Shankar Thayver: A Better Way to Find Tenants with Trintals

October 13, 2019

Have you been looking for an easier way to manage your rental property? is a smart application that helps ease the stress of home rental management. The computer software is easy to use and saves time and money for landlords, renters, and real estate agents.

Trintals provides a fully comprehensive solution for managing your rental property at no cost to you. The entire landlord process is handled through the Trintals website and includes listing your property, screening applicants, lease preparation, deposit and rent collection, and more.

Trintals offers credit and background checks, electronic leases, free property management software, online rent collection, rental marketing, tenant screening, and even more services to make the entire experience easier for you.

Trintals CEO and Founder, Shankar Thayver, is an entrepreneur, investor, and technologist. Shankar has been involved in many real estate projects, including partnering with Lifestyle Rentals Inc., Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, and more.

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Welcome to the thoughtful entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of up my where we turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. So we believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. Even you stick around to the end of this show, where I'll share info on how you could be our next guest three times a week, five to 15 minutes each learn from successful business owners and professionals. It's time to get inspired. Let's go. And Shankar Thayver, you are the founder and president of trend titles. Thank you so much for joining us.

Thanks for having me, Josh.

Right. So- So Trintals is not your first company. You've been involved in real estate for quite some time and you found a need and you decided to fill it. Can you tell us about it? A little bit, just a little bit about your background. And what brought you to trundles.

Sure. I'm originally a technology guy, I've been involved with multiple startups. But then I started when we moved to Florida in 2004, I started buying real estate as an investment properties. So and in the past, we bought a quite a few properties, but then I was losing so much money on them, I didn't want a professional to manage the property. So I was looking for a flat, you know, so then I started looking for a platform, just for myself to manage. And I couldn't find a seamless end to end platform without being a lot of fees. So that was the whole idea behind sandals. And basically, it's like, if I would like to have a prior back from ankle and that would do the job for me without being without me not being a professional. So that was the whole idea behind Trintals. And then about two years back, I was able to get the money that the people and then we put it all together and then it came together as an awesome platform. So he said first time owner investor and you have never done it never done and I know managing a property before. And if you do not want to use a professional, you would just blown away by how simple things are. You just come to the property magically you start getting leads, and then you can review their profile right on the mat, lead management. And if you're, if you like them, you just say prepare the leaves, then you move them in and you collect the rent money. So it's just such a seamless, people just get blown away the first time you just use a platform, you're just blown up. It's such a you know, it was it was it was a really good I mean, it's a good product. That's all I can say.

Wait a minute, okay, so, so I make sure I understand. So let's say I own a rental property. My big need is that obviously I want to keep it filled. And so I've got a vacancy. So two rentals helps me find a tenant, how

the way Trintals works is when you list a property on the platform be taken. listing and syndicate to about 50 other sites and which would be example those steps you need any site rent calm apartments calm so we syndicate is in a form if you are an owner you have one property there's absolutely no way for you to syndicate it many of these sites you cannot

pick a lot of effort.

Exact Lustig takes a lot of effort but also not many of them won't even allow except Zillow, the lows only when you can go in this year property on Zillow hot button Trulia, but rest of the sites they will not allow you. So even you listed on our site, just one platform me syndicate about 50 plus sites. So you will start getting a couple of leads in the first few hours but seven to eight hours because it takes a couple of hours for for platform to take your listing and push it out to these sites. But once it is there, you will start getting leads and we say within the first seven or eight hours, you'll get at least four leads, you know that's the average we have. So and then Within a couple of days, you should have plenty of leads for you to show the house and then find a potential tenant and not get the mood in the next few weeks or so.

Okay, so this sounds like a service that would end up being kind of expensive if if you're talking about getting me on all of 6065 sites 65 different partner sites. So how much does it cost?

Like knowledge for this, but it's 20 $20 9095 is not a charging

Holy cow.

So why wouldn't why wouldn't somebody do this

is just visibility. Right? You know, we people have gotten used to delays just people do not know about them so far. So and it's been the biggest problem and it's not the person who asked me the biggest problem or the startup I'm having as I just do not know like you as a property owner, the fellow property I just do not know how to get to you. That is the biggest problem I face. Yeah. Right now, you know, because the need is you just need and need this maybe once a year, once in two years, or maybe once in a few years, depending on how often your tenant moves out. It's very, very hard for me to come in front of you and tell you, hey, he had his printers use the platform. Right? So but that's what I'm saying the people who haven't tried it, they would just allow the platform but for me to get in, find out all the owners that are self managing that platform. That property is very, very hard for me to find that they are how do I get in front of that is the biggest challenge I have right now.

Yeah. Okay. So, I mean, do you make money on this? I mean, it seems like

you don't make money to start up to be losing a lot of money. It's all made as a startup in as any technology startup and I'm most of the money I'm investing in the company, so we're just losing money, but I'm hoping in six, six to nine months, I should be if if my projections are light, if I get enough users, I should at least start breaking you and and hopefully get some venture capital available. And then go to the next. Yeah.

Well, and so I would hope that if you have a huge database of landlords, I mean, that's pretty valuable because landlords, yes. Landlords need stuff. Yes, exactly. Exactly.

