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Greg Simmons is the founder and CEO of Web Edge Digital Marketing.

Web Edge Digital Marketing is a search engine optimization company focused on helping businesses get discovered.

They work with small and large businesses and deliver individualized SEO strategies to best help them gain traction.

Between their expert SEO strategist and their individual game plans, your business is sure to gain clients and attention!

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Welcome to the thoughtful entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of up my We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. stick around to the end of the show, where I'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest-growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go. All right, Greg Simmons, you're the founder and CEO of WebEdge Digital Marketing, you're just outside are in Tampa, again, just down the road from here, I'm here in Orlando. And so, Web Edge focuses on and sounds like you work with a lot of clients in the health space. And in particular, you provide SEO services to businesses that seem to be doing a lot of maybe Google advertising. And so they're making that investment into Google paid ads. And what you're able to say is, wait a minute, we could probably get you much better return on investment from just taking a better look at how you're doing content and you're on-site SEO. Am I in the right ballpark here? We had a conversation beforehand. So I cheated. So

yeah, that's exactly right. You know, a lot of people don't understand the difference between the ways to get noticed on the search engines, you know, and they're two particular strong ways. You can either pay for advertisements, you know, or go through somebody that will manage, you know, getting advertisements in either Google or Bing. Or you can go at it naturally and fix your website so that it ranks for your keywords organically. And there's a big difference in cost. And there's- there's another reason to do that. But yeah, that's what we do we help people actually lower their advertising spend, and actually get more and better-targeted leads.

How hard is this?

Well, it takes some finesse. You know, we actually- our core team of engineers has been doing this for over 20 years. And we're really good at keyword research. So basically, it's not very hard. It's just tedious. You know, a lot of people try to use Google AdWords. And it can be a little bit complicated, a little bit overwhelming. And yes, it can be quite expensive. And you know, what happens with Google ads, that doesn't happen with what I do, which is search engine optimization is Google ads. They force you to set a monthly budget, and then that is divided into a daily budget and of course, you know, when You blow your daily budget for the day your ads disappear, you no longer have visibility. Okay? Whereas with what we provide, which is, you know, good content on your page that has the keywords, your actual natural search results that are appearing on the front page will always be there, they won't go away, you're not going to have a budget that runs out, you know.

So, Greg, how do you compete with, let's say, a business owner? And they say, Well, I'm seeing these guys are overseas, they do SEO Services. What do you provide that and overseas SEO consultant just Freelancer may not be able to provide?

Well, we do have the experience in keyword research. And what we do is we actually have all domestic people from the United States working on the content we- we don't come into your website and try to jam keywords into your content which makes it very unreadable. We don't have people that are, you know, third world country writers writing your content. So it sounds a bit wonky. We have, you know, all domestic all USA, people running brand new content for our clients sites that is very strategically focused and creates a brick a great presence that shows why somebody would want, you know, your services from you, and, and what, you know, sets you apart from your competition.

And so, you know, in terms of content, what is Google like today, and today like short-form, long-form, obviously, you said keyword stuffing, you know, Google's gotten a little bit intelligent. They could tell when you're just trying to game the system, and we've seen some algorithm updates that are really hammered. People that were gaming the system and people that thought they were doing the right thing. And it turned out not to work out in their favor. Right?

Well, Google does not like a few things. They don't like duplicate coding. So if you have content on one page or your competitor has content that you're using, or your SEO is providing content, that's kind of boilerplate content. It's not going to rank as high as fresh written content, and what you're talking about long-form and short-form, we've found that for our purposes, writing articles that speak about the company in more of a brochure type of way, you need about 250 to 350 words. Whereas if you're writing an article that's an authoritative article that's perhaps a resource guide or something like that, that you want to put on your website, to try to attract links from other sites that kind of makes it work needs to be about two things. thousand to 2500 words in length. Okay. Yeah.

And so you know, so there's some really good tools out there that will help with keyword research that anybody could use. Are those good enough like sem rush and some of these other platforms?

Oh, absolutely. They're all good, you know, sem rush. And I think Neil Patel has something called Uber suggests

that I Oh, oh, yeah, right.

Those are great keyword tools, and they're constantly getting better. They are a bit delayed it for- for our clients, we typically use Google, Google's keyword research tool has its own keyword research tool that's free to use. And, you know, if you want to use that tool, what we basically do is we look for things that people are already paying money for because they're already proven to bring in that traffic Then you know, what we do is we actually incorporate those keywords into our longtail phrases, which include perhaps the location where your business is located or the locations where your business does service. And, you know, that really helps, you know, to drive in that local traffic rate from where, where my clients want that local traffic.

