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Gregory Castellanos: Making The World A Better Sounding Place

September 16, 2019

Have you ever wanted your music to come out exactly as what you would want it?

Even artists who have spent a great amount of time dealing with music sometimes just can’t replicate the exact music quality. It’s really something that’s difficult to do.

Recreation Sound is based on designs on the mathematics and patterns of nature. They’re focused on creating products that replicated sound the way artists intend their music to be heard.

Gregory Castellanos is the CEO and founder of Recreation Sound, a company that utilizes the power of sound and technology to promote fun, unity, and wellness. The company’s main goal is for artists to be able to replicate sound the way they want their music to be heard.

“We'd like to use music, as I mentioned, to bring people closer together. And yeah, partnering and building communities, something that we're really passionate about.” – Gregory

Aside from being the CEO and founder of Recreation Sound, Gregory Castellanos is also a performer, musician, artist, and audiophile.

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Welcome to the thoughtful entrepreneur show, I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of UpMyInfluence.com, where we turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. So we believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world, even you stick around to the end of this show, where I'll share info on how you could be our next guest, three times a week, five to 15 minutes each learn from successful business owners and professionals, it's time to get inspired. Let's go. All right, Gregory capsule, I know you're the founder and CEO of Recreation Sound Systems. And, you know, the person who's listening to us, what I want you to do is I want you to grab, I want you to, we need pictures along with this conversation. Because I don't think there's any way that if you're only listening to this call conversation, you're going to appreciate what we're talking about. So Gregory, you guys have designed a lifestyle product. But I'd say it looks like the main kind of the keystone of your product line is a speaker system. And you've got a couple of different ones. And they are unlike anything I've ever seen before. If I could just describe it, it looks like it's so they're made from bamboo that the design on the front is just absolutely gorgeous. The reason I wanted to bring you on Gregory is because I think you guys do a really, really good job of instead of being like chronic company, I think, you know, kind of taking a pic, you know, maybe a little bit of a page from Apple, right? where, you know, you're not you're not at all a computer company, but you're a lifestyle, you're a lifestyle brand. And I'm wondering if you could kind of share what went into that thought process to say, you know what, we're going to design speakers, but we're not going to be a speaker company.

Well, Josh, you know, that's a great, that's a great thought. Recreation was born as a lifestyle brand. We really believe in things like sustainability and catch us consuming. So we designed dollar patterns based on the designs and mathematics of nature. And we worked really to create products based on sustainable materials, and use music as a tool to enhance people's lives and bring them closer together.

And so what is what is it that makes your product superior to what may be found on the market? Like I can just scroll down to BestBuy? I can, you know, I can, you know, I could just stroll down to BestBuy by a speaker or I could buy your product. And so how do you differentiate?

Well, most products mass manufactured overseas are made out of ABS plastic. Our speakers have made 100% natural bamboo and organic materials, we make the enclosures twice to three times as thick as normal speakers of those sizes, so that they have a better resonance to the actual body and the case of the units. We also use custom amplifier boards, which have more power behind them and better quality, larger size drivers all to add to a better sound experience.

And what is great, can you describe the lifestyle then that you're a part of

recreate citizen movement, you know, it's a movement in consciousness, it's a movement in sustainability. It's a movement and playing music for other people, sharing your music, sharing your vibe, and using music as a tool to unite us and bring us closer together. More than just so it's a lifestyle brand. And you know, it didn't come this other aspects, everything from sense to fashion to art, and it's a fusion of art and technology.

Because you guys are a lifestyle brand, how does that impact your ability to market?

Oh, that's a great question. Josh, me Give me a second to think about that. I think it really allows us to be a little bit more agile in terms of our marketing, we get to do more events, we get to,

you know, really, really try to

influence and to bring people closer together with our products and what we're doing, and kind of really build a community or a tribe of people that, you know, support us what we're doing and our vision for the world.

And so in in terms of then selling like how do you how do you take orders what you know, how is that going? how, you know, do you obviously with a product, product line like this, I think you could do a lot of partnering and likely get some pretty inexpensive to free in exchange for some value that you bring to an event. You can get some good visibility that way.

I love this. I mean, it's something we've been working on doing. You know, obviously we do conferences like hardware conference here in San Francisco. We've done collision and web summit. We'd like to use music, as I mentioned, to bring people closer together. And yeah, partnering and building communities, something that we're really passionate about. So we've been looking we're always searching to find more meaningful partnerships, great people to work with. We just did a partnership with Daybreakers in San Francisco here, which is a international sober dance party syndicate, which is something that we very much support, we really, really enjoy what we do, and are working diligently to you know, build a community and build a tribe based upon you know, augmenting your life with better sounding music.

Yeah. Now, you also decided to add it to your you've got speakers, and then you've got that you've got some more health related products you've kind of added in. And let me tell you again, the reason I like that is is that you are not a you're not a speaker company or a lifestyle company. But you've got essential oil products, you've got even bath salts that are a part of that. Whose idea was that?

You know, I think the inspiration came from my fiance. Because you know, we use a lot of these types of products in our day to day life. And recreation is about finding and creating products, things that we're going to use daily things that are going to enhance our overall life experience, you know, and smelling great looking great. Sounding great. These are all things that we strive for. And we're also gonna be releasing a fashion line here shortly.

Yeah. So Gregor, you and I chatted before the interview, we talked about working with influencers, what do you have on tap in regards to that?

You know, we're very passionate about this, I actually do have a social media intern, we have been working to build a list of influencers. And we've been just waiting for the right time to have the right ask, so that we can, you know, really contribute value to these people. As much as we're asking for their social influences for their media outreach. We want to be able to contribute enough value to their lives to make that something that's, you know, a co collective relationship.

Great Gregory Castellanos, you're the founder and CEO of Recreational Sounds, Recreation Sound Systems, you're on the web at recreation sound.com. And again, it's not enough to just hear this conversation. Go look at the product, it's beautiful. But most importantly, I think someone you know, other business owners can take some notes on how you guys have embraced lifestyle over product line and made product line supportive of the lifestyle and not the other way around. Gregory. Thanks so much.

Thank you so much for having me, Josh. been a pleasure. And

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