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Weight Loss for Entrepreneurs 1 of 3 – Daniel Thomas

December 31, 2019

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Weightloss for Entrepreneurs – Free coaching call

Daniel coached me to losing 3.25″ off my waist in 43 days! I also dropped 12 pounds in that time – and I feel so much better about myself – and I have a plan for LIFE – as opposed to just white-knuckling through a weight loss sprint.

https://evolutioneat.com/josh – free coaching call with Daniel

In the video & podcast above, we discuss…


– Why the “Hustler” mentality is at odds with health.

– The problems so many entrepreneurs face when trying to lose weight.


Are you trying to lose weight?

Daniel Thomas is the founder and CEO of EvolutionEat.

EvolutionEat is a weight loss program dedicated to helping individuals solve any weight, diet, and eating problems they have.

In the last decade, Daniel has successfully coached hundreds of clients lose weight and adopt healthy lifestyles.

Clients at EvolutionEat are able to build permanent healthy eating and exercising habits that allow them to keep the weight they have lost off.

EvolutionEat doesn’t just give you a meal plan and exercises to try. They address and analyze the reasons you may be practicing unhealthy habits and solve those problems at their core.

Learn more about how EvolutionEat can change your life by listening to this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur above and don’t forget to subscribe on  Apple Podcasts – Stitcher – Spotify –Google Play –Castbox – TuneIn – RSS.




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Welcome to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of UpMyInfluence.com. We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. stick around to the end of the show, where I'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go. All right, so with it now being 2021 thing that I've been super committed to, you know, particularly over the past 12 years has been my health because if you don't know my story, I used to be a really heavy dude. I was about 60 pounds, about 50 pounds heavier than I am currently. And one thing I've learned Is that I've learned what works. And I can tell you that the most important thing that that I've learned that can make healthy living and weight loss for many of us successful is you just simply have to have I can speak for myself, I have to have accountability. If I have no accountability, I'm not going to be successful. So for the past two months prior to this podcast is video and social media and everything that that we're not producing right here. I've actually been working with, with someone that I just have had just an amazing experience with these past two months. And it has absolutely been very successful with me just in two months in working together. And that man is Daniel Thomas. Daniel, thank you so much for joining us in this video. And- and putting cast.

Josh, thank you for having me on. And it's been an absolute pleasure getting to know you and getting to help you these past two months. You're- you're a rock star, and I really appreciate who you are and the boozy azim that you bring to our work into this topic. Because, yeah, you know, you really care and you understand the depth of its significance in all areas of your life. This is not just about you losing weight, which is important, right? Like it's important to lose weight if you have weight to lose for health reasons, but it's about being in integrity with yourself and how that then spills over into how you're showing up to your work and your businesses and your relationships. So it's yeah, you're enthusiastic is it's infectious and I appreciate you.

Well, I appreciate that. And we got connected because I had actually put a call out to our net to on my network and I just I really love our community because I just get the most amazed. I just get the most Amazing connections. And this one was to john lewis say, and he had connected us and what my intention was, and this was in the back of toward the end of October, is that I had reached out saying, Listen, I want to create a three part, video and podcast series where I can help overachieving entrepreneurs and executives. Because Daniel, this is what we're going to talk about in this conversation about kind of the unique personality traits that many of us have, and how that impacts our physical well being. And it's, it's, it's very well known. You know why, especially, again, US type as how that ends up impacting our health. So I just want to know the person who's watching or listening to us right now, I want you to know, this is part of a three part series, and I want you to watch or listen to all three parts. And then, you know, Daniel, who's been my coach and my mentor over the past couple months, I would be honored if I could make that connection with you. And I'll just give you a link right now. And we'll talk about this at the end. But just in case you're to position right now, or you can jot this down, you can't toward the end of the conversation, please write down this URL. And that's evolution eat.com slash Josh. And so I, one of the things that I requested is, whoever it is that I partner with, you know, we come up with something that where we could provide kind of a higher level of coaching and more or mentoring to the person who's watching or listening to this, so that they truly can get the same kind of impact that I was able to get. And Daniel will lay a little bit a little bit more groundwork and I'd like to share my results in just the two months that we've worked together. And it will talk about why it's worked out so well. For me and I know that this is replicatable I know that other people can get this same thing. But Daniel, if we could start by kind of talking about that hustler mentality and and how that impacts health I and if you wouldn't mind maybe just before we get into that, just who you are, who you serve, and kind of just a real quick send out, like what your background is, and and then kind of, you know, you know, who you typically work with and what the outcomes are that you deliver.