Okay. All right. Cool. And, you know, in terms of where, I mean, if you were advising a business, and they say, Well, you know, we definitely need we definitely want to do you know, rank higher. What kind of car- is there a certain type of content that you would recommend that they produce?

No, well, I would, you know, I would recommend let's say they're blogging because blogging is a great way to get traffic back to your site if you can remark- write remarkable content on the expertise you have in your field. From a value providing point of view, that's great to write in your own blogs. If you're trying to get people to come to you for a particular service that you provide, you know, and you want people that are ready to buy, you want to include words that they would be searching for, like, you know, industry name, city name, or service name, city name, or something that that you need solved, you know, the the client that's looking for need solved. Like, let's say it's a clogged drain, you know, or things like that. So basically, you write to the, you know, from the point of view of the user, and if you want conversions, then you have to write something that talks about your service from an authoritative view that provides a little bit of value and basically tells What sets you apart?

Hmm? Okay. Well, good. So if someone wanted to, let's say, for example, your services one thing that you do is you've product ties your services, which I love. I'm a big fan of productization. And I think that consumers are they love upfront pricing they love you know where things are just really clear. Oh, I can get silver and gold or platinum. Now you've got a lot more levels. You came up with some pretty clever ones. You've got 10 you've got copper. You've got pewter. Yeah, like, oh, let's see what's the was the diamond plan? That's- that's the biggie.

Yeah, yeah, the thing is, you know, because we've been doing this for a long time, we actually had all these corporate level, you know, different sizes of corporate-level plans. You know, our clients can come in and they can start as low as 199 a month. But for somebody that wants to be able to be found for keywords that are non-geographic They're going to be competing against the whole nation if you're not specifying a location with it, and depending on the competition, they could need to bring a lot of content to, to the internet to let you know, to let search engines know that they're serious about, you know, getting found online.

If Can Can someone come to you Greg and say, Well, we've already written over 100 articles on our blog, can you go through and kind of retrofit them so that they perform better?

We can have content writers examine them and to rewrite them so that they have more the latest information. That's a very common tactic. If you do have articles that you've had for a while, you can augment those articles with either more facts or you know better clear writing bullets help diagrams help. Video is wonderful Google loves video on your website. Oh wow, if you have video, Google is going to take that video. And they also have, you know, the ability to automatically transcribe. So if your video can be scripted, you can go ahead and do a little bit of keyword research and right in the beginning of your video, you can use a few phrases that Google will be able to use, you know, through, you know, by keyword matching to find relevance. So, I so, so like for YouTubers, for example, they'll say make sure that when you start your video, you- you actually verbally say like if you're doing direct to camera YouTube video, you actually say the words in the video because YouTube can they know what you're talking about. So they can index those that language. And so if you start right off with those terms, that's a great way to begin. It really is. And you know, make sure that the description of your channel and the description within your video, have keywords you want to be found for. And the title is very important. If you have a title that is very plain to people that will be searching your videos. The same thing goes for anything that you want to publish even podcasting

very, very cool. Well, great. Well, listen, uh, Greg Simmons, you're the founder and CEO of- of your web app is actually the website. So it's your Your digital SEO company provides some great services starting from 199 a month all the way up to let's see what you got. Oh, you got 100 get 12 k a month are those- are those are nice clients, Deland.

Yeah, they are nice client's land. Yeah. And it all yeah, it all depends on the competition you're going against? Yeah, we don't because ROI. I mean, if the ROI is there, the opportunities there, then it makes sense to make that investment. Exactly. Exactly. You can't really catch a whale with a little fishing pole. You need the right gear. Yep, for sure. Well, Greg, thank you so much for joining us. You there in Tampa, doing great work. So especially, you, you serve clients and in multiple industries. But apparently it sounds like you do a lot specifically within the health space. Is that right? We do a lot in the health space. We have done some service companies as well to perform very well. You know, if you have competition online, and if- if your clients are finding your- your competition, and before they find you, you should really think about having your website optimized.

And especially if you're- if you're so much, too much money on PPC too. Thank you very much.

Excellent. Thanks so much, Greg. Have a great day.

All right. Thanks, Josh.

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