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Response Suite’s Rob and Kennedy: Surveys for Focused Marketing

February 9, 2020

Turn Your Email Marketing Into A Watertight Sales Machine.

Rob and Kennedy are the Founders of Response Suite.

Response Suite's surveys are designed to get more of your customers buying more of your products at higher frequencies.

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Welcome to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of UpMyInfluence.com. We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. stick around to the end of the show, where I'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go. All right with us right now we've got Rob Temple and Kennedy, no last name needed. They are the Founders of Response Suite. Gentlemen, I'm actually really excited to have you on because you provide a solution for a subject that I'm really really passionate about. And that is being able to survey your audience. turn that into leads. turn that into reviews. turn that into social proof for future audiences to see and so gosh I you know, I feel like all I really want to do is just have you guys give me a demo for exactly how response sweet works but we'll do that another time. Can you start off by talking about why you created this and where you kind of came from to create it?

Show? Yeah, so I mean Robin I've been friends for about 18 years now. And we actually started off life in the entertainment world so and we both still do that that's why Rob is currently sitting in his Lamborghini

it's not nothing

I got no idea what kind of piece of crap car that is. But it's

but I'm kidding. But but

that's why what was on the road right now is because he's on the road with his show. He's a comedy hypnotist. So he goes on stage and makes people do funny things. Yeah, yeah, no. And whereas whereas what I do is i'm a what you guys and the guys in the in the states called a mentalist. So basically, our job is we're obsessed with how people think and how people make decisions. Our process of of buying stuff as obviously come into that along the way, about 1819 years ago, we became friends. And we independently ended up starting our own information publishing businesses, that was selling our expertise and being coaches to other people who want to do similar things. So that was kind of a nice sideline, which helped us kill the time waiting between gigs. So sitting in the car in service stations, or, or in hotels waiting to go on stage, whatever it might be. And then one day, Rob called me up and said, Dude, have you ever tried to use surveys in a way you can actually do something with them? And I said, want to look at a pie chart have to tell me like only 2% of the people hate me and everybody else thinks I'm wonderful. So the problem with that is, of course, that and Bob was banging on when he told me this. He said, The problem with that is, I can't find the two people who think I'm terrible, and go and apologize, do anything with them. And I certainly can't go to the 98% of the people who think I'm wonderful and offer them more of my great services. I don't know which of those is which because I can't connect my survey platform to my customer relationship management tool or my email marketing platform. Because that's not possible. Or at least it's very tricky to do without duct taping it together, where things fall through the cracks. So we went on a little hunt to find out how you might be able to do that, but turns out great solution for doing that. So we did what any entrepreneurs day would do, and that is they think, let's start a software company.

That's how it began. Yeah, well, there you go.

All right. So how do you how do you create that? So who's the programmer?

Neither of us were both technically as unsavoury as it gets pretty much. So we actually decided that we would have to just sort of use the entrepreneurial problem solving bit of our brains that we all have, and then just say, Okay, great. Well, in that case, how do we solve it? We need to find a developer person. We hired a developer, we looked originally outsourcing it overseas and just found out we were We just felt like we wouldn't have enough control over what we're doing. So it's actually all built in house in the office where Kennedy is there, up in the northeast of England.

Yeah, he's staring at the developer. I've got my weapon to the desk here, just in case he slaps off.

All right, so what is response tweet do then.

All right, Rob, don't take it.

