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Roderick Jefferson: Enabling Your Sales

Are you ready to step up your sales into a whole ‘nother notch?

We have invited one of the recipients of this year's Top 10 Sales Enablement Consultant by Sales Hacker and LinkedIn Top 15 Sales & Marketing Influencer, Roderick Jefferson from Roderick Jefferson & Associates, LLC to give us some details on how to boost your sales.

Sales is a crucial part of your business. It is building a relationship with your business and your clients. You will hire people to do to deal with your customers before and after-sales and it's important that you prepare them for the battle they will face head-on. Strategic planning on sales processes will help them build their foundation and therefore, serving them effectively and efficiently.

“I think they wait too long to bring in someone that is seasoned to help them build out their entire sales enablement strategy” – Roderick Jefferson

Roderick Jefferson & Associates, LLC is a global sales enablement consultancy.

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