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Client On-Boarding with Proofpoint Marketing’s Mike & Gaby Grinberg

Proofpoint Marketing: The Tech Companies and Software of the Future

Mike and Gaby Grinberg are both founders of Proofpoint Marketing SEO; a B2B digital marketing agency with particular emphasis on a survey, stakeholder interviews, and other strategic services. They also offer performance marketing, and execution plans for clients, emphasizing software and tech companies. Well, Mike, Gaby Grinberg joined Josh Elledge in this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast, to discuss some really interesting business topics that border around tech and business, and how it affects the 21st-century business environment.

Mike’s story is that of couples coming together to make something work. Mike has been running the business for over 20 years now, with his wife Gabby being there at every point. Though their services are spread out to other industries, their attention is targeted at healthcare, Manufacturing, and tech companies. Despite their success in the industry, ProofpointMarketing is spending more resources understanding their customers than exploring more customer base. They do this by taking surveys, stakeholder interviews, e.t.c., and create execution plans from there.

Performance marketing and SEO focused content have always been one of the company’s most sorted services. And Mike has channeled more efforts in exploring newer ways to explore these areas. From the look of things, Proofpoint Marketing company is an epitome of a visionary company; this is because of their ability to envision the future of technology, as in, find out what people want, and find new ways of engaging them. According to Mike, most of their client base is mostly old school, so it is easier to carry them along, unlike tech companies either at par with them or above them.

The company has, over the years, maintained its corporate mantra of people first. This initiative has made them go remote, trying to reach everybody as much as possible, and they have been doing this even before the COVID-19. The company has also taken to a “flexible system of management,” a method that has helped its employees concentrate on the issue that needs to be done. Mike had confessed that he did a little bit of consulting while working as a startup, not his choice, though, but the family situation had made him work extra hard to double their income.

In Business, Two Heads are Always Better than One

Another side of Mike’s story is that he disclosed that he and the wife are knowledgeable in different aspects. He is an expert in startup startups, and these characteristics made them a perfect march in building a great company, dealing with every issue as they come. On how the couple got involved in the business, well, it was a sheer accident, the wife had lost her job, and had a baby, long story short, she later joined the husband, and ever since then, it’s been a success story all along.

Mike and the wife Gabby have been in the marketing space for over 15 years now, and they have done well for themselves by taking the small group of clients they have garnered so far, then grow it into a strong client base. He revealed that they could achieve this because of their strong networks, most of these networks based in Minneapolis. The company has used all sorts of channels to attract clients, the most effective one being their referral channel. But unfortunately, most people don’t believe in the referral method of gathering clients, but the point is, referrals can’t fall from the sky; you have to nature it before it can yield fruitful results.

Proofpoint Marketing: More than just a Business

Proofpoint Marketing is a service-based business, and to gain more customers; you have to make the already existing ones happy. It is all about building networks, it is all about building relationships, and mike has effectively capitalized on social networking groups and mastermind groups. In business, you must decide on how you wish to either get or maintain your client base. It is either you decide to physically meet with them one on one or deploy the conventional method of newsletters. In any means you have chosen, just find a way to keep them within reach.

Finally, don’t just keep them engaged; also try to provide value. The thing is, even if you continue engaging these folks without working on tour value, there is likely hood that they look for an alternative means. According to mike, they are currently working on a new model and an internal process that also requires some level of internal tools to succeed. But this is not 100% Mike’s idea though; it has been in existence in the marketing world for some time now. They are also considering using an external tool, which will require the deployment of online tools like company websites or their LinkedIn blog section.

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