Improving your Health and Wellbeing with Nutrition Works’ Rachel Gerlach

November 12, 2020

Healthy healing.

Today on the show we're joined with Rachel Gerlach, the Founder and Coach at Nutrition Works LLC.

Nutrition Works is a functional health company that uses nutrition therapy, mindset coaching, and cutting edge laboratory testing to help individuals identify the root cause of life problems. Rachel says everything is individualized based on research, and she helps people every single day live happier and easier.

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Welcome to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, Founder and CEO of We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. Stick around to the end of the show; we'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go.

And with us right now, we've got the owner of nutrition works and founder and coach with free your mind coaching. We've got Rachel Gerlach. Rachel, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you,

Josh. I'm excited to be here.

And so Rachel, if you wouldn't mind, maybe just kind of give us an overview of your superpowers.

Overview of my superpowers, if you don't

mind sharing, I know some superhero wins. Don't don't want to necessarily brag about it, but I know you, you bring some great resources, some great skills to the table,

you Thank you, and I'm happy to actually share those, my superpowers are really to influence people, you know, people find a lot of confidence, and safety and security when working with me or even just, you know, entering a relationship with me as a friend or companion. I'm really, really good at helping neutralize neutralizing calm situations and getting individuals to find clarity within their lives, so that we do, you know, de escalate in life in general. And once we're not operating from this highly heightened emotional state, you know, we all function better, and we make better decisions, and it is a huge impact on our health and well being as well to take them out of this fight or flight, you know, hyper elevated stress mode. So we're not creating any type of dis flash ease within their life and their well being.

Yeah, so as the, as the President or the owner of nutrition works. And by the way, this company you did 10 and a half years nutrition works has been in business, a website is nutrition works of Colorado calm, Correct, correct. Okay, cool. Please explain what nutrition works does.

Nutrition works is very comprehensive. And so just to summarize it, what we do is functional nutrition therapy, functional health, cutting, edge laboratory testing, and then lifestyle and mindset coaching. And so really, when an individual comes to us, we are going to work with them for more than just what's on their plate in a meal plan. It is extremely in depth and very, very customized and individualized to the person in the sense of root cause helping them identify what is the root cause of what is potentially ailing them? And how do we support that through the food that you're consuming through the year your environmental exposure? supplementation as well, right? So how do we support this? What is your healing protocol, and then the big part of this, you know, and we can do that through testing as well. So we do a ton of laboratory testing, because we want not only your symptoms and your experience of it, but the data that goes along with it is super important as well. And so taking all of that and helping you implement that in your life. And the biggest piece of this is really getting into the mindset, because that's what drives your everyday actions. Right? So it's, we're not going to just slide across the tables like here's this protocol. Good luck. See you later. It's no, we are your partner in this. And we're going to use neuroscience and in psychology and coaching psychology to help you implement it seamlessly into your life. Right, so So who is this audience then that you typically work with? Typically women 30 to 55 experiencing all different health conditions. You know, the majority of it though, is we gain lack of energy, probably some endocrine disruption, maybe thyroid, hormonal disruption. And a lot of autoimmune disease, too, that we're seeing with women as well like the hashimotos and the graves.

And the so the team that's associated with nutrition works like Who do you have on the team? And and kind of like, is there background in our nutritionists or what is that background?

Yeah, we have the most amazing women. I find that because I love them so much. Everybody that works with nutrition works is a dual credentialed provider and so Every single one of them minus one as a nutrition therapy background. So there are many master nutrition therapists, as well as either a coach, so a life coach, or a Board Certified health and wellness coach, or a psychology background as well. We do have a registered nurse on staff as well. And then we have our power partners that we work with, you know, you can find those on our website.

And, you know, one thing that I've heard the term functional medicine or can you explain what that is?

Yeah. Because there's so you know, there's so many buzzwords, and there's so many different right labels and names out there. It gets confusing, holistic, integrative,

right? Yeah, yeah. Although

I tell people, like don't Google this stuff. So functional? What that means is, is where, what levels? And what level of health to keep you functioning optimally? Yeah. So great example is right, you go to the doctor, and you have some labs done, and they say, oh, you're within clinical range, everything is fine, but you don't feel fine. We are going to get you to the range that you feel optimal. And it's so it's very nuanced, see, and it pulls in functional also pulls in a lot of different modalities such as holistic health and Clinical Health, and everything in between ancient wisdom, you name it, we're going to bring it in huge toolbox to support our clients.

Yeah, um, what's in the toolbox?

So many things.

So many things, you know, obviously, we go into the life hacks, we go into sleep management, we go into relationship health, herb, ology, supplementation, acupuncture, I mean, we energy work, anything that we think is going to support the individual and their healing process.

Yeah. And so, Rachel, where did Where did nutrition words come from?

