Managing Your Mindset When Trading with Trading Strategy Guides’ Casey Stubbs

Terrific trade.

On the show today is Casey Stubbs, the Founder of Trading Strategy Guides and host of the podcast The How To Trade It!

Trading Strategy Guides provides tools and help navigate how to trade financial markets, stock market, and much more. In this episode we talk about how the 2020 pandemic has caused changes to the marketing industry, and more about Casey's marketing mentorship.

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Welcome to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, Founder and CEO of We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. Stick around to the end of the show; we'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go.

And with us right now, we've got the founder of trading strategy Good friend of mine, Casey Stubbs, Casey, thank you so much for joining us.

Thanks for being on allow me on the show.

Absolutely. All right. So Casey, in your in the Pennsylvania area, how are things in Pennsylvania,

things are great right now it's fall, and it's beautiful. And I love it here they have the most beautiful fall ever with all the leaves in them. Mountains, it's just best time of year.

You know, it's it's this time of year that folks in Florida, like myself, or where we still have three more months of summer. Or, you know, we hear that as I go because I'm originally from Michigan. So I I know what you're getting into right now. So but then again, I was just telling my one of my sons, I'm like, No, it was actually a pretty common thing. You'd go out trick or treating, and you have to wear a winter coat over your costume. True. Well, Casey. So tell us just a little bit about

Yes, so We provide strategies on how to trade financial markets, stock market, crypto market futures market, different types of tools and strategies that we give to people that are interested in learning.

And I understand it's First off, I mean, obviously, they most of us have heard it's, it's it's been a great year for most sectors in the markets. And so and you and I were talking, it's been a really good year for you, for people are like, somehow figured out that there were going to be some sectors that were going to, you know, be exploding. You know, and I'll have you kind of explained 2022 as

well. 2020 started off pretty normal. It was it was positive. But then when Coronavirus hit the market took a huge tumble, right? It was just really scary because that nobody knew what was going on. And that was in March, terrible month for the markets. But then after the government came in and passed all that stimulus and things started to pick up then it really we had a huge rebound. And now we're at new highs right now. So we went from really extreme market crashing to now at new highs, which has been very good for the markets. And it's been pretty, pretty good for people that have been trying to learn how to trade.

Casey, one thing that you do is you provide a lot of valuable content free, like you've got great videos, you're a great, great educator, explained that philosophy.

Well, I really am concerned about how people do in the markets markets are really they chew people up and they tear him out, you know, it's a it's a crazy place to be. And so for people to get in there, they need as much support as they can. And it's always been my personal mission and heart to help as many people as I possibly can. And that's that's what I do. So I want to give out as much free, useful content that I possibly can.


So philosophically, like if if experienced traders would be like Casey Stubbs, Casey Oh, I know, Casey talks a lot about x, what what would x be?

Probably the most important thing is having a positive mindset. Looking internally, because what we usually do is self sabotage ourselves. So we might have a great strategy. But there could be some mental triggers that cause us to make the same mistake over and over again, we have success and then we're sabotage ourselves. So managing your mindset, managing your money, and really being self aware as to why certain things happen in your trading.

Right. So when we go when someone goes to your website, trading strategy, like, where would you recommend they start, like if they're like, well, I'm kind of new at this, but I would really love to learn the basics and or, and by the way, I'm going to get back to what you said because that was kind of surprising.

But where do you reckon? recommend people start for like if they're a complete newbie when it comes to markets? Well, as soon as you get to the homepage, it says, Are you beginner, you just click that and you can get on our beginners course for free via email. And that's the best place for them to go really breaks it down for them.

Yeah. Why is wise mindset and kind of like being in the right emotional state, the so important?

Well, because, you know, in trading strategy is important, but it's not the most important thing, because there's a million strategies you can use. But mindset is the most important because it's about yourself, right? And so you have to know yourself and understand why you do what you do. Because if you have identity problem, like you feel like you're not worthy, or you come from poverty, and you think deep down inside, that I'm always going to be poor, those mindsets will come out to the surface and set you up to sabotage. And self discipline is, as you know, is is the ultimate challenge in life. And it's not just in trading, but it's everything. Anything that's done in trading goes into every other area of our life. It's all about how we do self mastery.

Yeah, I'm so Casey, how did you What were you doing long ago? I mean, when did you start getting into markets?

