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Zachary Beach is the COO of Smart Real Estate Coach.

Smart Real Estate Coach is serious about helping you make real money in real estate investing. Empowering individuals and families through their Wicked Smart Community of Associates, their self-guided online video courses have everything you’ll need to start buying and selling on terms.

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Welcome to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, Founder and CEO of We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. Stick around to the end of the show; we'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go.

And with us right now, we've got Zachary beach, Zachary, you are an Amazon best selling author. You are a real estate investor yourself and you are the chief operating officer with Smart Real Estate Coach, thank you so much for joining us, Josh. Pleasure for

for for having me on. I'd certainly appreciate it.

Well, being an expert in the real estate space, obviously I think one of the first questions that Is that I could think to ask would be why did you get into real estate? What was kind of your, your real estate origin story?

Yeah, I actually never expected to get involved in real estate. What actually happened was, I was I was in college and I had zero idea what I wanted to do. So I became a bartender and a personal trainer for a period of time. When I was about 25, I was really getting burnt out, burning the candle on both ends bartending at night and personal training early in the morning. And my my father in law actually has a he's had a real estate business or been involved in real estate for Well, 30 years now. So I actually just went to him and I said, Hey, I don't know if I like real estate. But yeah, is it would you be open for me, you know, join the family business and seeing if this works out. And from there, I kind of cut ties with both those other industries, and dove in headfirst. I knew zero about real estate at the time, so My, my experience before then consisted of doing manual labor. That's what I really thought real estate was. But you know, I picked it up after, after about six months and then hit the ground running from there and haven't looked back since.

I've talked to other people who have been previous bartenders. And they say, you know, it's hard work but it's actually kind of hard to get out of, because you get so used to get paid every night. And you know, if you depending on where you're tending bar, it's not bad money.

No. I remember the first night that I came home, I was actually a barback at the time. So a barback is someone who supports the bartender and I got home from my first shift ever and this is me, I'm 21 years old. I'm in college, and I had like a stack of like 200 ones and I just like throw it on the bed now. It's like, I tell my wife now at the she was my fiancee at the time. Like this is awesome. It's like the best thing ever. So yeah. as I progressed to the industry, you And you're getting paid cash at the end of every single night, it's certainly hard to hard to pass up plus is an entirely different lifestyle. I mean, you're, you're spending your nights, you know, entertaining people. I certainly was like a bartender, I wasn't a mixologist, I was literally there entertaining people at a club. And, and it was a lot of fun, you know, especially from 21 to 25. But, you know, eventually you get burnt out or you become like a manager of a restaurant or bar and you stay in the industry.

So what were your first jobs in real estate then? And how did that prepare you for what you do today?

Now my first job when I first entered into real estate was making outbound calls and acquiring leads, I was really a I was really like a virtual assistant. But you know, I was here in the states and I would make anywhere from like 40 to 60 hours worth of calls every single week and just acquiring leads, so very heavily on outbound calls, and working on scripts, and that's how I was able to prep and prepare myself to Move to the next level within real estate because I knew you know the business inside out because I had to explain it and like a five to seven minute phone call every day.

Oh my gosh, I you know, that seems like something that would, uh, you know, you got if being burnt out being a bartender and being a personal trainer every day doesn't burn you out. That seems to me like, you know, you making outbound calls that has to have a high turnover in the industry.

Sure, yeah. I was utilizing as a step towards what my overall goal was. And that just happened to be a task that I had to perfect. Yeah, I can tell you that I'm sure a lot of people get burnt out doing, you know, outbound calls or working in a call center, but I had bigger plans, and I knew that that was just a stepping stone and it was on the way not in the way so you know, I was able to find certain certain joys within that went in that aspect and then eventually and that lasted for a period of time but then eventually I was going on a blended And then structuring deals and then moving up the ranks. And then constantly building the business. So it was a, it was in the way. I mean, it was on the way, but not in the way.

You know, but it's one of those things that I think that if you can do that, right, it's always nice to have something in your history, that you look back and you say, you know what, if I can do that, I can do this. And so anytime you feel like man, I don't feel like working right now or I don't feel like this extra, you know, sales activity. It's like, you know, those moments where you really pull all the stops, that can really assist you moving forward. I can imagine that's something that you've done.

Yeah, absolutely. And it's like the the book you can't hurt me, where he talks about building he calls this cookie jar, right? It's like you, you you have these wins that happened in your past. And that way, when you're at a position where you like, want to stop, you can reach into the cookie jar, because you can say, Hey, I remember how I accomplished that. Remember that great feat that I did. That's certainly one of the cookie jar moments that I have.

Nice. Nice. So then give me the timeline then. So you're working with the family business. And then what Where did you? Are you still with the family business, then?

