Frankie Fihn: It’s Time to Discover Your Purpose with Sacred Plant Retreats

Do you know your purpose in life?

For the last 10 years, Frankie Fihn has helped people answer life’s toughest questions. Frankie is the Founder of Sacred Plant Retreats, a company dedicated to helping its clients figure out their life’s purpose.

Sacred Plant Retreats is focused on helping people figure out why they’re on this earth and how to make the best of their life.

Their service gives you 5 days in a mansion in the heart of Amsterdam to focus on you and discover your true purpose. The payment for this service includes all your meals, laundry, plant medicine, and anything else you could possibly need. Frankie and the team at Sacred Plant Retreats are so confident in their system, that they give you 2 times your money back guaranteed if you don’t get the results they promise.

“Once you realize you’re going to die and that its all going to be okay, it gives you the freedom to really live. I believe you deserve the chance to live the best life possible, that supports you and your family and the world, and that abundance, freedom, joy, and love are your birthright for you to claim. “– Frankie Fihn

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Welcome to the thoughtful entrepreneur show, I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of up my, where we turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. So we believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world, even you stick around to the end of this show, where I'll share info on how you could be our next guest, three times a week, five to 15 minutes each learn from successful business owners and professionals, it's time to get inspired. Let's go. All right with us right now. We've got Frankie Fihn. Frankie, you are the owner of Sacred Plant Retreats, you have an interesting background, because you were living the high life is kind of in the corporate world, you worked on a lot of marketing in the legal profession. And I think that that was a big part of what caused you make this transition. And because of this transition, you've been able to help a lot of good people kind of get clarity, and also kind of figure out their purpose. And that was something that I think you had discovered in your previous career, right?

Yeah, I mean, absolutely, Josh, I mean, I think a lot of people have this internal sense of, I know, I was meant for more than what I'm doing right now. But something about it just isn't right. But they can't quite put their finger on what was going on. And I was actually living that, where there's nothing worse than building something being extremely successful about it, and finding that it brings you nothing but misery which, believe it or not, lawyers have a reputation as being difficult to work with people. And it might be just true. And don't we go ahead. So I was just gonna say I, you know, through this work, I got to know, like many of the top lawyers in the United States, the people who are spending, sometimes 50 $15 million, just in one city, on their advertising campaigns where you can't drive, you know, five minutes down the highway without seeing three of their billboards. And, you know, just through this whole process, learning what it's like to do something that you don't enjoy, and finding out that it's okay to really step back and hone in on something that really brings you passion, and something the world really needs at the same time. So it's really more beneficial for everybody.

What would be some evidences that that someone might identify and say, you know, what, I am seeing this, this, and this happened in my life. And that should be kind of a wake up call, that I truly am not satisfied. I'm not living my purpose. What what kind of things might we see?

I mean, a lot of it is, is internally because it's a very weird situation, we're often if you're doing this, you're successful in other people's eyes. And you know, like, for me, it was like, you know, money, I'm showing off my videos of me speaking in front of thousands of people, and she's saying, you know, you get health insurance, I've always wanted you to have health insurance and these kind of things. But inside you have this feeling of like, you know, what I'm doing is is not me, and I know, it was meant for more and, and, you know, often you start asking these questions, and you start to bring them to the other people around you. And they'll say things like, What are you talking about? You already have it perfect already? Why would you want to do something different. And so I find a lot of times, it can be like, it's at least in the beginning of seemingly, they're very, like courageous leap. That's not really like all that courageous at all.

You know, I know that. I remember Stephen Covey talking about, you know, how important it is to have purpose in our work. And, you know, he used the example of, you know, imagine that you get paid fantastic money, let's say get paid a couple hundred thousand dollars. And your job is just to write a report every day. And at the end of the day, someone's going to come upstairs to the office, the report you've been working on, and they're gonna, I'm paraphrasing here, I'm sure I got the story wrong. But every day, at the end of the day, they take the report, and they chuck it out the window, and they say, All right, see you tomorrow. And every single day is exact same thing. You write the reports, and when Chuck's out the window, and your life has no purpose, and what you continue to do, how long would you continue to do that? And some, you know, people believe that they can do that, for a length of time that the reality is, you don't it's it's really hard to live without purpose. Kind of give me some context on that, if you could.

