Podcast Marketing with OnAir Brands’ Erik Cabral

June 23, 2020

Broadcast through podcast.

Erik Cabral is the President and Chief Creative Officer of OnAir Brands.

OnAir Brands harnesses the power of the podcast to market their clients. They are a global creative agency that partners with businesses to find their brand voice and make lasting connections through our exclusive ecosystem called “On Air Stream™”.

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Welcome to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, Founder and CEO of UpMyInfluence.com. We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. Stick around to the end of the show; we'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go.

All right with us right now. We've got Erik Cabral. Erik, you are the founder and chief creative officer of OnAir Brands. And you're the founder of Pod Max. Thanks so much for joining us. Yeah, absolute pleasure and honor to be on your show. Josh, thank you so much. So, Erik, how did you get into media particularly obviously, you guys do a lot of work with podcasts, but you do a little Live streaming and a lot of that a lot of that kind of work and you've built up a really strong and successful agency. So first off, congratulations for that. But secondly, I'm curious, like, What led you into this area?

Yeah, so I was in the creative industry and am in the creative industry, but for over 20 years, I was in corporate America. And you know, I learned a ton and got into systems and processes, sort of later in my careers in terms of getting to that level of a creative director and managing teams and, and budgets. And when I got to that point, I started to understand the business aspect of it better. And I got laid off for the second time, and I realized I wanted to take my future in my own hands. So I started to jump into real estate investing. And that's what led me down the road to sort of build businesses and systems and tech and teams. And as I was in that industry, and buying properties, and managing properties. I considered myself retired from creative and but as the universe has it, they back into me and he called me back to help the community to help the real estate investors in their, in their creative endeavors. And they didn't understand social media marketing, they didn't understand anything about what how it all worked. So because I was leading by example, and creating my own brands, I started to develop more and more relationships and clients and it built on air brands. To You know, first one client turned into three turned into six turned into dozens. So it's funny because how it all works out is I really see myself as the guinea pig in products and services. So I always sort of test drive things on my own and for us, and then people notice it and recognize and love it and then they ask us, how can you do this for us? And then we go well, okay, I'm passionate about this product, whether it's a podcast or Or you know, a brand or a logo, we say we're doing it for us. And if you love what we're doing for ourselves, we could definitely package this up and create something for you. So that's really how it all started. So kind

of the three areas I see you guys do a lot of work with, with our brands, obviously. So podcasts, live streaming, and then social. And so there's a lot of great things that we could be doing in each of those areas. So if there is a, you know, a company that producing a lot of content, why should they invest in working in the podcasting space? And what right what activity? Would you recommend? If these are like if they just say, I want to get into podcasting?

Yeah, yeah. Well, the first question we always ask is, why what's your ultimate goal? What do you What are you trying to? What value Are you trying to add to other people's lives or businesses? And if they don't really give us a succinct or Great answer for that, then I'm going to ask again. Well, why do you really want to do this and then if they say something like Well, it's because everybody's doing it. Well, that's not the right answer and you probably will not last in the podcasting space. So first that's that's what we want to establish Do you have a strong enough why and and reason why to do a podcast and create one because it's work and it's time and it's effort and energy. So I wanted to put that upfront for anyone who's thinking about it, because you're going to have to invest a lot of time and energy if you don't have teams and systems and processes in place to help you develop those because what I also tried to highlight to people is a podcast will if you do it right turn into a business. So you have to look at it as such before it even exists and take it seriously like a business. Even if a lot of people are saying, Oh, it's going to be my side thing I'm going to do weekend Absolutely. Go for it. You know, spread your message and and your audience will find you. But the tried and true will become a business because it's a it's not a one and done thing. It's a weekly. It's a daily It's something that's always happening and you're going to have to create a machine and an engine behind it. Oh, I know you had another question in there.

Well, I think with podcasting, specifically, my suspicion is that a lot of clients who say, well, ultimately, we need to drive sales with it. So, you know, can we build an audience just because we have a podcast and how can we monetize that work? I'll do you know, I think a lot of people like listen I'll do anything as long as there's a solid business plan and behind it and a good return on investment.

Yeah, yeah, it's funny because the the ROI the return on investment there it's it's difficult to quantify when it comes to podcasting unless you're on the corporate level or large, you know, you're Joe Rogan or Tim Ferriss where you can look at the numbers you can spend ads or have people buy ad space or sponsorships on your show. But when you're small potatoes or you're you're starting out like like a lot of us are. I think the power Josh, and you I'm sure can attest to this because we spoken offline about it is the power of the relationships that you can build your podcasting because You have a one on one, you have an opportunity to have a one on one intimate conversation with someone long form. And when that happens when you make that connection, you know what, and this happens. So magically, through podcasting, especially if you're in the same room, or if you have some, some boss asked cameras like you do, where are you? I could see the pores on your face. Like it seems like we're in person. That's a connection that you can't replicate. And that eventually converts into clients into partnerships into relationships. So the podcast I tried to highlight to our clients and friends and partners that look to it as that it's going to build relationships.

