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Jason Anderson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Video Buddy.

Video Buddy is a daily, flat rate, video editing service for creators, influencers, and brands who struggle with publishing enough video content because the creative video editing gets in the way. Monday – Friday, your dedicated Project Manager will work with you, one-on-one, to discuss, plan, and execute your video-centric content on a daily basis.

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Welcome to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, Founder and CEO of UpMyInfluence.com. We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. stick around to the end of the show, where I'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go.

Right with us right now we've got Jason Anderson. Jason, you're the Founder and CEO of Video Buddy on the web at videobuddy.net. Thank you so much for joining us.

Hey, thanks for having me. Appreciate it.

So Jason, we're going to get this started by getting this out of the way Why does everybody need to be using video I'm going to throw you the world's biggest softball because the numbers are just it's the debate is is over as Al Gore would say,

it is totally over Well, here's the thing if if you're on social media at all, you know, just from observation that video is what's getting attention it's getting what it's getting the comments and likes and shares it's what's it's what gets people to know like and trust you right and that's such a cliche I hate even saying at the beginning of a podcast like this but really that's what it's all about. So video is not the end all be all but I will tell you this the video, the way that people are sharing video nowadays, especially small businesses, is how they're attracting their their clients. And it's not with promotional videos, it's literally with, with, with social videos with videos that kind of explains what your what your company does what who you are as a person, that type of stuff. And so, we, you know, I started off in in the animated video space back in 2010, right and then I made a shift in 2016 towards video editing. So we were doing compositing and I moved everything over to my video buddy editing service because I see people like, you know, obviously, you know, most people know the name Gary Vaynerchuk me and most people know the name, Grant Cardone, these are like huge people that are spending an extraordinary amount of time publishing content. And so I use those examples because people see that and so what we try to do is we help people who have a lot to say, and they know how to turn on a camera, just like I've just got a very cheap Logitech webcam that we're recording this from right now on a very cheap, you know, microphone most people have access to and you know, you've got, I've got my, my phone here. With that I've got everything I need to record. And if I had a video buddy that can just take my recordings, and turn turn them into multiple pieces of content, then that's what you know, that's the whole idea behind the name Video Buddy.

I cannot stress this enough to my fellow business owners and marketers and I'll just give you a case example. So on this podcast, the thoughtful entrepreneur, we've been able to Easily easily double to triple our listenership since we started using video to promote Now, granted, we have a pretty decent sized social media audience to work with. But we count on those people to become our podcast listeners, when we try just doing standard text posts. And here's a link to iTunes, you can go and listen to an apple podcast, you can go and listen to it. I'd say that was kind of phase one, not very effective at all. If people are scrolling through social media, that you know, asking them like, it's good to keep it top of mind. But generally, they're not going to stop what they're doing, and listen to it. They might remember it for later, but that's about the best you can hope for. Maybe they might click play and listen to like 10 seconds of it. Now the next I'd say evolution of that would be using these apps like headline or and some of these other ones where now you've got the cover art You've got a waveform, audio gram that's kind of moving. And so you can see, okay, there's some animation going on here. What are they talking about? What I found is that about 40% of people scrolling through social media will not listen to the audio like they keep the audio off. I mean, it has to be really good for them to click the audio and listen in and we forms we found like it's it's better but it's it's not as good as what we do today. And what we do today, and this was a game changer for us and this made all the difference is that we started taking and why all my podcasts interviews. Now we do video and I won't take a podcast interview unless someone agrees to get on video and we recorded on zoom. And then I've got my team and Jason we need to talk because it might make sense to work with Video Buddy. We need to take a Look at our effectiveness and that sort of thing. But what we do right now, and this is what everybody needs to do is they need a team, they need themselves a Video Buddy, who can take all that video of all those podcasts interviews that they're doing, and repurpose that, as they create. What we do now is we make 30 to 62nd video snippets, and we put that over all of our social media and the engagement, Jason on those videos. It's off the charts, like even like the number like we even looked at, like what Facebook will share, like when we were just doing like, Hey, here's our new podcast episode, blah, blah, blah, like Facebook would show it to like four people. And now when it's a video snippet, it's getting like 30 to 40 like organic views, which you know, in Facebook world, you know, with our small Facebook, we don't really invest much in Facebook, but it's interesting, the social media platforms themselves want to share short video content And much more so than your boring old static posts that no one's looking at.

Well, you've got that right and what we've we've we do pretty much what you do, right? You have your team, so we may or may not be something for you. And the thing is, is everybody you know, I'm not going to I don't really want to promote my service specifically, what I want to promote is the fact that people businesses need to be need to have video out there. And I think that the businesses confused what type of video that needs to get out there. The first thing that most people think about is I need to have a promotional video I need to have about me video, I need to talk about our service. I need to sell stuff, right? The stuff that's working I don't know, let me ask you this, the stuff that's working for you that you're having your team put pump out, it's usually it's it well, it's it's the podcast, stuff that you're recording right now that you're trying, you're finding the mic drop moments, I'm assuming you're finding the mic drop moments that has like this is a very This is like a very nice piece of nugget that my audience or that an audience would like to entice them to maybe listen to the entire podcast which is going to entice them to subscribe which is going to To be on your radar more often. So it's kind of a long term play, is that how you guys are actually using the videos.

