attorney lawyer legal law firm public relations PR publicity advertising marketing

Public relations for attorneys – Why law firms should up their PR game

attorney lawyer legal law firm public relations PR publicity advertising marketing

Public relations for lawyers or more law firm marketing?

Many attorneys will experiment with advertising to bring in the business.

Those same attorneys recognize the power of good public relations strategy. It’s a great way to build exposure & name recognition, generate great leads, build their credibility and reputation, assist in gaining support for more public cases, and provides a stunning return on investment.

It boggles the mind, however, as to why many small and one-person firms don’t employ a good PR strategy – relying on advertising alone. Tweet this

I’m not suggesting you stop advertising – but there is a fundamental difference between advertising and public relations for lawyers. Sharpening the pencil for maximum Return on Investment, there is also a fundamental difference between public relations firms and actionable media training coupled with live coaching.

I’ve generated over $5 million in sales thanks to my ability to speak on trending topics in the media by delivering incredible value to traditional media audiences. As a result, those audiences know my business better, they like me because I’m such a giver, and they trust my expertise because I’m consistently in their living rooms and on their computers and mobile devices sharing valuable tips.

I’m not alone!

In my eight years of surfing green rooms at TV stations across the country, I’ve met many attorneys that are doing the same – some of whom very successfully. Will you join us?

Have I created ‘top of mind’ awareness with these large TV audiences?

You better believe I have.

They may not need my services today – but when they do, you better believe I’ll be the first place they go to when they need help in my industry.

If you are providing legal services for planned events (i.e. estate, adoption, business, etc) – regardless of the level of research a client performs on who to hire – they typically go with the legal advocate they feel they can trust the most.

If you are providing legal services for unplanned events (i.e. criminal, injury, divorce, etc) – clients do less research and rely more on trust. Either way, a reliable, repeatable and relatable appearance on local media can do wonders for your firm.

As a practicing attorney, isn’t that the goal – to help as many people as possible?


I’m not attorney with an affluent law firm, so who am I advise you?

My primary field of expertise is that of a consumer expert – and I don’t need to tell you that people don’t like being advertised to – particularly by attorneys. We’ll do anything we can to bypass attorneys’ advertising messages.

Compare that to a lawyer getting good public relations for attorneys – on local TV news commenting about a trending topic that’s all abuzz on social media. What is your natural reaction to this segment? We may hang on every word because we want to know what ‘the law’ says. If there is a major case in the news, we want to hear from legal analysts who can slice and dice the proceedings. You have also just ‘got to know' and you'll probably end up liking this attorney. You are on your way to trust!

“But, wait, Josh,” you might say. “I may not get to promote my practice!”

Read this loud and clear…

If you present yourself as likable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy, you couldn’t ask for better promotion. Tweet this

People will figure out who you are. In fact, if you’ve done your job to connect with the host and audience, viewers and readers will work very hard to seek you out. They’ll follow you on your website and social media and they will certainly look to learn more from you. In a sense, you’re creating a fan base. Having an audience of raving fans is a great lead source! You couldn't ask for better public relations for attorneys!

Next, you might say, “but Josh… I’m an attorney. I may be knowledgeable and trustworthy, but I’m not that likeable.”

Okay… I’ll grant you that. However, two out of three isn’t bad.

I kid.

Presenting one’s self as likable is a learned skill. If I go back to my earlier media segments, there was clearly a different energy that I gave off compared to today. The most effective way to get you GREAT on TV – or in any other media format is to just get you practicing. Your first TV segment probably won’t be that great.

I can show you how to get your first local TV spot. From positioning, pitching and even contacts, but I will also help you discover so much more.

It’s important to work with a media coach like myself, however, and become as ready as you possibly can. Producers and journalists like to work with subject matter experts that require no hand-holding. They also want experts who are solid performers. Finally, they want experts who can deliver great segment ideas regularly.

Why shouldn’t be you that delivers great segment ideas regularly? With each appearance, trust builds.

At, I specialize in working with law firms who are ready to ‘up’ their publicity and get more public relations for attorneys. I primarily focus on working with smaller firms who are ambitious and are committed to building and maintaining a strong digital brand.

What I do:

I provide education and coaching to the attorneys and law firms who are looking to expand their brand and grow their practice. Think of what I teach as the PR and marketing class you never got in law school.

How I do it:

  • Rather than sucking up your valuable daytime schedule with billable hours (mine, not yours), we’ve created a library of short videos that will teach you all the essentials to give you the foundation to be PR-savvy for LIFE. This means more exposure and more clients.
  • I will teach you how to develop deep relationships with producers. Making you the easiest resource to leverage on topics you are already the expert on.
  • I also will give you full access to my media database of 20,000 outlets and media contacts – something that no public relations firm would ever consider doing.
  • I work via live web video to provide video-based training every month – either in a group setting online – or individually as you need.
  • I provide media monitoring – searching around the clock for great segment ideas in your field of law that you can pitch. All you need to do is copy & paste into an email to your media contacts and you’ll get all the benefit without having to eat up your days looking for (and thinking up) story ideas.
  • Finally, I provide all services that a traditional PR firm would offer in way of public relations for attorneys. My primary difference, however, is return on investment. As a successful business owner, I’ve blown tens of thousands of dollars to PR firms in billable hours with marginal returns. The work I’ve done myself, however, has been wildly successful – and that’s what I want for you!

Who we work with:

We are already providing public relations for attorneys and other legal adjacent experts to maximize their media potential. We have also worked with hundreds of other entrepreneurs, small business owners, athletes, artists, authors, and executives who are committed to strengthening their professional brand online.

If you’re ready to boost your publicity and exposure, you can access an UpMyInfluence membership here.

If you’d like to reach out, zip me a message here – or call me at (407) 900-0836.


Remember, there is no ‘trust’ naturally baked into advertisements – as much as law firms try. Instead, serve audiences with knowledge & value and you will prosper.


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