I got in in high school. And it's a pretty cool story. Yeah, my so my, my aunt was a computer person. And she taught me how to use computers. She worked for Intel. And she'd bring home parts. And we build computers. And I was really into computers as a teenager, but my dad was into stocks. But he did it the old school way. He would call and say, Hey, buy the stock. Well, in the early 90s, he realized that everything was going online, they had new systems set up, and he didn't know how to use a computer. So I was like, 16, maybe. And he's like, hey, I need to get this stock system online. Can you help me set up the computer? So I taught him everything I knew about computers. And in the process, I'm like, Whoa, these market things are pretty cool. So I never left at that point.

Wow. Now how did that factor into you served in the Army for nine years. By the way, as a as one fellow, but to another. Thank you for that.

You're welcome. And thank you as well. I have a great family traditional military service. So just something I always wanted to do. But while I was in, it's just a lifestyle thing. Oh, while everybody else is living paycheck to paycheck, I'm socking money into the market, right? So it's kind of funny, because you I got 800 bucks a month to live. And that's not a lot, but you don't pay for anything. The food is free, the bills are free. Everything's free. Well, everybody else was living paycheck to paycheck. And I'm like, dude, I'm putting everything into the market. And so when I left, I had about $3,000


built up while working a full time job in the military.

To what I mean, I mean, I mean, still that takes a lot of discipline because there are a lot of distractions be obviously, you know, your buddies are going out and it's amazing how much they would spend like at the bar. And I was I was really are just like, throwing it away on just like dumb stuff. Now that said, You know, I had a car and you know that, you know, those expenses. But still, I didn't, you know, I didn't leave the military with a big nest egg like you did. I had some money, but not that much, maybe a couple thousand. And, thankfully had my, you know, GI Bill and stuff. That's kind of what I was counting on. Yeah, I

had a couple advantages. I got one as I got a nice signup bonus. And I thought that whole thing in another thing was deployments were nice. So I was in Europe, and I got deployed to Bosnia, and also to Kosovo. And when you're when you're on deployment, everything's tax free, and you get combat pay and hazardous duty pay, so you get a bump in your pay. And so plus, when you're on deployment, there really is not a lot to spend your money on. But you guys still found a way. You know, they go into the PX and buy TVs that they were going to leave downrange, you know, to put in the tent, it's like, you know, but anyway, that was definitely helped me out a lot is Yeah,

you got to live somewhere where you can't do anything.

Right. And the markets were really good at that time. If you remember late 90s it was the tech boom. Yeah. So you just buy a tech stock and hold it you do really well.

How are you doing that in Kosovo?

You know, it's I was really fortunate because I'm a forward observer. That was my, my job. And I got stationed at a outpost that was fortunate to have access to a satellite phone. And so the But there was no internet, no phone, but I had a satellite phone and I would call a trade who was my broker on the satellite phone and make Oh my gosh.

Funny, haha. So at some point, then obviously you're in the markets and you decide, you know, I'm gonna start helping and training other people what was that transition?

Well, really happened in 2008, when I was forced to go full time, because I was doing part time I was doing construction, doing the same thing trading and working. But then I had to go full time in 2008. Because the market, the economy crash, very similar to what happened now, but set that was more of a long term thing. And I just couldn't get work. So I had to find something to do. So I started my website and started really focusing on trading full time. And, you know, really, I had a story that hit me really hard at that point, where it was a Bible story about when Moses was leading the 12 tribes of Israel into the promised land with two tribes that didn't want to go there. Like we like our land right here, we're not going to go finish the fight. And Moses got really mad at those guys. And he's like, you have to go, you're gonna make us fail. This is very cowardly act. And they said, Well, that's not really what we meant. We didn't mean we wanted to bail out, what we meant is we're going to receive our land, but we're not going to rest until every other person receives their full inheritance. And the names of those tribes was Reuben and Gad. And when I heard that story, it hit me really hard. And I was like, I want to be like those guys. I want to not rest until as many people as possible can receive their inheritance. And so that is what has focused our mission is trying to help everybody receive something good, what their dreams are.

Now, what is, you know, in the world of trading, what's what's some bad advice that you see dispensed off? And you're like, off people, people? No, no, no, no, no, no, no,

the probably the worst thing you can do is stock tips. Like, hey, if you're, if you're like hanging out at the office, and you're hearing people say, stock tips at the water cooler, than you know that it's just, it's probably not the right thing, it's way over bought, everybody's buying it. And at that point, all of the real traders are getting out, your grandma calls you up and says it's time to get Bitcoin, you know that it's way too late at that point.