Speaking of I like how you call that mic drop moments in there. Here's a couple of things that you know, like shortcuts. And I'd really love your feedback on this. Because, first of days, I mean, I love what you're doing. And we're going to get to like how you do your pricing and how you do your, your money back guarantee, which is extremely bold, and I think is outside the norm for most people in your space. And I want to talk about that. But here's what we do in terms of Mic drop moments, usually your best stuff is going to come at the end of a guest answer. And so what I usually do is I say, hey, you're watching the video zooms automatically going to bounce back and forth between the guest and the host. And so look for where I come back in, and then listen to what the guests just said in that last 30 seconds. If it sounds impactful, there we go. That's great. Another thing I'll haven't looked for Is All right, if I'm going on and on and on for like two minutes or more, I might be making a good point, that might also be something that we want to share. So I usually like I usually always want to find one, something, get one or two great segments from the guest. And then maybe one from me if sometimes I gotta learn to be quiet in these in these podcasts, but that's what I look for it. Was there any hacks that you use with your team? And like, how do you find those Mic drop moments?

There's no hack there, you just have there's there's they're literally you have to understand the content. So what we normally do is like any editor should be doing as they understand that the content that they're working with, yeah, you know, obviously, transcripts help, you know, if we have a transcript of you know, like, say a 30 minute podcast, then, but the thing is, is a lot of times that's not financially, you know, feasible to have, if especially if you're using a service like Rob or something like that, which is actually very cheap at $1 a minute, or if you're having them automatically transcribed the problem with automatic transcriptions to That they don't always come. They're not.

Right. saturdaya not ay ay ay ay ay ay. It's like 20 bucks a month, it's machine.

It's certainly helpful. Most of the most of the work that we work with, though it's not because here's Let's face it, a business owner is not going to, they will never hire somebody to do some work for them expect them to be an expert, they expect them to know what they're looking for. So if there's a 45 minute podcast interview, which we're trying to find what we call snappables, right, we try to find a snackable. Like, if there's a 45 minute podcast, I'm going to try to find 10 to 15 microp moments for approval or rejection. And the only way to do that is to listen to the interview and find those. Now, the the, the art in this is that a lot of times stories are not linear in podcasts, you might have something in the first 10 minutes that you need to cut out to and add it to the end or the beginning of a snippet that you find 30 minutes later. And so that's the true art of video editing is also very Video storytelling. Yeah. So the reason why I like what you're doing, you know, with coming up with these snappables or anybody who does this is that is that it frees the business owner from thinking about what they are preparing too much for content presentation because like or say, for example, people get some anxiety about what do I make my videos about? They, they make bullet points, they practice it, they get on camera and they freeze. Well, if they just you know, if they're able to have if you have the right editor that's able to say, Listen, don't worry about how you look and sound on camera, your biggest thing is, is to get your expertise out there, or your knowledge about what it is that you can share so that you can actually attract this audience. If you have a if you have a competent video editor or a team that and it does sometimes it does take a team because it really is a unicorn of a video editor who's next who's basically a copywriter who understands what good copy is, can puzzle this stuff together. Then can also do motion graphics along with creating some good graphic design understands color. understands all these things that can give you a finished product from maybe a 30 minute recording, that is a unicorn that can do that, which is why we have a team because I have, you know, there's when we're working, we have, you know, one person that's really working on the motion graphics, one person is really good at finding stories. That's what they really like, right? So, you know, we work as a team, rather than, like having just, you know, one video person we have, you know, several people working on each one of our clients projects simultaneously. And, and one of the processes is, you know, like the there is no, there is no shortcut to knowing what the content is, even if say, for example, like we're before doing a podcast right here. This is not a scripted podcast, I don't know what I'm going to say in five minutes from now, you know, I don't know, it might be gold, or might just be kind of average or something. But here's the thing. If you do enough content, you record enough content and you're going through enough material, then you're going to find some gold and you're going to have enough material to produce to the social channels, and they're just doing it

So Jason, you offer flat rate, unlimited video editing for 12 to 1500 dollars a month like currently. What's the catch?

The catch is, is that it's not full time, right? It's not we're not, you know, we're working eight hours a day specifically on your stuff on it that would be, you would need to hire an employee to do that. And for 1500 bucks a month, that's $18,000 a year. I don't know if any employee you're going to be able to hire. So that's, you know, our target market is the Small Business small businesses and the entrepreneurs that understand that they need to have a team and, but they need to have somebody who's working on their stuff consistently. And so we when I say unlimited video editing, which means that every single day we're going to work on your stuff for one video editing session, and that usually lasts anywhere. Think about if an editing session is when somebody sits down at the desks at a desk focuses on your work exclusively without any breaks and just works on that project which is generally on average. We've been We guarantee a minimum of one hour a day. But if you've done any kind of video editing, you know that sometimes one hour doesn't yield anything, right? Because it's just there's there's problems. Sometimes it's typical. But we on average, we're spending about an hour, 45 minutes per client per day, on their progressive stuff. So for example, like this, this right here, if I were to give this to my video editors, a 15 minute podcast, they would probably come up with three or four snappables for approval, that same day, and then after I approve them, then we will get them we would then do that. The styling you know, the motion graphics, the graphic design and adding the captions and all that stuff the next day. So it's, it's about a two day process, even though that only took maybe about three hours to accomplish.

