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One Million Likes on Tiktok with the Pre-Med Consultants’ Adam Nessim

October 6, 2020

One Million Likes on Tiktok with The PreMed Consultants' Adam Nessim

You've probably never heard the name “Adam Nessim.'” And, that's because you may not have had reason to. Yet, even as a student doctor, Adam Nessim is forcing everyone to take note of his work. With more than a million likes on Tiktok, you can bet the young man is definitely onto something.

What's unusual is that Adam is not yet able to introduce himself as Adam Nessim, MD. He obviously can't. As of this writing, he's only just finished his third year of medical school. However, Adam is making a name for himself by helping others realize their dream of attending medical school. Indeed, he has built a thriving business out of it. His successful idea has earned him more than 100,000 followers and one million likes on Tiktok.

A Lightbulb Moment

The PreMed Consultants came about as Adam spent plenty of time doing tutoring for the MCAT exam that he needed to formalize the structure. The MCAT is the testy US medical school entrance exam. Many premeds struggle with it, and only less than 40 percent of those who attempt it each year eventually pass. It's indeed grim statistics that a high number of participants get turned down from accessing medical school to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor.

Adam Nessim smelt opportunity when he spotted how fragmented the industry was concerning premed student services. What's different with him is he chose to do something different about it by offering more assistance than the generic MCAT course. The extra step includes help with applications and custom guidance for freshmen and sophomores. This latter group will benefit a lot by imbibing the right study strategies and habits early enough. The earlier students begin to focus on the MCAT, the better their chances are to ace the test.

The final piece of motivation to strike off on the lonely path of entrepreneurship was to juggle working part-time and studying so that the financial reward made enough sense. That's how this all-inclusive advisory service was born – to guide students from start until they get into medical school, regardless of where they are on the curve.

Getting to 1,000,000: How to Win Your First Clients

Tech companies are probably the best examples of this dilemma. How do you go from zero users to thousands, millions, or even billions of users of your services? Those figures may seem out of reach for a lone entrepreneur like Nessim. But, all businesses struggle with this question if they have a modest dream to get hundreds or thousands of customers.

Nessim reflects on how essential it was to get his message [and name] out there so people know that he exists and has something of value to offer. Being a young person, he quickly turned to digital tools such as social media (precisely the earlier iteration of Instagram). Then, he built a website to solidify the brand. All of this would mean nothing in the absence of an excellent service that satisfied clients.

Offering an outstanding service helped Nessim recruit (for lack of a better word) his clients to help him do word-of-mouth marketing like you've never seen it. He was also wise to leverage his connections as a medical student. The first couple of clients were from the cold market, where he had shared lots of quality content and free advice on Instagram. As students requested more in-depth services, he saw the need to expand his offerings. Continuously exceeding client expectations has provided multiple avenues that have become a lead magnet for The Pre-Med Consultants. The result is a more systematized sales process.

Focus: Why You Need to Offer One Thing at a Time

Most entrepreneurs cast their nets as wide as they possibly can. But, Adam Nessim seems to follow the wisdom of the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet, who encourages investors to put their eggs in one basket and to watch that basket.

The Premed Consultants sells only one high-ticket program that would serve you throughout the entire process. The program helps you through all the classes and the MCAT exam. It's different from other companies that offer either pre-recorded courses or live online courses with zero to limited student interaction. Those companies never care about what happens to the students because their models do not really care about the customer. Again, Adam prefers to be different.

The Premed Consultants values and pursues long-term relationships with students during mentoring. It explains the model of working with the student all through the process. So, you get pre-recorded videos, live office hours, and test-prep. In truth, Adam has experimented with offering parts of the program, such as the interviews or the MCAT exam. But, his heart has always been to deliver the full course rather than a piecemeal band-aid solution.

Serving the single high-ticket model also means that Adam's company can control the outcomes, keeping them attractive to prospective medical school applicants.

You Can Still Build a Business

Most people want to build a business, but the thought that they can't do it while keeping their current job or school commitment is a bare-faced lie. It turns out that Nessim has learned a thing or two about this, and he should. He started his entire operation while still navigating the rigors of medical school – he's still in his third year. He's considering research in his gap year. He can afford that because he has the systems in place at his company to do so.

Are you still considering starting a business on the side? Regardless of your current commitments, you need first to believe that you can do this thing. Your next step should be to build the systems and the people you need to keep things running smoothly in your absence. That's sound business advice from a successful third-year medical student-cum-entrepreneur.


Despite the resounding success of The Premed Consultants, Adam Nessim is just getting started. There's the next phase of business growth, and he's super-excited about it. Are you ready for a million Tiktok likes? Then, be like Adam Nessim!

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