Yeah, I mean, obviously, what you said is so, so true. And I think when you're living without purpose, there's kind of like a sense of apathy, or even sometimes, like, a depression that sets in where you almost don't want to have to face a day. And I think we're a lot of people get hung up is usually the the advice on how to kind of bridge that gap and do something you love it given by people who themselves aren't really living their purpose. And so it's, it's kind of like, you know, poor advice, like I've heard people say, just do what you love. And you know, the money will follow. And, you know, there's a lot of people in the world who love having sex, but you know, nobody's paying them to just sit around and do that all day, right? Yeah. And I'm sure a lot of people don't love, you know, being a garbage man. But at the end of the day, you know, there's people making a living in that. And so, certainly doing what you love is a part of your purpose. But I think it's much broader than that. And we've really kind of, I think what most people don't realize is that there's three really big areas is obviously doing what you love. And the second is also that like, the world actually needs it. Like there's an actual real need for people in our society. And then the last thing is that, of course, that you're actually good at it, and then you can actually bring down Yeah,

I was gonna say, that's what that's one thing I was going to share with you. I remember howard stern talking about this, in fact, about he was railing on he thinks, you know, do what you love is stupidest advice he's ever heard, you know, do what you're exceptionally gifted at. And, and if you will do that, you'll find that that generally will be pretty rewarding, like because you can do something that 99.999% of the population can't do. And it that itself is going to be really, really rewarding. Now, hopefully you like it. I mean, if you don't, then, you know, obviously, you got to contend with that. And you figure that out. But, you know, I think we kind of, you know, it's like why does somebody get really good at it anyways, like, why does someone's like the 3000 hours, Malcolm Gladwell, you know, why does someone become a gifted pianist, because they have a personality type, or they just for some reason, they just really enjoy it. And so that's a good if you got good at something like really, we're good unless someone forced you to do it. Like you had an oppressive parent that was like, you know, forcing you to twirl baton, you know, day in, day out, you're hated it. I mean, that's another thing. But generally, I think, you know, if we evaluate where our quote unquote gifts are, uh, that's, that's probably something we should pay attention to. What do you think about in terms of like, identifying, quote, unquote, gifts?

Well, I mean, obviously, just for a second, on your earlier point, the way I see it, a lot of the time is like, the way you described it, it's like, if there's a person who's watering a tree, and says, My goal is to make a 10 foot tree, and there's another person, I just really love watering this tree every day. And 10 years from now, I can promise you, which one of those actually has a 10 foot tree, and it won't be the one with the goal of having a 10 foot tree. Wow. So certainly, you know, that's one of the things I think a lot of people don't realize that they have gifts, because it's just your perspective to give you like, the tiniest little example is one of the things that I've always done over the years of this kind of online businesses like Google is my best friend, whenever I get stuck, you know, I know somebody else is probably had something similar, especially when it's tech related. And I have no idea. And, you know, not everybody knows how to Google. And so I think the real key for understanding where your gifts are is, is looking to the things that people are always bringing you that you just take for granted, and are totally second nature to you. You know, if you've ever heard somebody say, can you help me with blank, that's a pretty good sign or indication that you've got some kind of gift there. And I think when you start to just become aware of the gifts that you already have, you start to see all the other ones you have that you haven't necessarily been giving yourself credit for. Because, you know, I'm actually going through this now where I'm learning another language. So I've been living in Germany for a couple of months now. And as I've been doing it a whole new language. And I forgot that when you like when you learn English for the first time that that's like an acquired gift, and not everybody has that, right. And so sometimes, like the littlest thing, the fact that you can talk, most people don't recognize as a gift. And I think, just really becoming aware of those will allow you to see like the whole collection of them that you know, can potentially use for other people.