So you could use the indicator the other way. So if your grandma's telling you to get into something, that means it's time to get out. Right. And that actually did happen to me. So you know, that's Ah, so excuse me. Um, so when it comes to cryptocurrencies, what's the market been like for, for those this in 2020, I haven't really been paying attention, the markets been up

and I attribute that to dollar weakness, the dollar has been pretty weak. And it's the market, the stock market's been strong. And I think the big factor in that is the fact that the Federal Reserve, and I don't want to get too technical, but the Federal Reserve created a lot of money when they created these trillion dollar stimulus packages, right. And so that creates inflation, when supply increases the value increases the supply and demand thing. So there's so much more money out there. And so it causes everything to go up it cause the stock market to go up because people are buying stocks. And the dollar is now less valuable, which is why the market goes up as well. And it's also why bitcoins been going up because the dollars less valuable. Gold has been crushing it as

well. I've heard Yeah, I've heard about that. Um, so if you know, again, we're getting you know, getting into the fine. finally getting toward the end of 2020. Here, let's just go ahead and put a cap on this. You know, if you were I mean, who knows, right? But if you were guessing on some things that probably will perform Okay, in over the next six to 12 months, what would you guess?

You know, I'm not so much into predictions. To be honest, I'm not a market forecaster. So what I usually do is just look at what's performing well now. And then I get in, and then I follow the trend until it stops. So like, for example, I have some really good stocks that I'm in right now, like you people may know or may know, AMD, it's a computer stock, and I got in around $50 and now it's trading at 80. And I'm just going to continue to ride that as long as it's moving so that the whole idea is to find things that are doing well. Get in and just ride the wave until they stop,

man. No kidding. Look at that. I'm looking at AMD right now. Especially from like, like July what happened and what happened in July.

It just there was some good news to come out. Their competitor got some bad news and tell They've just been crushing it.

Oh my gosh, no kidding. Wow, what an exciting July went from went from like just over 50 bucks to 84 not a bad rise.

Yeah. So and I'm still in so I don't have any prediction as to when I'm gonna get out. I'm just gonna go and yell it.

Do you? Are you? Are you a fan of just having kind of automation assist with trading?

Yeah, I am, I don't actually do that. Because my system is pretty simple. I just look at the chart at the end of the day, if it tells me to go, I do it. But I do some automated stuff as well. And I think it's fantastic because it helps you to follow your rules. But you still have to have an overall plan and strategy, you can't just let the thing go, you have to know what your goals are. Mm hmm.

Where do most of your clients come from? Obviously, you're doing your own trading and you do a lot of education. Can you describe your, your products, your services, and where, you know, where do your client, your clients, your customers come from?

Well, we have customers from all over the place. But primarily, it's people that are looking to just get some extra money on the side, they're probably working, and they want to build up their retirement accounts. And it works really well for that, because it doesn't take a lot of time. But what we've primarily do is we have an app, and we call it the dream trades. And we give people a few trades every day, it shows up directly on the app with some training on how we're going to trade those. Hmm.

And then, so when people go to your website, like where, like what, what products do offer, what courses? I mean, what's all of that?

Well, right, we have some software tools that we offer as well, if for people that are trading the currency markets, which is the dollar versus the yen, or the euro dollar, that's a massive market, it's trillions of dollars. So we have some custom tools that we built for that. So for people that are those are more advanced. And then for the stock traders, we have some strategies that we sell. And we have the app and some custom training some monthly services where you're always getting feedback and custom advice directly from us in our team.

Awesome. All right, very cool. We'll Casey Stubbs again, you're the founder of trading strategy. anything that we missed anything that people when they go there, they should look for?

No, just get the if you're beginner, just get the free trading course it's really useful.

Yeah, yeah. Casey, one thing that people will discover, you know, when they go I mean, you you give away a lot for free and and i think that that's, you know, probably was something like trading rather than just, you know, you can imagine, like, maybe someone else like just doing a ton of ads, and then throwing them right into a traditional, like, I know, you don't know me, but you should buy my stuff. I'm not generally a fan of that principle. But I would imagine, especially in something like trading where generally you really want to build up some trust. Right. Okay. I, I've spent now a few hours watching Casey's videos. That's really about the best thing I think you could ask for in a market like this.

Yeah, I agree. Josh, I, I look at myself as a leader. I strive to be a good leader and as a leader, my most important thing that I have to work on is building trust. Now my my integrity and character must be in line so that people can trust me.

Yeah, awesome. Casey Stubbs again, trading strategy Thanks so much for joining us.

Thanks, Josh. I had a great time. I really appreciate it.

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