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Nearly 60 Days of Instagram Jail – Learn from Me

January 26, 2022
My IG account has been in Instagram JAIL for nearly 60 days! They shut off my account for violating terms on automation. Here's what happened – take heed, so this doesn't happen to you!!
Of our more than 130K on the socials, we have more than 42,000 followers on IG. We schedule, post, and engage personally quite a bit! We RELY on IG to engage with our audience. Stories, reels, lives… the whole 9 yards.
The only thing I can think of that we may have messed up is part of our social media strategy was to like or comment on someone's last post when they booked a call with us (primarily our podcast guests).
We were doing that manually and then started doing ONE like automatically through our social media software.
Apparently, that was enough for IG's auto-bot to lose their cool. 🤯
Almost 60 days later, I still have NO business Instagram. I'll start using my personal IG. Happy to connect there if you avidly use Instagram?

Here's my advice…

1. Don't rely on someone else's platform. ⚠️

Are you planting trees in other people's gardens?
Put it in your T box in your SWOT analysis that ANY of your social media accounts can be taken away at ANY time, and you will have ZERO recourse – other than the typical request process to restore your account.
If they take 30, 60, or 90 days… That's the way it is. If they never give it back, you are SOL. You have no rights.
Marketers and entrepreneurs who depend on communicating with your tribe through social:
What is something you can do today and each day to mitigate the risk of being deplatformed??

2. Relationships are more important than followers. ❤️

In my interviews with more than 1200 business leaders and marketers, I've learned that I'm not alone in skepticism of social media platforms. Sentiment, generally, in FB (in particular) is low – particularly among business leaders. It's noisy. It's spammy. Situations like reach and mine (above) feel arbitrary. It's just a mess.
I love building relationships… (gasp!) personally. I meet 10-15 new high-level business leaders every week. I like communities of like-minded folks – perhaps around a shared interest. One of our core values with UpMyInfluence is Human Connection. But most social media strategists I've chatted with believe Facebook is not forever.
If you invest in REAL relationships and amass trust among hundreds of authentic centers of influence, I believe it's game, set, match when it comes to business success. The old saying, “Your network determines your net worth.” is right on.
What can you do?

The rise of internal/private communities… 🕺

I am very bullish on more private/personal platforms like Slack, Discord, LMS platforms, Circle, and Mighty Networks. My last company earned many millions of dollars thanks to our very large and active private community/forums.

I've been listening to a fantastic book: The Business of Belonging by David Spinks. Leaning into Human Connection through community is my focus for 2022.

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I've researched platforms for months and decided to create a private Mighty Network platform for our 150+ concierge clients.
We've been moving them all over from a WordPress members area this week.
Next week, I'll start sharing more about I might be able to help you through our high-ticket sales community. We've only worked high-ticket previously, and I've not offered a coaching/done-together version.
There is no comparison in terms of being able to better engage with and serve our community in terms of Mighty vs Instagram or a Facebook group. It's a far superior platform with little distraction.
If you are going to join me on focusing on community, one thing I learned from studying community strategy is to create a mission statement and one-year transformation statement. Here is mine:
Our community mission statement:
We bring together consultants, coaches, agency owners, and B2B service providers to help them create endless high-ticket sales introductions so that we can help skyrocket their sales, bring them true time-freedom, and make an enormous positive, impact on the world.
The transformation we bring in one year:
Our members will never again worry about where their new sales come from. They are connecting with all the new high-level customers and partners they desire.

I hope you find all this above helpful, and it will inspire community growth for you this year. Love to hear if you've been constructing your own internal community.

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