Yeah, I'm actually a partner in smart real estate coach now. So I was able to move to a certain point where I was able to buy into the business or actually become a partner within the business. So we actually have two businesses that we run side by side. And I think that's really important in our industry. We have our personal buying and selling entity, which is where I first started in which is where we actually buy and sell real estate constantly. On a week to week basis. We're still in the trenches. And then we have the coaching business where we teach people how to do exactly what we do, which is be able to launch and scale their real estate business in a very particular niche which we call terms, which is heavily focused on not using your own cash credit or going to banks or investors for money. So definitely leveraging contracts and other people's money in order to complete real estate deals.

So I'm on your website right now smart real estate coach calm and you've got these videos that are playing. So I see you and these two other gentlemen. And so who the who are the two other guys?

Yes. You got Chris Prefontaine, my father in law, who is the older gentleman, then Nick Prefontaine, my brother in law, who's, who's also an older gentleman to me, I'm the youngest out of the three.

So if you guys were like, the Justice League, or the Avengers, what would be each of your superpowers?

That's a great question. I've ever heard that before.

Wow. Well, the funny thing is we called Nick Batman, because he actually he loses voice over a period of time. So we call him Batman. I mean, I guess I'll take Superman I'm never against that. I don't I don't know what Chris would be. I mean, he's he's an interesting character. Is there one that has like the brains?

Yeah, we'll call him the Lex Luthor of the.

So he's a bad guy. All right. I'm with you. We work. We work fantastic together. Yeah, we get that question all the time. Like, how do you especially to me, like how do you work with your in laws? It's not something I planned. I just what I did is I went to the smartest people that I knew. And I paired up with them, whether it's, you know, family or friends, you know, you just find the smartest people that are in the room and you pair up with them. And that's what I did.

Working with family does that I'm sure you've had some stressful things that have happened over the years. How does that play into that?

Well, it's really important that you have very clear guidelines about what you talk about at work, what you don't talk what you're talking about at home. I think it's really important. And the reason why I say that before I move on is because you can't bring the bad stuff home with you as business comes with good positive and negative if you're constantly bringing everything home. with you at the end of the day, it becomes really hard to have a relationship outside of the business. It's great if we want to continue to talk about our wins when we get home that's always building each other up. We're very business focused family, like even when I talk to my wife, I'm we're constantly talking about different business, different businesses, and real estate. She has a passion that as well outside of our, you know, our kids that we like to talk about as well. So it's real important that you have that guidelines. But you said this joke because we used to all live on the same street together as well, which is pretty funny at the time. So we'd actually get home and we'd all pull into our driveways. And then we'd wave to each other and say, hey, how was your day? Ah, cuz it was like that. All right, we're home. Now, let's shut down. Let's just, you know, be back to being a family compared to you know, being business partners together. And that's also super important, the clarity and the openness that you have with each other as well because I've seen too many businesses not only fail because of especially Only businesses fail due to money issues. So it's really important that you, you kind of wear your heart on your sleeve and you got it and you you hash down, you talk about it. I can't tell you how many single times so see at the beginning of this business, me and my brother in law had hashed it out because we were frustrated with each other. We were, we're learning a new relationship, which is we're working together. But we kept the super open and honest and then we're able to build a really powerful relationship.

So in real estate investing, what would you say? I mean, if smart real estate coach had a niche that maybe was different than other gurus out there, where would you put the work that you guys are doing?

Yeah, we we focus very specifically on what we call terms, terms business, which is buying and selling real estate without using your own cash credit, or investors money so you're not signing personally. It's really about creating different terms within a contract. Which allows you to have control over a property or to be able to buy a property with little to no money down and structure a deal where both of you the seller and the eventual end buyer all went,

Wow. Okay, well, that sounds someone would say that sounds too good to be true.

Yeah, I've heard that too many times. It's only too good to be true. If it is too good to be true. We've helped out hundreds of buyers and sellers nationally, and now we're helping a hundreds of students around the country be able to build and scale their own business that's very focused on this niche as well. It's all about creating Win Win relationships, and it's also from an a real estate perspective. So I'll be able to craft up a perfect deal where, you know, everybody is getting a win win from that scenario.

Yeah. And so, right now, how do you attract clients? I mean, you've built up a successful business. Obviously, you guys are doing A lot of great real estate deals on your own. But what do you do to attract that audience, maybe in a market where everybody's like, I don't want to pay experts. I'm just watching YouTube videos and listening to podcasts.

We we track people probably similar to what your other coaches do out there, which is through different types of niche marketing. We have multiple books that we have out there, which is really important. I think it builds credibility, and actually shows that we know what we're doing the most important separation between us and others, I would say come down to a couple which is number one we have. We built up such an amazing community of associates, which are people we lock arms with and do deals in the trenches with us. It's not just about us, it's that community.