Yeah. So ensure Imagine being able to build surveys. And when I say build a survey, without any technical knowledge whatsoever, it's kind of like using a tool like Canva, or anything else that's drag and drop, where you say, Well, I want one of these and I want to put it there and I want one of these and I want to put it there, you probably use your mouse, not the finger, but you get the idea one of those and I want to put it there. And then once you've put everything together, you can then integrate that survey with whatever marketing tools you already use. So like if you've got an email marketing platform, a plug straight into there, if you use Facebook ads, it plug straight into there. If you use Google Analytics, it plugs straight into there. If you use membership platforms, we're actually integrating with those right now. So if you deliver like courses and content through online membership portals, it will plug into those plugs into whatever marketing tools you currently use. So that then you can really easily again point and click Configure things to happen. So if somebody says I am a set my service or my product was a seven out of 10, then I want to make sure that I asked them a question to do with what else they might want to help with. And once I know what else they want to help with, or now I can kickstart an email sequence automatically inside my email marketing platform, or I can make sure that they see adverts on Facebook or on Google that are specifically about those things. We kind of want to centralize your marketing so that somebody fills out a survey once and then instantly the everything else they ever see from you is completely relevant. So every time they see an advert, it speaks directly to them. And every time they get an email from you, it speaks directly to them. Because now you can segment everything that you do. So if you've got an ad that specifically only speaks to men or women, you can just show it to men or women. If you just run an ad that only speaks to people who are beginning their journey in your niche. You can just show the adverts to them. And so that means that everything you run is completely completely relevant. Because we never been a busy world right now where the the sort of barrier to entry to get started and build a business is lower than it's ever been. Yeah, one come through a website now, and anybody can advertise right now, which means that advertising is becoming more expensive, it's becoming more crowded, it's more difficult to stand out. The The only way that you can then punch through all of that noise is by making sure that every time somebody sees your advert, it's like one of our friends Natalie is the co founder of boss babe calm and enormous online brand and website. And she said that the best I'm going to paraphrase, but the best type of marketing is the marketing where it feels like you're in the person's brain. And that's really what we want to be able to create with this so that every time somebody engages with anything you've ever done, it's literally like you can read their mind like you're right there in their brain.

And what's really interesting is it's in a world where we know artificial intelligence and computer learning is, is around it's all learning stuff about us imagine be able to do all of that stuff, but without the creepy parts of it. So it's not Not happy to admit out loud, it's all using things that they're they're happy to say out loud by clicking on options, hey, I'm really struggling with this part of my business or my life, or I'm at this phase of my life and my business. And this is my concern right now. It's stuff they've openly shared with, you know, sort of scary artificial, a weird stuff that's going to freak people out. It's kind of the opposite of what we hear about the big online platforms where you know that they're tracking every house you've ever been to. And every cafe you've ever spent money in like, it's like Kennedy said, It's literally we ask them questions, and then use that in order to leverage it and sell them more stuff.

For sure. Okay, so let's talk about specifically and I can tell you as a consumer expert, so I've been studying and leading consumer behavior for 12 years and one thing that I'm just really really big on is don't believe any marketing. I mean, basically, you have to do your own due diligence, and part of that is trying to find reviews and decipher them and read through them? How important is it to show social proof? and reviews? And like what? You know? Yeah, you might like our little dog and pony show here. But really what you want to know is does it work? Well, let me introduce you to some of the people are using our platform, and you can hear it directly from them. In your words, explain why that is so critical today.

We live in a world where everything on the internet is a lie until we can prove otherwise. Nobody else tells us that they were like, Yeah, but when it here, you hear about it, and they go, Oh, we saw on this platform. And we're like, yeah, so now I instantly don't trust it because you didn't see it with your own two eyes. And the thing is, we live in a world now where there are so many conspiracies and we feel like we're all being controlled and brainwashed by all of these different things. More than ever, we have all been ripped off scammed. So to oversold to in a world of what I would call over commercialization. So these days if you're not collecting feedback and using the emotion of feedback, and that's a big thing we have to tap into here is not just about at somebody gone. Yeah, it's great. Because Yeah, it's great. It's a pretty bloody awful testimonial. It's pretty, pretty nasty. Whereas if somebody tells you an emotional story, so testimonies are useful for a number of reasons. The first one is because it overcomes that objection of Yeah, I don't believe anything, everything on the internets alive. Secondly, is if they're told in a story format, which tells us what that objection was, what they were afraid of what they're trying to achieve, and the outcome of got them that as we all know, our brains love stories. Yeah, our subconscious brains excited. It goes back into our childlike brain, and it really penetrates on a much deeper level, allowing people to really start seeing and feeling but that solution feels right. It feels safe because that's what's do for us.

