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Engaging with Hispanic Audiences with The Group Advertising’s Hernan Tagliani

December 3, 2019

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Hernan Tagliani is the president and founder of The Group Advertising. Founded in 2006, The Group Advertising is one of the fastest-growing multicultural advertising agencies in the United States. The team at The Group Advertising delivers award-winning marketing services to non-profits, local, national, and international brands across the nation. They offer advertising, branding, social media, and digital services to best create a campaign that will have a large impact on the Hispanic community. The Group Advertising was awarded the 2019 Diversity in Business award and Hernan Tagliani was featured as one of the CEO’s of The Year 2019 in the Orlando Business Journal. Hernan’s new book, “The Hispanic Market for Corporate America: How to Make Your Brand Culturally Relevant,” is available now.

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Welcome to the thoughtful entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of up my influence.com. We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. stick around to the end of the show, where I'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest-growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go. All right. Hernan Tagliani thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you for having me, Josh. Well, you

are the president and founder of The Group Advertising. You're here in Orlando like as I am, which, by the way, what do you think of Orlando is a place to kind of set up shop and run business. I think Orlando is a great location. Great opportunity right now. Through the transformation. The CD is Going through and also how inclusive and diverse it is especially driven by multicultural growth. So I see Orlando will become a second Miami very soon.

Yeah, I believe that now do you say that as a compliment? Because I'm some folks in Central Florida look at Miami go oh my gosh is a madhouse?

Yeah. Well, yes. This is business opportunities for everybody, ya know. So that's how I see it in every, every challenge life throws at you, there is a seed of equivalent of benefit. So, yes, we really deal with more and more people and traffic, but also the positive side is a huge business opportunity for all industries across

Yeah, I completely agree. And it is, you know, even just having lived here for now for 11 years, just to see, you know, kind of a little bit of a bubble there, kind of and now, you know, I think that it's, you know, we're growing so intelligently here, but you know, I've been involved in the local startup community quite a bit. And I think with all of the education, great quality of living, cost of living is generally much better than in South Florida right now. Get in good get in now while the getting's good, but completely agree in terms of diversity. In fact, it's kind of interesting to actually meet someone who has lived in Central Florida their whole life. It's everybody kind of comes from all over the country and in cases, you know, we have a lot of South America, a lot of Caribbean. Everybody kind of comes here because it's- it's a great place to live kind of a really, really good melting pot, which we've really enjoyed that in terms of raising our children. Now you are the author of the book, The Hispanic market for corporate America. And can you kind of share what that book is about? And it's available on Amazon? I assume?

Yes, he's available on Amazon and Kindle. So basically the Hispanic market for corporate America This be an overview of how as a nation, we are changing. We're becoming very multicultural driven. And also I'll give some tips to marketing executives or even you know CEOs of companies or small business owners on how to tap into these growing and influential Hispanic market. So what's going on right now is we are becoming multicultural and multicultural nation according to the latest census report. By 2021 80% of US population growth will be attributed to minorities and Hispanics will represent 51.7% of that growth. So the growth moving forward will come from two sectors number one minorities number two millennials, I just shared with you earlier we have a statistic of minorities by when you take a look of millennials right now wanting for us millennial is Hispanic. They represent a little over 5% of overall us millennials. There are some cities where More than half of millennials are Hispanic. So basically useful diversity is becoming the counterweight of white aging consumers. I remember I read an article in Forbes magazine that they were saying that every 30 seconds to white non-Hispanic hit retirement age, well, one Hispanic terms 18 years old. Take a look at interracial marriages, more than 42% is between a Hispanic person and a white person. So the math is very simple. You as a business owner, whether you are a big corporation or you are a small business owner, where the growth is coming definitely it's coming from minorities in particular Hispanics, and it's a very lucrative market

and a market that every community leader every executive should keep in consideration if they really want to ensure a sustainable growth of their brands or companies in the years to come. What a huge, huge economic shift. And you know, you know if you kind of follow the- the Wayne Gretzky skate to where the puck is going to be or if you're, you know, recognize that trends or your friends you know a lot of those old outages, you would want to take action on that, in knowing that it's only going to become more and more of a, you know, a force in the market. So let's say that, you know, and the majority of people who listen to this podcast on either their, you know, kind of an executive leadership with a large company, we do have a lot of people that are the founders and CEOs of their own company, and they're probably at the SMB level. At what point let's say, for example, let's take me for example. So, so our company right now, there's a handful of us, but about 15 of us. You know, we have some overseas contractors, we have some domestic employees, and I don't believe that anybody speaks Spanish on our team now. As an agency owner, I think what we do is fairly unique in the world of, you know, PR and influencer marketing. However, I think that the tendency for me to say, Well, if we have an audience that only speak Spanish, they're probably going to work with a Spanish speaking agency. And so it's kind of, it seems like maybe too much work at my level, to say, well, we're going to redo the website in Spanish. And so help me work me through that. And at some point, it may not be time yet, but at some point in our growth, if we truly desire to scale, we really, really need to start making some moves here. Can you kind of help me through that process? Absolutely. So one of the points I want to highlight, only one-third of the US Hispanic population is foreign-born, the majority is us born. So the Hispanic population, the more acculturated millennial group is bilingual, so to speak. English and Spanish. Yeah, I wanted to address that because when people talk about Hispanics or Latin next, this is strong associations Well, it's just people that speak Spanish what the growth is coming, only one thorough US population growth is- is only one-third of the Hispanic communities for inboard,

the red Wow.

