Daniel Ramsey: Finding the PERFECT Virtual Assistant with MyOutDesk

Do you want your business to grow but you're struggling to keep up?

Since being created in 2008, MyOutDesk has delivered the highest quality virtual assistant services across the country.

A virtual assistant provides support services to other businesses from a remote location. This makes business easier and faster for you and the clients.

Hiring a virtual assistant costs up to 60% less than in house staffing and allows you to rapidly grow your business. Their administrative, marketing and inside sales assistants make our clients over $100 million dollars a year!MyOutDesk uses a talent-matching process that’s unmatched by any other virtual assistant services provider in the market to ensure their clients get the best services possible.

Before hiring a Virtual Assistant, they check them for the 3 E’s: Employment, Expertise, and Experience. The MyOut Desk team always makes sure they are a great fit for you and your business.

If you're thinking of hiring a virtual assistant, MyOutDesk is the place to go.

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Welcome to the thoughtful entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of up my influence.com where we turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. So we believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. Even you stick around to the end of this show, where I'll share info on how you could be our next guest, three times a week, five to 15 minutes each learn from successful business owners and professionals. It's time to get inspired. Let's go.

Daniel Ramsey, you're the founder and CEO of my out desk and I'm actually like really excited to share your solution with professionals in the real estate space because I think you solve a major problem. You solve that Major need and you do it in a way that you're competent. I mean, the competition is it can't it- can't even come close to competing. So it's like, you know, it's like coming up with like a perfect business plan. You know, I really think you check a lot of boxes. Another thing I'm going to just, I want the person is listening just right now. Like as a consumer expert, I love what they do my outfit what Daniels doing at my out desk? And that is is that the things I like and we're going to talk about, like what is like, What is this thing? But you know, the pricing is super transparent. It's it really you've got great testimonials. And so Daniel, with all of that leading up to it, what is

my- my out desk? Well, Josh, thanks for having me. First off, and I appreciate your question. Here. Here's the deal. every entrepreneur needs leverage and this business was built out of my need and I'll share a short story with you. I'm on my honeymoon and my we're in Guatemala in a Francis Ford Coppola resort we're looking, we're in the rain forest. And we're on my honeymoon and I'm back at the bar at one in the morning working on my laptop. That is the norm for us entrepreneurs. And if you're listening right now, I can tell you, you're probably not spending enough time with your family, you're probably not going out, Jim, like you'd Wish you probably not spending time with your friends and family. You're all consumed in your business. And what we do here at my out desk, is we help people double their business by giving them high quality, high caliber talent to help them scale and grow. That's it. That's what we do.

And so, obviously, one of the major concerns I think that if someone is at that stage where like, it might be a little bit feast and famine for them, they might not have the cash flow, and so they're really nervous about hiring somebody. How do you help reduce that risk?

I love that question, man and everybody who comes to my out desk goes through a process where we actually work with them to develop a plan that will work. We've done this for 12 years, Josh, we're 12 years old. We've helped over 5000 real estate business insurance brokers, mortgage guys, commercial guys, we've helped over 5000 people grow and scale their business. So when you've done that so many times, and it's rinse and repeat, we've come up with a process. And in that process, we just help our clients realize what's the most important work and what should they leverage out to a virtual assistant. So our clients don't get slammed into a product. We don't walk into a long term contract, we actually do a consultation to try to help you scale and grow. And so if you come into that consultation, and it doesn't make sense for you, and we'll know because we've done this so often will know if you're not ready then we'll give you the help that you need will give you the advice that you need to actually get your business in a better place so then you can go and hire someone

Yeah. You know, and this really falls into the Michael Gerber e myth thing where, you know, most business owners it's on real, that you have someone who is at the helm of their own company, even if you're an independent realtor like you're, you're, you're spending all your time doing administrative tasks. You know, marketing stuff that could easily be outsourced marketing may not be what you're really good at administrative tasks may not be what is in your zone of genius. And honestly, it's like you I think a good litmus test for me is what is your time worth? And if your time is worth say, You've calculated it based on the number of times you know, if you're- if you're only focused on doing the most important work, your time is worth maybe 100 or 80 to $100 an hour which is is pretty odd. I would imagine I might be underestimating a little bit. You know, for someone who's talented in real estate But we spend all of our time on this 10 1213 $15 an hour work, that is a very, very bad use of your time. If you want to grow and scale your company and you're at the helm,