Where if somebody needs to speak with a coach, they can speak with a coach but they can also speak with other associates that are in the trenches with them that are doing deals around the country. are building their own business. So we have this fantastic community. And then I think the second is we separate ourselves because we're a family driven business. We're not out there to sell product, there's this huge thing that we constantly talk about, which is the gap between when somebody buys a product and actually does a deal. And it is our mission to bridge that gap and just shorten that length of time, in order to get people to be doing real estate deals like we are changing people's lives out there. And then I think Lastly, it's it's certainly the integrity of our of our, of our family team. We don't accept all associates like it's an application process. So the fact that we don't accept absolutely everyone and we weigh everyone against our core values and our mission and our purpose that separates us because we're not just out there to collect fees of being coaches, we're actually out there to help people build and build their businesses and accomplish you know, the life of their dreams.

So if you could kind of explain your whole customer journey or what that funnel looks like Like his discovery pretty much based on the content that you're providing. And then what happens?

Yeah, I would say a lot of people coming through various avenues, either listen to a podcast like this have come in through other affiliates that we work with. And there's other because we have our own podcasts that we host, I'm a co host of that podcast as well. So we get a lot of people that are driven through their, our YouTube channel, as you mentioned, there's a lot of people out there saying, Hey, I could just get all this free information, right? Well, I mean, knowledge is not power. I mean, execution is power. So you can go out there you can acquire as much knowledge as you want. But if you're not executing on that knowledge, then you're not able to, you know, actually accomplish the goals you're looking for. So a lot of people come in through that knowledge base, which is, hey, I want to start you know, diving into real estate, I want to start figuring out how to be an investor in real estate and then once they start finding out that, you know, we're producing the right results that they want. They'll start working their way through the funnel and eventually end up talking with us. And if it's a good fit, then we work with them. If it's not, then

then that's okay too. When you say working together, like where do people go from your free stuff? I mean, what would a peep what's what's usually the first paid engagement that people you do with you?

Yeah, most people will go through our QoS home study product, or QoS, home study course, which is our A to Z product on all the different ways that we buy, buy and sell real estate. We have four different ways in particular that we that we do and they're all in that course, also has all of our contracts absolutely everything you'll need in order to start a business. And then from there, people would move either to our group coaching or one to one coaching.

And you in terms of like the course, what's the price point on that or and again, Most of these people, or they're the people who purchase this product, I mean, there are people that already kind of know like and trust you, because they've spent time with you and your content.

Yeah, our price point is 997. We wanted to make it to us under $1,000. And we also have a three pay and a two pay as well. Our mission is to empower individuals and families to be able to create the life of their dreams. And whether you come from a, you know, low income background, or, you know, a medium background or high end, where you have, you know, wealth already built up, we want to make sure that that product was accessible to everyone from that perspective, and then that's why we also produce so much free content as well. We want to try to empower as many people as possible. So they would start there at that 997 point and if they are able to invest in themselves, then they can certainly take the next step within our community.

And you have live events as well.

Oh, yeah, we got two live events a year. We have our business scaling secrets event, which is coming up in April, which is all about launching and scaling your business. We're going to dive deep this year into personal development, and business building. But most importantly, we're going to hit on how to structure our deals as well. And then QoS live. That's our Quantum Leap systems live is our big event in September, which tends to be which this year projected for at least 200 people to be there. And that's what we're going to take it from a macro perspective, like big picture A to Z, how to accomplish this. We have some amazing speakers, only people that we actually work with, and that we utilize ourselves. Do we bring in speakers, so it's not a pitch fest. It's 100% about building your business.

And so Zack, tell me about the podcast.

Yeah, our podcast Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast, we focus primarily on interviewing other people within their within other real estate niches. It's really just Just be an absolute hub for anybody that wants to real estate. And then that way they can pick and choose which which niche to get involved in which you know, which coach or mentor, if they choose to go that route to get involved with, again, just always leads back to our purpose, which is to empower individuals and families. And that way, you know, it's not a one size fits all. We're from New England, we're originally from mass along with my family as well. So we we speak fast, we act even faster. Some people can't handle that. So we want to bring other people that could empower them as well. Sure, sure.

Well, Zachary Beach, again, your real estate investor and you are the chief operating officer with Smart Real Estate Coach. And of course you've got the podcast as well Smart Real Estate Coach, which you can find right now on however you're listening this podcast, guess what smart real estate coach. It's there. You just search for you can find it as well. So Zach, I want to thank you so much for spending your time with us. Congratulations. On your success, and I appreciate the wisdom that you've shared.

Josh pleasure, man, thank you very much.

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