Yeah, absolutely.


we can split my career in into but it's really this the same I mean, I'm the founder of my company, which is called EvolutionEat at Evolution- and the word Evolution and then the word Eat at combined and I am here to help you solve your weight your diets and your eating problems once and for all. As somebody who grew up overweight and who has struggled with stress eating, emotional eating even periods of binge eating for much of my life, I know deep down how dieting just doesn't work and how it's actually designed to make you fail, which is why I have built my company and our programs to learn how to develop what I call is the skill of health. And we can dive into all of what that means later on. But I I noticed that the way that we go about achieving or accomplishing health that is like losing weight and going on diets, etc, is actually, like counter productive and leads to our overwhelm and burnout and failure. And when you combine that, with a human being who is an overachiever and who's up to so much in the world, like an executive, like an entrepreneur, then that's actually doing a lot of damage internally. That can so easily be avoided if we were to just approach our health and the way that we learn how to be healthy from a new perspective. And so, my company EvolutionEat is dedicated to teaching people and training people coaching people, how to build a healthy lifestyle and how to be in integrity with themselves and it starts with the way that we relate to food and eating and and taking a longer term approach to health then, you know, a 12 week plan that forces us to try to lose as much weight as quickly as possible. I also within I embedded within that, but I consider it a separate. My separate piece of my identity as an as an entrepreneur is that a performance coach and strategist for high performers for typically these are executives, these are entrepreneurs. These are doctors, lawyers, people who have a lot of responsibility, right and I'm there working with them in a very intimate and accessible way on a daily basis. Having them stay in integrity, and that starts with how they take care of themselves. So it starts with their health. It has a lot to do with their mindset. Right, it has a lot to do with their actions, right. So who you who you are, is comprised of your beliefs and your intentions and your values and your virtues, your word, right, but also your actions, which are the manifestation, the outward manifestation, the outward gesture of all that coming together. So creating habits and practices, helping my clients create habits and practices for themselves, that have them being their best selves on a daily basis and the deeper meaning to it, and then how that translates to them showing up to their job, to their career to their teams. As a more powerful leader, so its health, its performance, its leadership, its communication, its integrity, I consider all those to be under living an integrity life. So that's who I am. And that's the sort of work that I do and Over the past 10 years, nearly 10 years I've coached, you know, hundreds of my clients and many hundreds of members of evolution to to live healthier lives. And that starts with losing weight, learning how to lose weight permanently and I use that word permanently by helping them design lifestyles that they absolutely love and that enable them to focus on the things that they actually care about in life as opposed to you know, should I eat that stevia, stevia, healthier than

sucralose or or whatever, right. And I like focusing on all the minutiae. So yeah, that's, that's who I am. And that's how we got connected.