Yeah. You know, fortunately, and unfortunately, I don't know how to say that. It was really born from a trauma. And I think that is very common with with individuals is right, they find something happens in their life, and then they decide that they need to make a shift they have, they have to participate in this shift. So, you know, nutrition works came from, unfortunately, a series of suicides in my family, where individuals had been clinically supported. And believe me, we love doctors, and we love clinical medicine. It's not against that. Yeah, but they were missing pieces. And from my perspective, I was like, nobody is addressing how they're eating. And I saw it firsthand with my own partner, you know, if he would eat X, Y, and Z, then he would have depression Two days later, and I could see this correlation. And then I also saw it with my loved ones that, you know, had went through this trauma with, and I was in corporate America, get this I was selling to construction sites, and Home Depot and Lowe's, windows and doors. That's what I was doing. And then this boom, boom, boom, series of events happened literally within 30 days. And it was horrible. And I had two little babies, tiny babies. And I thought, what did I just do? I just brought these kids into this world where people are so unhappy that they are committing suicide. And I had to change. I knew that I had to do something right there. And so you know, like everybody, you go through the process of like, what are you passionate about? What do you believe? In? What resources? Can you even make this a career? Like? I was like, nutrition. You gotta be kidding me. And that, it turns out, there's an institute here in Denver, it's very well known down the street. And I was like, boom, like, could the universe just serve this up on a platter for me like they did? And that is how nutrition works was born.

Yeah, well, cool. And then so obviously, you, you started, and then there's like, Okay, well, we got to grow this business. And how did you do that?

Yeah, so I did it alone for quite a while. And, you know, the scalability, it came very easily for me, because it was to the point where the waiting list was longer than I would ever get to, to work with me. And it was the moment of this is so awesome. Now I get to hire another woman, and let her kind of direct her life and I can provide that platform. So really, I was in Costa Rica, and the calls just kept coming in. I was like, Oh my gosh, okay, it's time and I sent out you know, indeed, looking for nutrition therapists. And by the time I got back home, had the interview and then we just kept growing from there. It was, it was as if that's exactly what we were supposed to be doing.

Right. So today, how do most clients find out about you?

We have a lot of word of mouth. So majority is referral based. We do some Google ads, but it's in comparison to marketing budgets. It's quite small. And that is really, you know, we do some speaking some conferences, but it's pretty much where we are known in the industry specific and very well known in Colorado.

Yeah. You know, and again, I know, you can only answer this in more general terms, because it might be related to some specific issues. But for someone who is, you know, they're running their company, there's generally pretty stressed about what they their their responsibilities, that the fact that it's just, it's, it just feels kind of nonstop for them and, and they get a little burnt out? Like, are there any things that you would recommend? And again, I know, this is gonna have to be kind of a general answer, because, you know, usually, you would probably want to ask some more specific questions about that. I can, I you could, we could play the I can create them. No, specific scenario. Yeah.

Yeah. You know, you're looking for like general general tips that individuals can use, right to support themselves, right, this time, lots of transition and uncertainty in their worlds. Here's what I'll say is his stress creates inflammation, right? It releases the cortisol, which creates adrenaline, so we're going going going and increases our inflammation systemically in our body. inflammation is the precursor to all disease. So not to scare you. But it is something to consider like, oh, wait a second, I want longevity on this earth. Okay, so I recognize I'm living in a stress state. And then I really encourage individuals to Oh, it's it's like having a soul meeting with yourself of what is truly most important. And whenever I have individuals go through this process, and they sit down and and we identify the top three to five most important things in their world. And then we look at what they're doing every single day, there's a there's they're not lining up. And when they do that, they can step back and say, What are the actions that I need to do to fulfill and take care of these most important things, which in return, fulfill me, which bring you happiness and joy and fulfillment, which reduces your cortisol level. So one is just like, kind of a reality check is really, really important. You know, for a very, you know, if you want like, check the box type things, right? Go to bed, there is no award, right for lack of sleep. I know this is like a badge of honor. But I'm I promise you, the more sleep you get, it's the only time that your body can rest and restore, and your brain can cool down. And you're super important, right? We're out there and we're creating businesses in our economy and we're making very important decisions for ourselves and others, we owe it to ourselves to be at our optimal level. So go to bed, drink your water, filtered water, please. No tap water. You know, stress reduction, obviously, you can these are all the things you can look up at the meditation. From a supplement standpoint, you can use Kava, you can depending on if you're on any pharmaceuticals gabbeh is really good for racing brain and anxiety. Get outside ecotherapy Oh my gosh.

Please that ecotherapy was word I don't think I don't recall hearing of it. I like like that one. Oh, other side. So wonderful. About what for me? I don't get this enough based on where I live, but you know, walking through the forest on a tree. Oh, my gosh, that's why you told me you were in Colorado. I'm like, Oh, man. Good memories. Good memories.

