how to get verified on instagram

Want to get verified? Here are some tips.

I’m working on getting our Instagram account verified and I wanted to share my process with you! There’s no doubt that consumers are more likely to trust recommendations on social media from verified brands and individuals than they are those who are unverified. How can you get that coveted blue checkmark? Keep reading.

When it comes to Instagram, like so many social platforms, the blue tick was originally reserved for celebs, athletes or major political figures. Now, it’s something that is totally attainable to anyone who works hard and builds a following.

Some companies will charge you THOUSANDS of dollars for verification. It’s a huge risk because they can’t always guarantee that your verification will be approved. 

Don’t worry though, you can do it on your own FOR FREE because Instagram has opened up verification application to anyone. Not everyone will be approved, but it’s worth a shot!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure you have a public profile. Private profiles cannot be verified. If a verified public profile is switched to private without giving Instagram a heads up the account will lose its badge.
  2. Your profile should be original content. Instagram has a history of not verifying accounts that are generic or use copyrighted material, including celebrity fan pages. 
  3. You MUST have a profile picture and a completed bio, including a link.
  4. You need to have several posts on your account. Instagram isn’t going to verify an account that has no activity.
  5. Try to build up a following. Reach out to your network and ask your friends to follow you. 
  6. Be Authentic. If you decide to use bots or virtual assistants to help with growth or engagement, you’re going to want to shut that down for at least a month prior to applying for verification. Instagram wants authentic posts from real people. 
  7. Apply for verification. Visit Settings>Account>Request verification. You’ll need the following:
  • Username
  • Full Name
  • Category
  • Photo ID
  1. Keep an eye on your notifications and your email inbox, because Instagram usually responds in about 48 hours. 

Rejected? Keep trying. Many accounts take multiple application attempts before their approved. Apply again in 30 days. 

Not sure if your account qualifies for verification? Try it out anyway. What’s the harm? 

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