Because I'm on I'm on videobuddy.net right now. And one thing that I'm really impressed with is that it says you'll have a full 14 days to see if you like working with a see for any good, make us prove our worth, if you're not happy for any reason. And that's involved. Or for no reason, we'll refund your money you can keep any work we produced for you, we assume all the risk of trying us out. That takes a little courage to be able to do that. I mean, tell me about why you do that.

Now, I can't do that when I hire employees. Now I hire employees internally, and sometimes they don't work out. We do training there three weeks, maybe slowly. They sound good on a resume or on the interview and stuff, right. But then when it comes to producing results, they're not doing great. So one of the nice things about, you know, you know about us is that you don't have to worry about like, the hype and the resume and say, Well, this sounds great, and then finding out that you just spent some money to find out that it just didn't work out. And so we have to do that because, you know, we're not willing to do pro bono work to see if you know, let's say somebody here's a here's a sample project, what can you do? I wouldn't be able to do that. You know, for one thing is it just wouldn't work right? So the only way to make that happen And it is bold, because you know, editing is a broad, there is a very broad thing, you know, we're editing, you know, there's there's stages, and there's also some collaboration that's involved. So we might show you a very ugly rough draft, just to make sure that we're going in the right direction, right. So we don't spend two or three days going in the wrong direction. That's to save your time and our time, but, um, if we have to do this, because that honestly, that's the biggest stopping thing, somebody, even $18,000 a year, businesses are going to be like, Look, this is there's no risk. Let's see if we like working with them their process or not. If they don't, if we don't, then we'll you know, then we're not going to use them and we're not going to have any money invested into it. I have had one person take us up on the offer out of all the other clients we've had. I was very shocked. I was just actually very recently and that was mainly I think

it was probably more I don't know really how this happened because it was

it was really strange. You know, we've been Never had this happen. And I think that was sometimes I think it was money issues with that particular shirts. You know,

I'm thinking as an advocate for other business owners that really should go ahead and offer a bold money back guarantee. I think that a lot of a lot of fear, especially where you're investing your employees, your team's time. It's like, Listen, that's, it's, you know, it's not like you're just accessing my e course for 30 days, you know, those are easy to do refunds on risk reversal on it's the, well, I just spent, you know, three $400 you know, on my team's time to do that work. And you know, you don't you're afraid that someone's going to abuse my salary,

you know, and where, you know, I think about it, you know, where we've had clients that were it's, it's for some reason, it just hasn't worked out usually is because they don't give us their stuff their stuff in time. Like, there's usually it's the errors that usually the problem is always on their end. But you know, where it hasn't worked out, like, you know, we end up giving them a refund anyway, like if we weren't able to do the work for some reason or whatever. Like it's, I don't have a problem with that. So I may as well just make that part of the risk reversal in the front end, and I would imagine that Really is helpful for your conversion rate.

You know, I'm not sure because I've never offered it without, you know, I've never if it's been a bump, but I just knew instinctively that if I were a business owner, what would I be looking for? Because I have purchased services like this before, you know, and that I'm like, I'm not really happy with it, and then you spend the month right, and then just kind of write it off. But, um, you know, if if a business does offer that kind of money back guarantee, and that means that they're hopefully they're willing to, they don't want to give it back. So they're going to a job to do you know, we're going to listen to you, Hey, what do you like or not like about our process? Yeah. And so if you don't, and if it's something that we can't make an adjustment to say, that's really that's kind of out of scope, or that's really something that I do, maybe the service isn't right, or sometimes people are looking for full time employees, or they need more work. Now to bring that up, though. We actually have clients that have more than one seat with us, which has been very interesting. We didn't do this on purpose. But we have I've got a partner. That's My partner because we do a lot of his agency stuff for him, he sells the services almost, you know, through us he he has a video, like a virtual. He helps them a virtual producer is what he has. He works with them on, on what they need to do. And then he uses our team to create these again these snackable So we talked about before, and he has three seats because he wants us to be working on two or three consecutive like projects per day. So I've got three different editors working on three different projects for him, I present them in a

in a progressive way.

Excellent. Well Jason Anderson, you are the Founder and CEO of Video Buddy and that's found on the web at videobuddy.net, unlimited video editing for 12 to 15 dollars. If you don't like it and you don't like Jason for some reason, you know, Jason has the courage to stand behind this product with a with a moneyback guarantee, which is something I've I've actually been I'm I think I'm going to Take your lead, and and just offer that right up front. Say, listen for any reason you don't like what we do, you can have your money back. We want to work with clients that love the relationship and you know, no sense and, you know, holding someone's money hostage if they had a bad experience. So I really appreciate the I really appreciate the conversation. Jason. Well, thank you so much for joining us. Well, Josh, I appreciate it.

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