well and I'll even take it a step further, what- what you're doing by and if you're listening right now, if you're doing a 10 to $15 an hour task, what you're telling yourself is that that's all you're worth, that you're not actually worth the hundreds or even thousands of dollars an hour that you can easily get if you focus on the things that only you can do. And that's what we really help clients kind of zone in on or understand is, like you said, Michael Gerber, he's a great example. You have to have systems and process before you hire someone, you have to have an IT system you have to have a tried and true system for any employee, whether it's a virtual assistant or a physical to take over and do it just like you want done. So what we do in our consultation is really focused on what you're- what, who's in your organization right now, what it systems you have and what processes exist today, and what you need to build in order to double or scale your business. And when we focus on that, all of a sudden, the question that the entrepreneurs is asking is like, wait, what, what am I doing all day long? And I need to shift in order to actually grow my business. Yeah. So let's go through let's go through some of the tasks that could be a very, very easily outsourcing again, go ahead and speak the lingo in terms of, you know, someone is a realtor, and they'd like to be earning more money, and they probably spend their time too much of their own personal time doing what that they could outsource to someone through my out desk. Well, here's, here's what we help our clients do. And if you're listening right now, and you're thinking I need help, but I'm not really sure what we have this process called the sticky challenge. Joshua loves it because it's super simple, great leaders make things that are complicated, very easy and simple. So if you take a sticky, just a sticky pad, and you follow yourself around for a week, and you write on that sticky pad, am I doing dollar productive activity or non-dollar productive activity? And then you just kind of write what you did. And kind of what category is, it's in? Like, is it marketing? Is it sales? Is it operational stuff? Is it administrative in nature? Is it party planning, whatever it is. And then after a week or two of doing this, you can actually actually physically see with stickies on the wall, what you're spending the majority of your time doing every single day. And with that, we can start to build a job description, we can start to build what actually makes sense for you. But here, I mean, if you're in the real estate world, you shouldn't be doing your own paperwork. You shouldn't be doing your own marketing, you likely shouldn't be prospecting for cold leads. That's a- that's an area that doesn't make a lot of sense. But what you should be doing is dollar productive activities where you're calling your network, you're calling the people in your database, you're creating opportunity and value for your network. And this is what we help people kind of understand and do.

So, Daniel, I'm not a real attorney. So I guess I don't know kind of what goes on day to day. But what would be some things that you said- for example, calling leads or you know, how does- how do realtors today drum up business and how can they use my out desk to- to create more opportunity for themselves?

It's a great question about half of our staff. So we have 1200 virtual assistants place with our clients right now and about half of our staff are in some sort of prospecting mode. So we have this gal in Wyoming. She has like 12,000 people in her database. She never called anybody in our database. These are past clients and current clients that want the deal closed. She just never got in touch with them ever again. And she has parties and she does She kind of have client events and she does a lot of work to get new business. But once she's got the business and closes, she didn't have a follow-up process in place. So we gave her two virtual assistants. And those two virtual assistants are simply pounding her database and saying, Hey, you know, this is Daniel, I'm calling on behalf of x. It's been a long time, I'm just calling to check in with you. She wanted me to give you a call, say hello. And that that kind of process of just staying in touch with your database. She's already closed two transactions in the first 660 days wow into two transactions to contract signed with two virtual assistants in the first 60 days. And this is business that she didn't have prior to hiring us. So 600 or so of our folks are doing prospecting, lead, follow up lead nurturing on social media phone text inside of some system that generates leads and business for real estate people the other 600 are in the administrative operational roles. Because I'm a salesperson, Josh, you're a salesperson. I don't really like to do like administrative work. I'm not a guy. No.


So, for us, the very first hire is always your CRM, how you're going to keep in contact with your clients and your current clients and your prospects. That's your first hire. Your second hire is somebody to manage your calendar, manage projects, and do all the administrative paperwork that every business owner regardless of real estate or any industry, every business owner has paperwork and you shouldn't be doing it you should be generating revenue.