7:21 So, now when it comes to the Hispanic market, one of the things that we have seen in corporations that they have been doing wrong is they see the market on a language standpoint. And in the culture, so the Apple is more important than language. So the more acculturated our consumer is they have a tendency of us speak English and use English language, but also so at the same time, you can't forget that they leave more than 29% in a multi-generational home. So they live in half Spanish half English. So they say multi-layer facet approach when you tap to the Hispanic market and also another role that companies they don't keep in mind is the influential process who is the biggest influencer within the household that will make a product so you have to have you know, a combination of both English and Spanish, but the key is your message has to be culturally relevant. Many times see brands are where I want to reach a more acculturated, Hispanics, they speak English, I don't need to do anything because my English campaign will relate to that person well, reaching out engaging are two separate things that they're seeing your TV spot, let's say on channel two or Channel Nine. Yes, absolutely. But are you truly convincing them to do business with you? Not necessarily because you're not speaking to the cultural influences. Having that tea that's vital is not language is culture more than language?

That's amazing. And so And thank you so much for this. This is super helpful. So if- if I wanted to make a commitment to embracing more diversity, what would be some- some great starter places for a small company to say, you know what, here's some good baby steps we can make in that direction.

Well, first of all, I always tell companies, it's very important to understand the audience that you serve. In many cases, we meet with small companies to large corporations, that when we start digging a little deeper on their customer base, they truly don't have an understanding of their audience they serve you know, they get the feed, but well, 20% of our customer base is Hispanics. Well tell me a little more about them, how often they buy the product from you, where do they come from? What's their household income, what's the level of engagement with your brand, and there's not quite there yet. So I always tell them, You need to understand who your target audience is, how acculturated that person is, and then from there Comes the, you know, putting the plan putting the strategy together. And what I was going to speak English I was going to speak Spanish and we're going to speak both are going to have different messages for more acculturated Hispanics compared with non acculturated Hispanics? Yes, absolutely how we can tell this story in a very powerful way in English and in Spanish, which is truly aligned with the overall strategy and brand positioning that we're having from the general market. So that's why being relevant, culturally relevant is key for any campaign to be successful. But most important of all, is you have to be committed. That's one of the challenges I see in companies. Most of the time the Hispanic market has been an afterthought. So in many cases, many times they think, well, myself, I'm not doing good. I need to do something different. So let's start out with the Hispanic market. But as I said before, we're becoming very multicultural. So Diversity and Inclusion, multicultural marketing needs to be part of that DNA of the company in order to succeed.

Yeah. And so I think if someone was being aloof about this, they would say, Okay, well, we're going to have you know, we're going to make sure to get testimonials from- from our Hispanic audience. We're going to include more imagery featuring Hispanic families for example, but there's more to it than that, right? Sure. There is help me out her Nan I need your help.

Of course, no, that's- that's the external side of it. Yes, of

course. Right. He then we bring more customers in, but also his internal side, you know, that's why when we talk about diversity and inclusion, you know, it has been always thought as an HR thing, so more as an internal problem like okay, what how what percentage of current Employees are minorities, how can we retain them? How can we train them, but at the end of the day is also the external aspects. So, when you do a campaign for different minority groups, definitely you need to have resources available. And most of the companies they have it, they have bilingual employees and staff. They have in many cases, bilingual customer service. You know, some of them, they have some collateral materials in Spanish, some of them they don't. But at the end of the day, people's it's not about selling products. He's about the experience, what you're selling is the brand experience. People don't buy products anymore, they buy brand experience, the moment they walk into your store, or the moment they interact with your website or the moment they call the one 800 number. So it's important to have that as an option. You know, many of our clients they have bilingual workforce in- in their team We don't put it like, you know, our clients, it's not like riding your face is when a customer comes and ask for assistance in Spanish, so, you know, then they will designate a specific person that is bilingual to make that overall customer service experience very relevant to that to that audience. So is the external and internal aspects.

Okay. Right. Right. Okay. So, so Human Resources needs to be involved in this, obviously, because that internal culture obviously is going to, you know, it's, it's going to reflect on the external so that that's also going to be a big part of that. So. So I think then to other business owners, we ought to be very mindful then in terms of our hiring or advancement, you know, and reflect what what it is that that we that we want people to see, in terms of our- our commitment, there to- to Raising Hispanic culture so that's really great. Um, tell me what else heard on how people engage with you and- and how you help companies in particular?

Yeah, so people can definitely find me. They can visit my website at www Hernan Tagliani dot com. I also invite people to take a look over our website of the agency that group ABS calm. And, you know, I'm always around Orlando. So most of the time I'm in Orlando Downtown predawn college for please like to be there almost every morning having coffee and reading some amazing books from different authors and colleagues within the industry. But yeah, I'm here to help and bring the subject to the- to the conversation and love to- to network and meet more people.

That's great. So again, I'll spell this is Hernan Tagliani. So it's Hernan Tagliani, t a g l i a n i .com and Hernan you also have a book, The Hispanic market for corporate America that's available you can get that on Kindle and on Amazon and or not. And I'm glad we had this conversation and I hope that we've inspired a number of great business owners to consider. You know how they are embracing multiculturalism and thank you so much for your example I'm- I'm very grateful that we had this conversation.

Thank you. Thank you for having me.

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