Vikram Rajan: Break Into Video Blogging with Videosocials

Do you need an easier way to market your business?

Vikram Rajan is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Videosocials, a company specializing in online marketing through videos and media posts.

Vikram, originally a marketing advisor, noticed that many of his clients were too busy to keep up with marketing.

Vikram and his team thought to brainstorm article ideas with the clients and audio record what they had to say. He began publishing these as their blog articles, social media posts, and email newsletters.

The Videosocials app adds the company logo and contact info to company videos with any disclaimers or notes they need, then it’s posted to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and any other social networking sites specified.

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Welcome to the thoughtful entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of up my We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. stick around to the end of the show, where I'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go. All right, and Vikram Rajan. You are the founder, co- the co founder of video socials on the web at video And I love the concept. So I think the way you describe it is kind of like a Toastmasters for video streaming. Is that right?

Yeah, think of it as a way to practice video blogging together. get feedback. From an engaged audience kind of have a studio audience with you that can tell you what to keep doing what to improve for next time whether or not that's really post worthy, especially for those of us who are camera shy. We hate being on video, but you know, we see what's happening with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google owns YouTube, so they prioritize video that way. And so we're like, Yeah, sure. Toastmasters for video blogging. So this

would presume that somebody understands the value of video on social media today. Can you talk a bit about that?

Yes, I mean, from anecdotal evidence, if you spend any amount of time on LinkedIn or on Facebook, you probably see it already the kind of like a radical change that we saw at ourselves last year where now if you log in, practically every other post is video, and there's good reason for it. First of all, it's not like literally half your friends are half the connections are doing video. That's just not true. However, LinkedIn Facebook etc, they all are now prioritizing video. They're literally pushing video up above regular links and text posts, etc. And because of that, we're kind of forced to watch video. So video tends to be more engaging to begin with more people like watching TV and movies, then reading the book, and maybe the book is a lot better than the movie, but the movies going to make more money. And so video ends up being more effective that way. Plus, we don't really have a choice because these social media platforms basically are pushing video on us. So from that perspective, it behooves or any of us if we get our business through word of mouth referrals, because people share us with someone else, raving fans, as clients talk about us, other professionals. Well, video obviously is very convenient and fast and there is a fun way of promoting your thought leadership and expertise.

Yeah, so I'm not saying this to brag, but we have A big social media following that we've built up over a long period of time. And, you know, I've dabbled with live video from time to time. You know, we've done some high quality stuff that we are turned into YouTube lives and turn into YouTube videos. But I wonder what would happen I don't know if you have any stories of people that committed to doing live video consistently. And I'm talking like 30 days in a row. And and again, so we've got a combined we've got over 100,000 social media followers that I suspect I could probably do some really good stuff, if I were to just be a little bit more consistent on that.

Exactly, Josh, so literally, we say to our members, first of all, you don't have to do daily. Second, you don't have to literally be alive that can be scary for a lot of. So while we're together in the video blogging club, we use zoom. We record each presenter separately. So then, after the after the video blogging club, you'll be emailed a link to your private preview page. Now what's cool about our platform is that our technology will brand the video with the topics title your logo, any disclaimers you need to show to your point Josh are going live Facebook, prioritize this live video over regular video. Now our platform enables you to actually stream that pre recorded video blog as a Facebook Live video. And as soon as LinkedIn live starts becoming public, you will probably go there as well. So it automated push button posting to YouTube, Facebook Live, as we mentioned, as well as to LinkedIn you can download the video. So obviously First of all, I would caution now obviously for you Josh as a thought leader for yourself, I think that would be phenomenal. For the everyday professional earnings account is coaches consultants. They probably don't need to do daily video. It may even backfire where people wondering if they're actually getting work done. So fast. I would caution and then it's also you know, it's kind of someone like me who's really out of shape going I'm putting 100 push ups a day, you know, I maybe 100 push ups today and tomorrow by you know, the end of the week, I probably won't have the strength sustenance to sustain that habit or walk before you run. So it's another reason why I think most people can commit to However, a weekly video I think that's very doable. two videos a month is like minimum wage, definitely. What would the results be? You would first of all, pay for video socials membership and then some your business will hate to use the word explode, but literally you're giving your phone relationships, the ammunition they need to share you with others proactively. The reactive referral is a feed you know, a guy who could help me with my will. sure someone will refer that to a trusted State's Attorney. proactive referral where we're not where someone is not actively asking for you. How can your referral relationship introduce you to someone who's not actively asking for you? It's just so convenient to share a nugget of knowledge in a regular blog text post and now even more convenient the two to three minute blog Wow