Yes, it's important that fresh air the sunshine sunshine regulates your melatonin levels, and you're naturally going to sleep better?

Yeah. Well, that we have plenty of here in Florida. So

down there.

Vitamin, my vitamin D. And you know, can you answer one thing too? I like I hear inflammation talked about so often. And it's kind of like the boogeyman and it's scary. Sounds really scary. But now I know what inflammation is. But for someone else who's listening that might not know what I'm kidding. I kind of don't know what inflammation is.

Okay. So think of it this way, right? I think we've all sprained an ankle, or you know, you jammed your finger or something right? And then it swells. That is inflammation. It's when there is an injury inside the body and the body pulls water to begin the repair process. And this can happen inside of your body, so cardiovascular disease, we are creating inflammation, right? Hot. That's what I think of with inflammation is like hot. So now your organ systems become hot, your cells become hot. And then everything just starts to expand, which puts pressure, you know, subtle but does put pressure on our internal organs and ourselves. Then when we start to manipulate those, right, they are going to change and things just don't function. And the way they're supposed to you sprained your ankle and it's blown up like a balloon, you're not having a great range of motion. It's limited. Same thing will happen inside of your body. You're just not seeing it.

Wow. Okay, so inflammations, good initially, but there's side effects to it. Is that

right? Okay, good for a an acute like amoebae. Right. An acute injury. Sure. Bad for chronic long term.

Yeah, right. Right. Okay. So, um, best tips for reducing inflammation? I mean, obviously, you know, I don't I guess reducing inflammation is kind of like a band aid. I mean, we want to get to the underlying chronic condition that's causing the inflammation. I guess that would be number one.

Exactly. Yeah, exactly. That's,

that could be a variety of, you know,

so many things, and right, when it could be cut. And I will say this, you know, when it becomes overwhelming, and you're like, What am I supposed to do? Please go find help. Right? Please don't go to the Google because you're going to be overwhelmed. And then you're going to be confused, and you're going to be trying 100 different things. Yeah. And your body doesn't like that either. Right. So obviously, number one, identify and you know, where the root cause can be. But like you said, the band aids to reducing inflammation, or eating really clean foods and, and, and I'm a big believer of intuitive eating, as well as like, really clean foods. But you know what, you're also going to have maybe a brownie now and then maybe a rice krispies or you have to treat right, do you have the balance there? Please, if you can, and, you know, budgetary reasons. aside, like all organic foods, we really want to reduce our environmental toxin exposure that will increase our inflammatory levels. So organic foods, purified water, because most of our city water has a lot of fluoride or chlorine in it to kill the bugs, you know, you'd never go down the laundry room and put back some chlorine. So it's the same type of thing. curcumin is excellent for reducing inflammation. So you want to get a high quality curcumin, otherwise known as tumeric, either?

That's right. Yeah, that's right.

Yeah, that's exactly right. You can take the root. Fish Oil is anti inflammatory. Obviously, you need to make sure that you're not you don't have any allergies to fish, seafood, mollusks, things like that. What else can I say? Move your body? Yeah. Right. When we become stagnant, we do not have blood flow, we do not oxygenate our cells in our brain, keep the blood flowing. So the organs that clean out, the blood can do its job and get the yuck out. So it's not circulating within your bloodstream. And what happens is actually if you have a lot of toxins in your bloodstream, our body forms and attack. Yeah. And then it's going to take those molecules and store it in your fat cells. So that's not awesome, either. That's not something that we're you know, we're all running out there to try and do.

Yeah, yeah. Awesome. All right. So Rachel, um, you know, again, there's two websites, nutrition works of And then Free your mind coaching calm. People. Like I like what Rachel Gerlach has to share. Where should they go? What should they do?

Yeah, either honestly, either one, you're gonna find me it's it's it depends on what you're looking for. If you're really looking for health coaching, and your nutrition and your health and well being, you're gonna, you know, I'm gonna direct you to nutrition works if you're a woman who is, is feeling out of sorts in her life, like she is knows that there's something as entrepreneurial women, specifically, right up leveling your business, making your business a priority. I call it the holistic hustle. It's kind of these five pain points that I see almost all women experience in life, right? So it's like the division of labor at home, your relationship with your partner, your mindset, your your money. I want all women to make equal money out there in equal. I say that to you know what our standard is currently. If you're a woman, then you're going to go into for your mind coaching to look for very specific one on one life coaching.

Yeah, awesome. All right. Rachel Gerlach, thank you so much for joining us again, for your mind coaching calm and nutrition works of Rachel, thank you so much.

Thank you, Josh. I appreciate it had fun.

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