Right? I think, you know, from our perspective, you know, it's, you know, for how valuable testimonials are, you know, someone, what I believe is, most people come and they want to find someone, will it work for me. And so then what they do is a scan through the stories and the testimonials, the reviews, and they try to find somebody who's like them or is in their situation. So if I'm looking for a weight loss solution, I want someone that is at, you know, my height, size and gender. And if it worked for them, I could probably work for me then

oh, here's a really easy way of doing that. Imagine, I mean, this sounds like I'm sorry, this is just like a direct pitch for response. We I don't mean it that way. But here's a here's a simple way of looking at it. other platforms are available. Obviously, they're not as good But hey, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. But of course, but imagine this if that is the case, if we want to find someone who is as close to us as possible, which we do. Yeah, we all want to know like you said Josh. Want to know? Will it work for me? Imagine before you show them the sales material, you ask them some simple questions. So you might be thinking about weight loss, will it work for me with my agenda with my body type, and at my age, that's there three of the things that we might, among other things you might want to ask. So imagine instead of sending them to the generic sales paid with testimonies from people, some of them are relevant to us, and some of them are not, because some of them might be female. Some of them might be male, some of them might be older, some might be younger, etc, etc. Imagine instead, the first thing that pops up is tell us a bit about you. Well, if we know anything, we're all quite self interested. As humans, if those quizzes on social media tell us anything, then that's going to be the case, right? So we now know that the person comes in and they say, I'm mailed. I'm 35 years old, and I live in the northeast of England and I am trying to lose a bit of weight because I've got a busy life. When I hit submit, what you can do is take people to the sales page, which tells me exactly how Somebody else in my particular situation has used that fitness or weight loss or health product. overcome that to overcome that issue. So I'll be going straight to a page that said, Well, look, Kennedy, there's there's this guy called Dan, he was a really busy entrepreneur, he really put some weight on because he's just too busy to, to eat healthily. He's 35 years old. And this was his story and how he used our weight loss program to achieve this thing. I'm like, Dan did this and Dan's just like me. So yeah, well, my criteria. Now I believe that this thing is going to work for me. while simultaneously, there's you know, Gracie works for us in the office here, Grace, one of the same website at the same time, she clicked on female, she's younger than me. So she would take the age box for her. And she would say that she really wants to, I don't know, run a marathon or something like that. So she goes to the minute she hit submit, she goes to a different page, and it says, Hey, this is here's Sandra, Sandra one To run a marathon, and Sarah was this age, and this is how she used our product to do that. And now at the same time as I'm reading the page, Grace is reading what's Molly the same website, but she's getting a very different experience. Let me ask her questions and able to identify herself and characteristics of herself in that material. And that's what we expect now is consumers, don't we?

Yeah, for sure. Well, guys, I could talk with you for at least another 20 minutes or so maybe five. But let's say we were over time, and I just thank you so much. So Rob temple and Kennedy, you guys are the founders of response sweet on the web at response sweet.com. Also, you guys, you guys got yourself a podcast. And that is the what's the what's the podcast.

So it's called the Email Marketing Show. And it's all about how to do email marketing in a modern world when everybody else talks about open rates and click through rates and conversion rates falling through the floor. We're talking about Okay, let's change this up a bit. Email Marketing is still across the world considered the most powerful medium for advertising. Oh, yeah, it's still considered the highest return on investment medium for advertising compared to all of the stuff that everyone else talks about, like bots, and Facebook and all the rest of it. So we're talking every week about email marketing, but in a modern world, huh?

Yeah. Love it. Love it. All right, Rob, Kennedy. Thank you so much. Again, ResponseSuite.com. And again, in your podcast player, you can look for the Email Marketing Show. Gentlemen, thank you so much. I look pleasure. Thanks, Josh, man.

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