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Free PR for businessFree PR for business. The how-to for Startups & Entrepreneurs

Honored to be a guest teacher on the $100 MBA podcast. I'm both a friend and fan of Omar & Nicole who helm this great podcast. If you want to learn how to get FREE PR for business, I break down the necessary steps. It was quite challenge to condense what I love to teach into just a few minutes – but I tried to give the most essential tools & tricks that you should employ if you want to get free PR for business.

Before reaching out to the press in your quest to get free PR for business, make sure you have a GREAT:

  1. Modern, up-to-date, responsive website. Make sure your copyright at the bottom shows the current year.
  2. Social media presence particularly on twitter – which is the platform I recommend for reaching out to media influencers, journalists, and producers.
  3. Digital reputation. Google yourself. Go ahead. What do you see? To quickly improve your google search results, simply offer to share content with prominent blogs – with no request for links back. You simply want to establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry. This means producing content and giving it away without ANY expectation of return from other (larger) entrepreneurs.


If you'd like to join me on a free workshop for how to get free PR for business, visit – I give tons of value and no sales pitch. I'm at the phase of my business where it's about helping as many entrepreneurs succeed as possible. If you're a startup looking for more publicity, PR, and buzz, please use our free tools, resources, and consider seeing how we can help you with a UpMyInfluence membership.
Thanks again to Omar & Nicole. Here are some more ways you can connect with them!

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