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Twitter Publicity and PR to grow traffic and sales

Twitter publicity: 
Make sure you know what you are doing before you Tweet all about it!

Want to connect with more journalists and reporters who can help you and your business get in the news? Twitter is THE platform for best connecting to 90% of the media folk I know!

It goes without saying that by being an active part of the Twitter community, you can…

– Reach a larger audience
– Generate more leads and
– Become the go-to source when customers are ready to buy.

Sharing the right mix of information is definitely a major factor when it comes to your success. As a small business owner, you need to make the time and invest resources into establishing a presence on twitter. This will provide you with the opportunity to grow your business with a Twitter publicity plan and gain loyal customers.

Before you get started, lay out your plan. You absolutely have to be dedicated to responding in a timely manner to customer comments, keeping the conversation going and answering all journalists requests for information.

Like all social media, there are rules and etiquette on how you use Twitter. Today, Twitter is such a vital part of your media outreach and you need to become versed in how it works, what the purpose of it is and how it can help you achieve the level of media coverage you seek for your business. Don’t allow yourself to look foolish or be annoying!

I can’t stress enough the importance of learning the rules of Twitter publicity BEFORE you start using it to contact journalists.

Once you have familiarized yourself with Twitter, I recommend following these simple tips to grow your Twitter publicity and PR:

twitter publicity and public relations

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– Be the first responder to the requests for information from journalist…have an answer, have a link, have SOMETHING – just make it credible.
– Don’t send irrelevant Tweets. Pay attention to what journalists are looking for.
– Be interesting!
– Have complete contact information on your Twitter profile. This is a simple yet very overlooked rule.
– Try an @ (or .@) mention with the journalist’s handle.

If you want to know how to grow business with twitter, these are just a few of the tips I recommend for getting Twitter publicity and PR. Check out my Twitter publicity mastery videos because I go much more into this subject.

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