Yeah, so I should point out that this is, again, a three part series. So in this conversation, we're going to talk a little bit about the unique traits that entrepreneurs have which you have already, you know, we're going to talk about You know, some of my personal results, and I'll share this in the second third episodes as well. But I want, you know, just in terms of like what to expect in in conversation number two, we're going to talk about your kind of mastering your diet and what are the, you know, what are the things that are working well, like, what's the activity that works best today? And and then in number three, it's going to be all about the a word, and I'm telling you, this is the secret. This is absolutely the secret sauce, and that's accountability. And so you can look forward to that. And so I should also point out that, Daniel, if if someone ultimately seeks you out as a result of this content by disclosure, you know, we do have a business relationship, but more important than that, and we've talked about this, like I cannot be more emphatic about How much I want if there's someone who is succeeding in their life, and they're showing that they're thinking that they're going to show up to the finish line of life, right? And they're going to be successful in all areas of their life, but their physical life is out of balance. Listen, I've been there, you know, I was, you know, I was doing great six figure income. But you know, I was pushing to 30 on a five foot nine height, and that's just way too much. And I knew I was out of alignment. And so what I did the first time to lose the weight, is I just white knuckled it, and I ended up starving myself and I lost about close to 30 pounds in 30 days. Now is, as you can imagine, and I think anybody can predict what's going to happen. If you just like a lot of overachieving entrepreneurs. They're like, Listen, I can if I can do this kind of stuff that I'm doing professionally in my professional life or I can get on stage and speak to 1000 people, or, you know, I can build my own private practice and grow into a thriving, you know, if I can do that, it's like that belief, right? It's like, if I can do that, shoot, I can survive off no food for 10 days. Right? We could do those things, but that's not necessarily healthy. And I can tell you have naturally, you know, even though I got down to that lower level, 20 pounds of it came back pretty quickly, because then I think, oh, okay, well, I'm not in the white knuckle phase anymore. Now I can relax and you know, that bodies is like, Whoa, we got to get back to homeostasis. So it's really hard to maintain that low level. If you're not starving yourself. If you starve yourself to get to that level, then it kind of taking that kind of maybe take that a step further, if you could.

Well, you just I mean, there's so many places that I want to I want to go with that.

You know, the, the long and short is that your body fights really hard to maintain status right? evolutionarily speaking, it's designed that way, if we were designed to lose a bunch of weight really quickly, then you and I wouldn't be here today, right? Our ancient ancestors would have died out during times of drought and famine. So as much as sexy as it is to want to burn fat and burn weights right off our bodies, like these words that are marketed to us and have us believing that it works that way. It it often leads to the thing that you don't want which is like, which is you not losing weight and which is and feeling hopeless and like a failure afterwards, because you tried it, you pushed really hard and you burn yourself out, right? Because it's unsustainable. It's unsustainable to start yourself. And so unsustainable is another word for impossible. So if your if your approach is impossible, then why do we psych ourselves into thinking that this time will be different over every time? We say, Oh, it's you know, it's it's new year, it's a new year, I'm going to start the year off, right? And yeah, I know that this diet is unsustainable, but I'm just gonna at least lose a few pounds to get the ball rolling, and then I'll make some changes, but then right, then what happens, then real life catches up and you have other responsibilities you have you also have business goals, you have goals with your family, you've got goals and all these other parts of life and then all these unexpected things happen and all of a sudden, you're not focused on your health again, and you're like, I can't the stress of maintaining that unsustainable, aka impossible approach is too great. And it leads you to crave all the things that you're actually working towards overcoming so I don't know if this is the topic that you wanted to dive into to this video or not. But this is why I promote this idea that your diets is not a goal that you accomplish and then forget about, like, like the we were taught to believe, but it's actually a practice. It's a it's a practice that you can develop over your entire life.

We will absolutely talk about that in video and podcast number two, for sure. And so, Daniel, just real quick, how, you know, here's, here's the nuts and bolts of how you and I worked together. And that is, is that dude, you were like the best accountability coach that I could ask for. And so you and I ended up communicating via text Our relationship was that I would send you a photo of everything that I ate. And I've done that now for close to two months, and that exercise of doing that, and, and being in integrity with that, and and just psychologically, it's not like and you never said listen and we're, again, we're going to talk about this and call number two. But I just want people to know that that act of working together psychologically, was just absolutely the perfect thing for again, someone like my personality type, where I felt like I wasn't doing this alone, or those little micro decisions weren't being done in silence, right, whatever they were, and so that naturally crafted a behavior that has now allowed me to lose Well, more than 10 pounds in less than two months. And what's nice is that it's not like, I'm not doing a crash and burn diet here. This isn't a crash diet. This is healthy living like I'm eating a lot of calories every day. And again, I don't want to get that conversation number two, we'll talk a little bit more about that. But I just want to explain kind of the nuts and bolts and inches wise, inches wise, I really like two inches around my midsection alone. And that's been everywhere, around the chest, around the thighs around the hips, neck, arms, everything like I'm the Incredible Shrinking man right now. And I gotta tell you that I feel great. And we'll talk a little bit more about that. Again, in conversation number two, if I haven't teased this thing enough for right.