So now it's just bad is the database, right? How do you find them? That's the biggest challenge I bought from. I've been a couple of other $2,000 for all the owners in Florida, big chunk of them. And they gave me about 12,000 or 30,000 owners, but it didn't pan out, as I would expect it to be. Most of

you did do something, you are doing something pretty clever. And I think it's a really great win win. And it has to do with getting people to take photos of you know, you see those street signs everywhere, three to apartment, you know, available, you know, now and so everyone's cluttering up the streets with all this what I called street spam. And so you know, those are actually people who are doing that are actually a pretty boy, they can save themselves a lot of headache, not having to go get the street spam, put it out under cover of darkness. And then it just gets ripped out by the county every week. Thankfully, someone's going and cleaning up all the street spam, so you've provided a better option for those guys. But I think you came up with kind of a clever way to explain what you do with with the spam spammers.

Yeah, so about a year back I was just scratching my head as to how do I get to these owners. So and I live on Jackson in a bunch of a beach I'm driving across the beach all day. So I'm seeing all this ball red sign so I told my team. Okay, let's do this. All of you go out. Whenever you see a foreign sign you take a picture and send it to this we have a text number that you just send it to send to this number and then if we can verify it is a valid for grant Owner, then we would pay $5. So, and then that really worked for a couple of weeks with my team. And then they would whenever they are driving around, they'll go snap a picture. And then they would just post it to us. And we would do the minute 1040 $30 an hour or the next and or a few weeks, but then it kind of died down because I really did not have much PR behind it. We tried. We did a posting on Facebook. So we got a few users from Facebook sending us those sending us pictures from all over the country, but then it stopped like that. It didn't go much beyond that. And then I basically just more I have such a very limited resource. I just put the resource somewhere else and you know, instead of

Well, we've got a big audience. So yeah. So Shankar we've got a big audience, explain to my users how my to my listeners, how they can submit a show. All they need to do is when they're driving around, they see someone posted up a sign that says that they've got a random property, they can take a photo of it, it's got the phone number listed on the sign, and then they can submit it to you. How do they do that?

They have, I mean, I don't have the phone number handy, right? And so we have another nine or four phone number. So they just have to send a text to that phone number, they take a picture, they keep this on our printers, phone number in their contacts, and then just send the picture to our phone number. So okay, so say, Okay, go ahead.

Well, what's the what's the phone number? Can someone do this right now?

Right? No, I, I have to answer be honest, they told me a few months back I shut the program down. So I need to go back and find the number for you. So the way it works is we are nine or four numbers so they will text to this number and then on our site our our sales team would go and review the picture to make sure that image that phone number has not come to us before because same right. You can if somebody when people are driving through they could all take the same picture right. So we go back and check if it is a valid Of course if it is any then we basically go and pay them the $5 right away. And then we make a phone call or we send a text message to the phone number telling them hey, here is $10 looks like you're trying to rent the house the old way. Check out rentals, it's free, and I'll give it a try.

Okay, so how does someone find out when you've got this program opened up again.

And I, as I said, I mean, I just have to, I need a week or two weeks time, and getting the mechanics together. The hardest part was the the one some image comes through, just making sure that is verified. And then and then getting the $5 or, you know, to the you will send the text we ever send them $5. So we used to give them amazon gift cards $5 gift cards. So it's all it was all done very nicely. And no, it didn't go well. We were getting like 10 2030 leads a week and then it kind of died down. So if I could get some energy behind it, get some PR behind it. I think it's I would love to run with it.

Well what we're doing right now, this is PR So okay, so Shankar, so I'm just going Guess that by the time this publishers if you go to or you go to go to, look at the podcast post for this episode will have that information by then right and so yes do that or you can even look in the show notes for this episode if you're listening to this podcast episode again, I'm asking I'm kind of really kind of pushing Shankar to do this because I think it's brilliant from a gorilla. You know, I read gorilla PR back in the day guerrilla marketing back in the day. And I love I love this idea that you can democratize your marketing by working with people and paying a bounty system. So I think that that's pretty clever. So again, if you want to earn $5, Shanker will verify that they haven't worked with that landlord previously. And, you know, you could you could go around and snap You know 510 street signs send those to Shankar and make yourself you know, 25 4050 bucks. If they all check out, okay? So Shankar that's very, very cool. Well, listen, I love the model. I really think it's a matter like if I'm playing your advisor right now, I really think it's just a matter of getting the right influencers to find out about you because there are a lot of really great influencers in the real estate space. And you know, I guess my question is, you know, why isn't there a service light rentals already? I mean, this is seems incredibly convenient that you can just post one place and have it show up on all of the real estate directories. What a hassle.

Yeah, and then a few other sites, something similar like cozy has been around since 2006. But they started as a payment platform and then they started integrating few of the modules but not their their end to end. But recently, an cozy was acquired by apartment complex $65 million so now it's on the now button calm is telling everybody they cannot syndicate anymore. So that's gone. And then so then they have terrible tenant is out there rent illusions. I'm a couple of other sites but they all have different models of mine is purely focused on an owner who has just a bunch of like 123 maybe five properties you know nothing more than that. If you have like 50 or 100 properties, then that's not the platform for you. You probably have a finished book an app to do or something else that's a lot more another note which could produce a lot more reports and stuff like that. So this is basically for all know it was just a bunch of properties and want to do on a couple of hundred dollars a month. I'm really, really

well very cool. Well Shankar Thayvar, you are the founder and president of Trintals. Now, rentals is on the web at Trintals dot com. That's TRIN so,Shankar thanks so much I- you're just up the road you're in here in Florida, right?

I'm in Jacksonville, Florida. Yes,

Jacksonville, Florida just up by four from me here in Orlando. So, Shankar, thank you so much for joining us. Thanks, john.

Thank you so much for having me. Have a wonderful day.

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