Yeah, for sure. And so what have you seen with live streaming in terms of trends and Is this something that might be worth somebody's time? And if so, what what should they do Is it is it enough to just say, well, we got this Facebook page, it says there's a lion button here. I guess we start here. I mean, I mean, what what works in live streaming today?

Yeah, so we've always been twist testing and tweaking the model. So you know, we try things. As far as live streaming through software. You know, there's the software we used to use called OBS, and it would take the live experience to the next level in terms of not just being a phone. And you know, that is what is expected when people watch your content live. But if you could take it to the next level to stand out and divert differentiate yourself from the crowd, I would highly recommend trying to figure out software and tools and cameras and microphones that stand out. So people see Oh, this is this quality is different. This is better than most people. I mean, I don't want it to be the barrier, you know, for you to create content and to go live Absolutely. If it's easier to pick up your phone and go live do it, especially if you have something of value to add. But if you want to take it to the next level, like we're doing, invest in a little bit of equipment, so that You can start to differentiate, differentiate yourself from the crowd now. And if someone's gonna get into this, how important is it for them to be consistent and to do it often? So that's how we leverage live streams. We have a show every Wednesday live at 11, like clockwork. And people will often ask, how do you do that? How do you stay consistent? Well, here's here's something we figured out, we have multiple hosts. So if one of us can be here, the odds are someone's going to be here. So when we're all here, it's great because there's the banter. There's the the chemistry of the group. But if you can be consistent, create a show that you know, hey, I'm going to commit to this day, this time each and every single week and go live, Facebook, YouTube, all these platforms will love you for it because they'll see consistency those the algorithms will favor you and push you up. And then what will also happened is people will see it because Facebook is is sharing and helping you to promote it. And then there's more engagement. And there's more comments, and there's more love and people starting to participate in what you're doing. And it's just magic. But the thing is Josh, you have to be consistent, and you have to be true and trust the process, because it takes time. We're in our show for almost a year now. And now we're finally getting thousands of views per show. But at the beginning, you can literally watch our first show on your brand while on Facebook, where we're mark, my partner at the time was saying, what there's three people watching who cares. Yeah, but now we have thousands. So look, just keep in trust the process and it'll work.

It can be pretty disheartening when when you do it, and you're like, Well, again, only three people watch this. Yeah, but there's no way you know, one exercise you could do if you want to feel good about yourself, you're a content producer, is go back and watch or listen to the first episodes of any big rock stars, podcasts or livestream or whatever it is that they create. They're well known Chances are the quality was really bad. And, and secondly, I mean, they were pretty bad. They probably had really, really you see this all the time with like youtubers you go back to their early early stuff and like it has a couple dozen views on it probably from people that are morbidly curious, like you who went back and looked at it, but they kept at it, you know, we had one client particular, you know, now he gets consistently, you know, within an hour, you know, they get 50 to 100,000 views on his video when it goes live. But man when he started, like all his earlier videos, not one of them has more than 1000 views on it. And so I appreciate you kind of, you know, cheering people on, like, No, no, keep going, keep doing it, you're gonna be okay. You just got to get over that hump. Exactly, exactly. And trust that it will work as long as you stay true to it and keep it going and, and treat it like you know, unfortunately, it's sort of like a job but it's a job that you own. You know, you own that show and people will love you. And they'll come because especially if it's an interview format, people want to be a part of it, you know, you're sort of helping to elevate them and what they're doing. So yeah, it's a win win for everyone. So Eric, where does on air brands like specifically, what do you do and where do you Where have you grown your clients from?

Yeah, so we did not anticipate the explosion of podcasts. So we were doing in for ourselves, and, and just loving it as a marketing tool, and a way to connect with people. And then as that started to grow as a production house, you know, so we develop and create over half a dozen podcasts in house and for our clients and we have over a dozen podcasts within our network. as as as time grew, and and the industry started to really dictate where we need to go. We were really doubling tripling down on podcasting, and also we're doing it through podcasting events. So I had mentioned that you had mentioned pod Max is becoming this This animal of its own, that's growing, and we need to keep feeding it because it's a unique experience for entrepreneurs to come in one day into our studios, we have eight studios all running simultaneously. And all these podcasters, top rated podcasts sitting there waiting for you to sit down and have a conversation. And then now you get to spread your message through larger communities through their tribe. And and then the magic happens when the mics turn off, because now all of a sudden, you're connecting with that podcaster and you're trying to figure out how you can help them and do business and then you step outside during the breaks. There's all these entrepreneurs that are doing the same thing you're doing and now you're connecting with them and figure out how to partner and how we can create things together. So it's this magical, unique experience that is unlike anything we've seen, and we're really proud that we have created this thing Yeah, pod Max is really exploding right now. So that's great. That's great. You know, there's such a power to being, you know, connecting either as a host For a guest on any kind of platform, whatever it is, if it's, you know, doing a live stream together, I remember, remember when blab was a thing, right? And but now there's just so many others that you can use. But, you know, it doesn't take a whole lot. And so I can see the value put together an event like pod Max was like, Listen, you could bust out like, a podcast interviews in a day and think about the power of that. I mean, there really is power to networking. And just for a moment, Eric, you know, kind of contrast that to a thing, you know, to, I think maybe historically, you know, people have been really, really excited about automating marketing, and, you know, just filling the funnels that are just systematized and they're impersonal and they're cold, and you're just gonna trick people into trip wires and you know, and opt ins and all this other stuff that to me, like I recognize that that has a place, but man, it's a completely different vibe. And I recognize that not every business can do what we're talking about, but I gotta tell you living, you know, this, this approach to just investing in relationships, man, it is just such a joy. It is such a joy to just network connect with people serve them do good and and see where relationships go. Yeah 100% absolutely 1,000% I agree with you, you know, we've dabbled in that, you know, the backend marketing, you know, the Facebook ads, you know, as manager and doing all of that stuff. And like you said, you know, to me, it's not fun, you know, looking at the zeros and ones and trying to figure out you know, that's that's left to someone who's very left brain analytical for me, I'm a creative as I imagine you are. And yes, there are tried and true strategies behind that that work and the numbers work. But in the end, like you said, it's relationship based. I love organic growth. I love having conversations with people over the phone or like this and then really talking about genuinely change. And figuring out how we can serve and help you. Yeah. So Eric, do you have a pod max event coming up? We do actually. So, you know, I know this is evergreen. So look on our website, pod max dot CEO for the next date, but the current one that's coming is February 28. So that is a week from today. It's