What if someone is worried that they don't know what to talk about they don't know

what to say. You know we've identified a couple of stumbling blocks for our members are tech is one of them time is another the third T is topics Yeah, of course we we've taken steps towards that so literally all of your listeners can go to www dot blog brainstorm or dark calm and that's what we use to brainstorm topics with our members. So blog brainstorm, right calm. Now the first time you do it, to come on to video, socials and anyone could come as your guest, Josh. I would suggest first timers just to talk about what they do and who they They do it for and especially why they do it, it turns that elevator pitch into a human interest story. But then use the blog brainstorm or it's actually a lot of fun when members do it or and you could of course, do it with a partner and couple of buddies, staff within the Office. It's more fun to do it as a group, because then it's really fun to brainstorm together, come up with topics. And yes, you can have a content calendar and a publishing schedule and themes for the month, etc. You can sophisticate this as well as you should from a marketing strategy. But in the beginning, when you're learning how to drive, it's okay to drive around the parking lot. Get started to dream of all right, I don't know how to drive but I'm going to take this car from New York to California. There's no reason to start planning that you don't know how to drive, start driving around the parking lot. And then you know, journey of strategy.

You know, sometimes I wouldn't mind doing some live streaming, but I don't know. I just feel exhausted like I don't. I feel like I got to be on again. And so I think sometimes That keeps me from livestreaming when I otherwise could I do this when I take my dog for a walk? And like man, I just I just don't feel like I've got it in me.

And it's funny right at the top of this call I said hey, are we going to be video recorded? Because I you know, maybe normally I have a face for radio but definitely today you know the truth be told I'm unshaven, etc, etc. It's not how I typically look on our video social clubs, but you know, you can get away with it on a podcast.

Yeah. So I mean it I guess, what's a way to come in commit and then follow through with that commitment? Any any tips for that?

Yeah, you know, that's another aspect of time management habit. Creation. You know, they said when you when you take the coals out of the BBQ it goes cold, and when you're not plugged into a structure, it's very easy for habits to die off habits especially habits that you're looking to start to create positive ones, especially ones that you don't ordinarily want to do. You know, we find ways to waste time and you know, Netflix and chill, which is a good thing to do every now and then. But to create those positive habits, it's, we all need a framework, some action, handholding accountability structure. And that's really what our members benefit from. So it's that action, hand holding, as well as that cross promotion community, where even if you don't feel like recording the live video, as you mentioned, Josh, we say, come and present, you're never going to be wrong, you're going to get some input. And for those of us who are fast talkers, sometimes when we're a little tired, we talk a little slower. And that's actually not a bad thing. Yeah,

right. Right. So what kind of people join

on so our typical numbers are solo to small partnerships of law firms, accounting firms, coaches, consultants, they may call themselves thought leaders Maybe that's a little too highfalutin subject matter experts, but they're basically selling their expertise in one way or another. They may be sophisticated internet marketers to have a course or some other community. Generally speaking, these are your everyday professionals. Your your trust in the state's lawyer, immigration lawyer, your matrimonial divorce lawyer, your CPA, your bookkeeper. These are the people who are great referral relationships for one another, and us join us as a cross promotion community in addition to getting their video blogging done together. Yeah.