And so explain to me the benefit of hiring through my out desk calm as opposed to I don't know going on up work. Asking on social media. Hey, who knows a good VA may be hiring my niece. Yeah, yeah. So what are the advantages to MOD

Well, what I hear Here's the thing up work is great. Fiverr is great. There's a lot of platforms out there when you have a project specific task. I would 100% say go hire that company. But when you need a job done and it's a reoccurring job and it's a- it's a position in your company to help you grow and scale, you need a company that will make a match for you. And that's what my out desk does think of up work as a dating site. And we're a marriage site. we marry really talented people in the Philippines is a country that we're in with really talented business owners who want to grow and scale and we put them together and then they make beautiful revenue together is what I would say.

Right right. So you know and I'm going through in what's really cool so I'm on my out desk, comm slash pricing. And also I'm looking through you know, back you've got background checks, education experience, check market force personality profile. They've been through the mo D University bomb. So what do they you know, and that particularly stands out, you've got 100% satisfaction guarantee, which I'll tell you I've, I listened over the years I've hired a lot of people, virtually, and especially lately have been having a lot of problems unfortunately with with up work in particular. And I wish that weren't the case. But- But I do love that there's a lot you're not just getting a generic VA here you're getting someone that you know, they've been through some vetting.

Yep, yep. Well, here's the thing. What if you're hiring and a project manager or an administrative person, what we do is we go out to the Philippines, and we find somebody who that is their entire world. Maybe it's a prospector? Let's find a prospector who has spent 10 years prospecting on the phone creates rapport kills it on the phone in and we'll just set appointments like- like Crazy, right? Wow, we're simply taking those people, those professional people, and then giving them to you, Josh. And that's what we do we make these perfect long term matches. And like you said before, we don't have any long term contracts, our clients vote every two weeks with their credit card. Yeah, there's absolutely zero risk for you. You come in, you sign up, we say you're a good fit. And we know it's going to work, we say, your position we can actually fill, then we get into a relationship and you get to do a video interview, like we're doing right now here on zoom. So you get to do a face to face interview, you choose your person, and then we make sure that the match is long term. That's the value that we add here at my desk.

Daniel, any quick success stories that you could share in terms of I know you shared one earlier, anybody else that comes to mind that they got started with my out desk and kind of what the results were?

Yeah, you know, what I'd like to do for your audience is actually give away a copy of our book and In that, you have a ton of case studies and all of our methodology. Here's what's crazy. Josh, like you said, I'm transparent. We've spent 12 years 5000 clients, and I, I dumped my heart and soul into this book. It's taken me two years. And what we've done is we've surveyed our clients, we've surveyed our virtual assistants, we found out what really works, and then we've put them in frameworks, we put them into the book. So, everybody who's listening right now, it's really easy to get a copy. It's an electronic version, you all you have to do is text SVP, so its scale with virtual professionals, SVP 231996. And you can get a copy of our book, and you can actually start learning about how to, you know, have what we call is a blended model where some of your folks are physically in your office, and some are virtual where you get to save, you know, thousands of dollars every year.

Okay, one more time on that. So it was SS

VP, so it's a scale up, and we'll Yep, SVP, and it's 319-963-1996.

So just send that text SVP 231996. And of course, you can also go to my out desk.com. And there's a lot of you've got a great, you've got a podcast, you've got a blog, you've got a lot of content and you've got your pricing right on the site, which I absolutely love. So Mr. Daniel Ramsey, you're the founder and CEO of my out desk. Congratulations. Obviously, you guys have made a huge impact for your clients. And clearly looks like you're serving a pretty good audience as well. Your team is enormous. You've put together you've put together a pretty good team. So congratulations on all your success. And thank you so much for joining us. It was my pleasure, Josh. Thank you. Thanks for listening to the thoughtful entrepreneur. If you are a thoughtful entrepreneur or business professional who would like to be a media celebrity and be on our show, please visit up my influence comm slash guest. And while you're at it, take our free quiz and learn your authority score that's available for you right now at up my influence.com slash quits. And please do us a favor. If you liked the guest that was just interviewed. Would you share this episode on social media? Also, in your podcast player right now, please give us a thumbs up or a rating and review we promise to read it all and take action. See, we believe that every person has a message that can positively impact the world. Your feedback helps us fulfill our mission to help create more media celebrities. Make sure to hit subscribe, binge listen to our previous episodes, and we'll send you the next episode three times a week automatically five to 15 minutes exactly what you need to inspire yourself to A little bit more, learn from others and grow. With that. Thanks for listening and thank you for being a part of the thoughtful entrepreneur revolution.

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