This is such an important you know, Josh, this is an important topic about you brought up accountability and how it works. And and I'm asking you the listener or the viewer if you're watching my static video here on on the on the YouTube's, you know who's holding you accountable. You know, so many entrepreneurs who I talked to, in the six figure range or of helping the seven figure range have few to know measures of accountability in their life, right? So despite being your own boss, these people feel wildly inconsistent and unreliable, to follow through on their commitments. And so if, if this sounds like you then then listen up because popular, contrary to popular belief, experts, which is you experts need just as much help staying accountable to their objectives. Because when you're playing life, at such a high level, you're playing such a high stakes game, your follow through matters more than ever before. Right and not just to you But to all the people in your life to your team, to your family, kids if you have, right, so how you spend your time on a day to day basis is the biggest single lever that you can use to create massive wins in your life immediately. But like everybody, everybody knows that conceptually, but are you willing to actually commit to that on a, on a practical level? Right? And so your ego might have you believing that you either don't need help, or you're better off alone or you don't have time for that? Yeah, but this really means that you're scared to let somebody else in on perhaps you're not so nice relationship with yourself. And you know, the, the, the personality of an entrepreneur is that sort of kill it all costs type, who doesn't often slow down to look at those parts of him or herself that aren't in alignment that are in integrity, it's easier to keep working a million miles an hour than it is to look at the stuff that doesn't feel so good. And, you know, and so that's why I can be really vulnerable and edgy to, to like look at those weaknesses and to look at those. Those part those those those those those areas as I call them weaknesses because we we we resort to certain coping mechanisms in order to make ourselves feel better and food. It's my drug of choice, right? It's why I do this work, food is so loaded and eat like eating is so loaded in this culture that a lot of people actually have this weakness and all you have to do is look at you know, health trends or lack of health trends and diabetes rates, obesity rates, etc. to see that a lot of us are having a hard time with this. So you know knowing what your weaknesses are and staring hard at them is the first step on your path to success. And if you're feeling inconsistent, then you need help. And it's, you know, like, let's not let your ego get in the way of you breaking through and creating the results and the momentum in your life that you like, you know, are possible and especially if you're an entrepreneur at the six and a mid six or 677 figure level of my god, you know what success feels like? And you know how good that feels. So, like, imagine how good that would feel when you're also in integrity with your health. And and what that would open up the possibility for more right? energetically speaking, just who you are the way that you show up to life. It's the single biggest it's the single biggest. How do you say the single biggest making your health number one priority in your life is the most Powerful yet, most avoid most often avoided secrets to creating epic results in your business. Yes, coaching is what I believe you can do about it.

Yeah, yeah, I completely agree. We're going to talk about that in our next conversation. And Daniel, one thing that you've agreed to do and normally if you reach out to Daniel and you go to evolution, eat calm and you just, you know, inquire about Daniel's different programs and what it's like to work with him. You're going to go through a couple layers of protection. You're gonna have to get through a couple of gatekeepers. So one thing that you've that you've agreed to do, is that if somebody goes to EvolutionEat dot com slash Josh, yeah. And you you're able to break free coaching session 2020

Exactly. EvolutionEat, so that's the word Evolution and then eats E A T, singular, not plural. EvolutionEat dot com forward slash Josh, you will be able to book a free coaching session with me. And that's because you're if you're somebody who's listening right now, you're exactly the sort of person who I love to help. And, you know, there are no expectations from my side. I'm just here to help you make 2020 awesome and get a game plan going for your health and diet and what that means. And we have amazing coaching programs that I'll also share with you information about so the only way that you can definitely get in touch with me and not somebody else from my team is to go to that link. EvolutionEat dot com forward slash Josh, and I would love the opportunity to connect and meet with you.

Awesome. Daniel, thank you so much. Again, this is Episode One of a three part series so we can make health, the centerpiece of our success in 2020. While we are building success in other areas of our life in in conversation number two, we're going to talk about how great health and and the activity will support that business success. We're gonna talk about energy and all that other stuff. So Daniel, thanks so much. We'll we'll chat with you in episode number two.

Thanks, Josh.

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