Yeah, it was it was a couple months ago.

But it's really exciting because, yeah, we're trying to roll them out. Honestly, Josh every month just because of the Dow, they sell out within days. And we're like, wow, how can we do this more? So we're gonna take it from, from a, it was like a quarterly schedule now to a monthly and then nationally. So

trying to do it methodically and slowly so we don't trip over ourselves. Yeah, well, listen, I mean, as a podcaster, I am always looking for guests and as long as they meet our threshold, I mean, they've got a thriving business. You're doing six figures a year or more than I just I want to share that story. I mean, that's, that's great. That's what I do. And it's I tell you, it's I just feel like there's this renaissance in marketing for people are really humanizing it. And and that excites me. And I know that again, Eric, that's a big part of your whole business model. That's how you've been able to grow so quickly.

Yeah, I love the word Renaissance to because, you know, there was something here. podcasting is not new. But yeah, there's a resurgence and the love for it now that people are starting to recognize, but you and I, as podcasters that understand the platform and how powerful it is. Have to really help people to know that, hey, if you're really interested in doing this, you've got to take it seriously. And not to the point where you you know, it's analysis by paralysis, but know that there it's powerful and if you do it right, and you leverage it correctly, it's going to work for you. But surround yourself with people surround yourself with people like Josh and people who understand the process and can set up and show you the blueprint. So it's setting you up for success. Very, very Cool. So, Eric, if someone were to want to kind of dive into your world, what are some great first places that people could go your podcast? You know, certainly, you know, let's share that and let people know how they start engaging with the work that you're doing. Both with Pod Max and OnAir Brands. Yeah, absolutely. So Pod Max SEO, if you go to that website, you can see a button at the top that says apply as a guest. So if you apply as a guest, you'll have the opportunity to be like Josh shed on four or five episodes all recorded in one day. And it's an amazing event that really, you'll walk away truly happy. And then there's another button that says apply as a host. So then you can be a podcast host. And I'm hoping that we'll have Josh come in too soon, where you know, you'll walk into the room and see Josh, his handsome face smiling at you, but you have to apply so that we get all of your information in the system and the team knows that you want to be a host rather than a guest. But yeah, check out our website at podcast, co or if you want to look into our production aspect of podcasts, you know check out on air brains calm we have contact forms to fill out there as well. But um, our shows two I have entrepreneurs circle. That's my show that I love to interview folks. So reach out to me in terms of if you want to be a guest on entrepreneur circle, or my other show capital hacking, which is is is really blowing up. We had Robert Kiyosaki on not long ago, and it's really really a wonderful show with my co host Josh MacAllan.

How do you get? How do you get a Robert Kiyosaki to show up

you have to be around him. So we figured out what networks he's a part of. We happen to be a part of one of his networks and he was there during your cruise and extensive time with him. So he got to know like and trust us for a little bit and said yeah, I'll do your show and he and Dorst it actually. So wow shows you here. This is Robert Kiyosaki, and you're listening to capital hacking with Josh Canary. Yeah, it's really cool. I honestly shed a tear when when I heard his voice promoting my brands. I was like,

yeah, no kid. I'm like guys, I would imagine Robert Kiyosaki was pretty instrumental to you at some point, right?

Absolutely. Mr. Just as an entrepreneur, he really just he's the purple pill. I say cuz Yeah, his brand. Yeah.

What does go quadrant man when I read that one that was like, Yeah, man, I feel like I already had like the rich dad principles down. But then when I started looking at Yeah, you just got to get to all about leverage. And you know, that's where it really clicked for me. I was like, That's incredible. So yeah, that'll change your life. Yeah. Erik Cabral. You are the founder and chief creative officer of OnAir Brands and the founder of Pod Max on the web at PodMax.co OnAir Brands. Is it OnAirBrands.com Thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you so much for having me, Josh.

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