But I think that there's something like people connect with people. I mean, unless it's like a major, major, big brand like Disney or Apple or something like that. most business owners don't have the luxury of a big big brand relationship out of the gate like it's going to start with A person, so they're going to connect with the founder or the spokesperson, or, you know, certainly other clients that are using the service. So like for me, you know, I remember, you know, long time ago when I was doing marketing, and we would do these in person presentations. And then at the end, we'd have, you know, five to seven people come up, and they would just kind of share their story of using the product. And then, you know, we used to tell people like when we train on how to do sales presentations, like you know what, the data really doesn't matter, like this stuff that the facts and figures of what you're selling, people are like, that's great, but the most important part are the customer stories at the end, because someone if I'm looking at a service, all I want to know, is there someone like me that use the service and what was their outcome? And if I'm watching a video of them, it's undeniable. I'm looking at him. I'm like, Okay, it looks like they're kind of My level in business, you know, she has my level of success or competence or whatever, you know, dealing with the challenges that I'm dealing with. And lo and behold, you know, she used this product. She had this experience with it and she had this outcome. Like, I'm like, Okay,

what more do I need to say? It goes back to the, you know, the, the, the what's in it for me, right? How will this make my life easier or better? Yeah. Right. And then another human being talking about that. That's that that's, it's almost like it's a referral. What is a referral? Right, but it's another human being on camera. Right. The biggest compliment we get when we first launched magnified was that these videos are authentic because they're looking at their cell phone, or they're looking at their webcam on their computer or their tablet and they're talking to it. Right has the arms and ahhs and it's not super like crazy polished up a polished up just enough right?

I like that. So Doug, you know, obviously there are some ways that someone could kind of just get started with this, like if they're like, Oh, well, I'm interested Magnfi. I'd like to kind of maybe get the ball rolling first or test some stuff out before, you know, we make the investment into a platform that will help us do that, even though your pricing is very accessible. If you don't mind sharing, like what are some ways that that might be a little bit more work, but at least someone can kind of get some test cases like Oh, yes, yeah, should really take this seriously. We've tested it out. We've gotten some positive responses. What are some free ways that people could do it? And then we'll kind of talk about how Magnfi improves that

sure so with so with Magnfi we have, we have two models one it's called the the pay per video model, or you can set up an account absolutely free cost you nothing to sign up get an account. You could start sending request a video testimonials to your happy clients. anywhere on the planet, right? They record it on their smartphone or tablet, their computer with a webcam. And then the beauty about Magnfi when I developed them like You know what, I never want anybody to pay for a video that they don't want. Hmm right so they record that video testimonial or you produce like your own original branded video content maybe you're making your expert tivity Video of the week, right so that big time on LinkedIn right, those expert tip videos, but for video testimonial, they can record it and then that video will go to your dashboard. In your my videos area, you can play the video back to see if you like it. It'll come back fully produced and ready to go if you utilize what we call the collective video testimonial tool. We have tools for mass capturing video testimonials as well like with just one link. you embed it in an email, you embed it in a landing page mass capture video testimonials, but the point is, you're able to look at those videos to see if you like it and if you like it, you can purchase it with a video credit or if we're with Magnfi Plus, you can Pay one flat rate of 37 bucks a month and it's unlimited video testimonials branded videos and with plus you get case study videos, three questions three answers, magnify produces the video and then video email. So record a video email, send that to your clients. It's a fantastic conversion tool for prospecting. So but the bottom line of the freemium the freemium, get going want to test it out model, absolutely create an account, start sending requests right away and only pay for the videos you if you like it, sure, rock on if you don't, you know, say delete it, say bye bye to us, you know, but

we think outside of the Magnfied platform, which I appreciate, you know, again, I just want people to get in the habit of of having conversations Yeah, with their clients and so, even like, again, if you're just if you want to do if you want just an assignment right now is next time you are either in person if you're in person with If you have a client, just grab your smartphone video. Yes, you're going to have to upload it somewhere. Yes, you're gonna have to then embed it on your website. So there's some extra steps which I know magnified. That's one of the benefits. Yeah. Plus it adds the intro and the background music, that sort of thing. But, you know, again, at the very, very least, I can't stress how important it is to be your own glam squad. Yeah. And when you talk to people just ask them to say, Hey, you know, I know we have some experience of working together. Would you mind if I recorded a quick video maybe just put it directly on on social media if you don't want to, but But please don't miss out on this. Let me just tell you that not you, Doug. But you know, again to our friend listening. If you're just relying on text, testimonials and text reviews, that's not going to do very, that's not going to do enough for you. You need to lift that from the page and you need to connect with your audience in a way that only you can do with video.

Absolutely, yeah, that's the easiest way to get started is bust out your smartphone, you have a phenomenal tool in your pocket, right? You're paying a hefty monthly fee to have that that that iPhone that Android in your pocket. And after you've done a complete list service for a happy client, and you're right there with them to say, Hey, you know, would you mind if if I captured your story a quick just 30 52nd story about how much you love working with me what would that be okay. Right and those mean you can get a techniques to you know, an incentivized to thank them for their time for making the video right. Because you know, films are taking 30 seconds to 50 seconds to make you a video You know what, I'm thank them for their time. Thank you for being a great customer. Most people do it already. Right. So grab that quick little video and thank them for their time.

brilliant, brilliant. Well, Doug, again, you're found on the web at Magnfi.com and once again let me spell that it's M A G N F I dot com. You've got two levels of service one is just kind of pays you go for each video. And the other one is if you want the Netflix model, you pay a low monthly fee, and you can record as many as you want. Now, are they are the videos actually hosted with Magnfi?

Nope. So once you accept the video, you could download it you can one click upload to YouTube right from the dashboard and use that video anywhere you want. Excellent.

Excellent. So someone can see there's their demos, full demos, as you would imagine video demos. magnifying its next website. Thank you so much Doug Dibert. You're the Founder and CEO of Magnfi. Thank you so much. I I'm a huge fan of video clips testimonials huge fan of like video interview. General video communication, video, email, video, everything. I honestly think for 2020 for the founders and leaders listening to our conversation, please put this up toward the top of your list of priorities for this year. And I promise you, it's going to make a difference on your conversion rate on your engagement on your, you know, just allowing people to share you more easily. And, you know, when you get someone to share kind of a testimonial of your company to it's, it's reaffirming, yeah, I did make a good decision because I am smart. Yeah. And that's like, that doesn't hurt.

They call it the holy grail of consumer reviews for a reason. Yeah. Because it's so unbelievably powerful. Right.

Awesome. Well, Doug Dibert, thank you so much for joining us.

Josh, thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it.

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