So I know you kind of touched on this earlier, but what can doing video mean for sales and marketing and connecting with clients and getting the phone ringing and that sort of thing?

Yeah, so first of all, it's a great lead generator. As we mentioned before, it's a very convenient crutch for people who want to recommend you to others. It's very easy for someone to like and share your video, especially when you're plugged in and And kind of part of us where we want to like and share each other's videos. But even when you post video, everyone will quickly like and share it's very simple way to recommend you. That's what allegiance and point, right? Because then you can start interacting with people who interact with your video. But the easiest or ways even with people who are in the pipeline in a funnel, so when you're talking to that prospective client, it's great to ask them, Hey, did you get a chance to watch any of the videos on our website? And it doesn't matter what the answer is? Yes, great. You know, it's working toward sales that they asked to be say no, which will happen more than not, well, now you've planted the seed for them to go back to their home, go back to their office and they'll actually watch your video, especially if the person you're speaking with needs to make a decision in concert with someone else with their spouse, their business partner or their office managers if they need to involve someone else in the decision making process to work with you. Your video blogs essentially become a closing tool. Because there's only so much they can kind of sell you. They're like, yeah, this is a perfect person, we got to work with this guy. Like, why aren't you up? The video is a great bottle tool for you to say to someone, I know you have to confer with XYZ person, you might want to watch this video with them. Don't just send them the link because no one has time to watch anything on their own. But if you set up a time, 10 minutes, literally, it's a two minute video, watch it together. And then I let's set up a follow up conversation to answer those questions. becomes a sales closing tool in addition to lead gen.

Yeah, so great potential, I think, you know, coaches and agency owners could also really benefit from this. And I like that. So you've kind of created again, a kind of a safe atmosphere so that people can get a little bit more more comfortable with the platform as you build your comfort and you've done it a handful of times. It's not going to seem as scary kinda like public speaking. So is there is it a membership? There's an investment to be a part of video socials? How does that work?

Really easy. First of all, go into video you can walk you can actually see people kind of talk about their experience of video socials. If you go on the website in the upper right hand corner calm as our guest given a world if you're way too scared, you don't want to present the first time you don't have to you could watch but the second time you have to present that's the rule. Yeah, you'll have to post the video publicly. You're not literally streaming live. Those The first thing is come as our guest and check it out. And then we have two basic memberships or two membership video socials basic. Essentially you get two to four videos a month. Based on your schedule, it'd be weekly it could do twice a week, one week, get it done to do two to four videos in the month. It includes our action, hand holding the branding tools that are I may have mentioned in the social media automation, all the tech stuff is pushed by it. Really easy. It's all included, along with the cross promotion community as 99 bucks really easy, substantively, it's like $25 a video. It's our goal. So you post two, three videos a month for the next six, seven months. I want to get a client, if not more. With this, I will more than pay for video socials. Now, more people check more email more times a day, even more than LinkedIn and all the social media possibly combined. So we highly recommend our members just send out the videos by email. If you're already doing an email newsletter, we give you an animated GIF versions of your videos, etc, etc. It makes it really easy to plug it into your newsletter. Now if you need us to send out a video blast a video newsletter on your behalf we could do that. So it's 99 bucks video socials basic plus $100 for the newsletter 199 for video socials plus email.

Very cool, very cool. Well, Vikram Rajan, thank you so much for joining us again. You're the co founder of video Thank you so much. I appreciate this. Hey, listen, I'm I couldn't agree more, I think, you know, the foreseeable future. If you can get comfortable with sharing video on social as a business owner, particularly live video, if you can pull that out, you kind of work your way up to that. I think there's a real, real opportunity, golden opportunity, especially if you can maybe get a little bit more and more consistent. Again, I'm kind of set I'm kind of raising the bar a little bit. You don't have to start there. But if you could work your way to that there is really some great potential in terms of connecting and engaging with your audience and and you know, moving that relationship forward with them. So big room, thank you so much.

Thank you, Josh. This was a lot of fun. They've turned me on.

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