You know, Frankie, I can't stop thinking about when you kind of given the illustration of the tree, and I'm thinking about, you know, making my purpose attached to the activity, as opposed to the outcome. And I think it's wonderful to have goals. But, you know, if if I say, you know, my life's purpose is to, you know, help entrepreneurs, you know, become well known build authority become influential, you know, it's very tactical, you know, thinking about what I do, it's, it's hard to get disappointed in that. Because I mean, those are, those are very measurable things that I could do, as opposed to, you know, my life's purpose is to become a celebrity myself, and it always seems like, that's a goal that always feels like it's, you know, it's, it's, it's always going to be, there's always more that you could you could have, so you can't say, I did that, like, it's, there's always going to be someone more popular, like, but but can I can I say, you know, my life's purpose is to water this tree and love this tree. Well, every day, I can say, I did that. And so, so every day, you're getting that feedback loop that I'm living my purpose. That is, listen, that was, that may not sound like someone's probably listen to this going. Right, whatever. But for me, that's like, really, that's really profound. I dig that.

Yeah, it's a $10 million idea. That doesn't sound like a $10 million idea. But, you know, in your case, you know, we were kind of talking a little bit off air. And it's like, the media opportunities have always been there, it's not an issue of whether we can get them. And I imagine the biggest thing that you probably help people with is just the belief that they deserve them. And they're enough of an expert that they should be on those shows, and they should shouldn't be the one being talked about. Yep. And it's probably less about the tactics and how to get on the shows on even though I'm sure you help people with that. But I'm sure the much bigger hurdle is just seeing themselves in that role in the first place. And so I think, in many ways, the real purpose is seeing people just own bigger versions of themselves and being comfortable stepping into that, and then just really try holding their hand through that and showing them that, you know, there's somebody who has experiences that are worth listening to for other people. And I think that's a really amazing purpose, which goes way deeper than just helping people get media.

I absolutely agree with you tell me about sacred plant retreats.

And so this is, you know, kind of one of the things that really got me out of the corporate world and often takes people like, some kind of like, life trauma, or something crazy or an emergency. And I was fortunate that mine just came into a rabbit hole of questions that for me, led into like questions like, Who are we doing? And why are we here, and I find that a lot of the people we work with that go on this retreats, they're driven by the same kind of questions, and they really want to know, what this whole life is about, and how they're meant to fit in. And so we give them you know, through these spiritual psychedelic retreats, and Amsterdam, amazing, immense amount of clarity, as well as like real business tools that they can use to go and build that in their entrepreneurial life and actually make a difference in the world. And so we see people, you know, travel the world get bigger contracts, but like you the core foundation is very much the same, and that we're just helping people to own bigger versions of themselves, so that they can start to seize these opportunities that have always been that.

Yeah, yeah. And so do you need? What's the purpose of the actual, like, the sacred plants? Like how, how does that facilitate that? Because I think everyone's heard of like, you know, high Alaska mushrooms, edible cannabis. And that can for some, for most people, like you can really open up some doors. Oh, wow. You know, maybe what you really, really want are kind of like your bigger purpose. So I've talked to some people like you, man, even listen to Joe Rogan. He talks about this all the time. And, you know, I think for the right person who's like, you know, they're primed for that. Now, I've heard some pretty amazing stories.

Yeah, I mean, it's to me it's, it's twofold. One is like it's, it's one of the especially with the rideshare mana guidance. It's the easiest way to have like a near death, mystical afterlife kind of experience, like a deep, profound spiritual experience that gives you the ability to really change your life and put it into context. For me, I literally felt like experientially, the first time I went through one of these, like, 10 years older from one day to the next. Because I just had this like, never ending vision kind of thing. And then the other thing is, I think, not that it's meant for everybody. I'm not one of these evangelists, thanks. You know, the whole world's going to be saved by mushrooms or anything. Yeah, but the people it's meant for. It really is the most profound therapeutic change you can go through and I compare it to many ways doing like 10 years of therapy in a single night. And, you know, cleansing all of the things that in life aren't always connected. And you know, to be really real, I mean, sometimes we see things like PTSD comes out of people and lifelong traumas that could be related to like, you know, rapes and abuse, and like, you know, the really dark side of humanity that they haven't moved past and they don't realize that's that's the reason why they don't feel worthy of their business in the first place is because of some horrible thing happened to them many years ago. And so it's, it's the fastest tool to move through that in like 10 years than it is to have to live that out and find out the hard way. I think,

Frankie Fihn, thank you so much for joining us. You're the owner of Sacred Plant Retreat. Thank you, but talking about clarity perfect this. Of course, you're on the web at Thank you so much for joining us.

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