The best team is a PR team: Why you MIGHT want to hire a PR agency instead of DIY PR

There is the constant question of whether or not is it necessary to have a PR company help you with your publicity needs, but what you may not realize, is that there are things you simply can’t do with your DIY public relations plan. Having an experienced team work on your public relations is absolutely vital. Trust me, I’ve made years of mistakes with my own company, SavingsAngel, and I know there is no better way to build your company and earn publicity. But here’s the thing… I’ve blown over $25K on PR firms – so it’s pretty critical that you see behind the curtain into what PR firms for startups actually do.

Now – I created UpMyInfluence to be the type of agency I needed for nearly ten years – but it just didn’t exist prior to what we have now. If you want to learn about how we’re different, you can look at our product page and you can see exactly why we’re the perfect solution for most digital entrepreneurs.


1. We don't give up

In public relations, persistence is key! We at UpMyInfluence have years of experience under our belts and can reach out to the right people in a carefully planned manner. If one tactic is unsuccessful in reaching the desired goal, we refuse to let it end there. We are able to change the approach and try again – when others might simply give up. We want you to succeed as much as you do, so we do everything in our power to get you the right connections and coverage to earn you great publicity and positive image.


2. We have the time you don't

Public Relations is a huge part of building your company and it needs consistency and time. We know that running a business keeps you pretty busy and our time is solely dedicated to getting great companies like yours the publicity deserved. It may take you several hours of precious time and research to figure out how to write a media pitch or press release, and you may still be unsure how to reach your targeted audience. Or maybe even not know precisely who your audience is. But a dedicated UpMyInfluence professional can expertly work in tandem with you to write a pitch and then get it to your targeted audience for you. Think of it this way, we do the dirty work. We spend the time you don’t have to spare on building your company into what you want it to become, without you having to stress.


3. We absorb the fear of rejection for you

Let’s face it – putting yourself and your company out there is intimidating and stressful. How are people going to respond to your message? What if they don’t like what I have to say? As PR professionals, we realize that there are going to be “No’s” along the way to finding your “Yes”. When we go through our channels to find you connections and publicity, we deal with the rejection head-on, so you don’t have to. We know that sometimes journalists have to say no to stories that simply don’t fit their schedule or niche of news. At UpMyInfluence, we’ve been around the block a few times and we know that rejection doesn’t mean the end. We are here to help YOU succeed and that’s what you’ll see us do, even if it takes a few tries.

There are a few tried and true ways for entrepreneurs and business owners to make connections, and we don’t keep those a secret from you. Unlike other PR firms, we want to teach you how to make connections, nurture them, and use them to help build your business. We tailor our connections to each individual client, going out of our way to help build your path to influencers and thought leaders that have common values and business ideas. Instead of spending hours and hours wading through possible contacts that are loosely related to your industry, we help build bonds with highly influential people that get you the publicity and coverage you need.


5. We see trends you don’t

As members of the media and business communities, we constantly have our ear to the ground as to the latest trends in media and upcoming opportunities. We take the time to find chances for you and your company to shine that are timely and figure out the best ways to keep you relevant. It can be exhausting for a busy entrepreneur to keep up with changes, but at UpMyInfluence, we love it! It is our job to stay on top of what is relevant for you and your business and we take that knowledge to help gain you the exposure necessary to grow.


6. We have access to the best tools

When you choose to do PR with other companies or independently, you have to pay massive amounts of money to gain access to the essential tools for successful PR. Services like a Media Database start at $7,000/year and receiving *agency-level* Reporter Inquiry Alerts from HARO and Profnet is another $5,000/year. Monitoring is another $5000 a year. Not to mention Influencer Outreach at $2,400/year, PR Associates at $600/year, PR project management platforms at $600/year and PR Newswire I for over $10,000/year.

These tools are necessary to make the work happen much quicker and spread the messages of your company much easier. Some PR gurus that are not agencies just tell you what kind of activity you should be doing or they don’t even have access to these amazing tools. Not only does UpMyInfluence utilize these tools daily, but we are constantly investing in testing new services and tools. With UpMyInfluence, you get more than public relations, you get marketing consulting too.

Hire A PR Agency

Having a consistent PR team on your side can provide you with more for less. They take the time you don’t have – to focus on the exposure and connections necessary to building your company exactly the way you want. We facilitate connections that could take you years to gain yourself – and don’t just keep them with ‘us always in the middle’ model like some agencies. We want you to have your own connections for a lifetime. Everything a PR professional does for you is tailored to your needs and your liking, and the rejection doesn’t stop them from giving your business the publicity it deserves. Some say things are better when you do it yourself, but the tools and opportunities the UpMyInfluence team can provide are more valuable than anything you can create on your own.

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