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Weight Loss for Entrepreneurs 3 of 3 – Daniel Thomas

January 15, 2020

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Weightloss for Entrepreneurs – Free coaching call

Daniel coached me to losing 3.25″ off my waist in 43 days! I also dropped 12 pounds in that time – and I feel so much better about myself – and I have a plan for LIFE – as opposed to just white-knuckling through a weight loss sprint.

https://evolutioneat.com/josh – free coaching call with Daniel


In the video & podcast above, we discuss…


– Why Entrepreneurs need coaches – because the stakes are higher than ever!

– What IS Coaching and WHY does it work?

Are you trying to lose weight?

Daniel Thomas is the founder and CEO of EvolutionEat.

EvolutionEat is a weight loss program dedicated to helping individuals solve any weight, diet, and eating problems they have.

In the last decade, Daniel has successfully coached hundreds of clients lose weight and adopt healthy lifestyles.

Clients at EvolutionEat are able to build permanent healthy eating and exercising habits that allow them to keep the weight they have lost off.

EvolutionEat doesn’t just give you a meal plan and exercises to try. They address and analyze the reasons you may be practicing unhealthy habits and solve those problems at their core.

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Welcome to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show. I'm Josh Elledge, founder and CEO of UpMyInfluence.com. We turn entrepreneurs into media celebrities, grow their authority, and help them build partnerships with top influencers. We believe that every person has a unique message that can positively impact the world. stick around to the end of the show, where I'll reveal how you can be our next guest on one of the fastest growing daily inspiration podcasts on the planet in 15 to 20 minutes. Let's go. Okay, and here we are with our third of a three part series or I'm doing the sign language three. So this is been a if you haven't watched episodes one and two, go back and watch those first, because we laid a lot of groundwork and again, this series is all about weight loss for entrepreneurs and other high achieving types. Hey Daniel, you're familiar with this with this avatar, I'm sure right?

No, I have no idea who you're talking about.

So I The reason I have Daniel Thomas on from EvolutionEat is Daniel regularly works with high achieving successful people. They're doing really great work and business. I mean, they're successful in so many areas of their life. And one thing that I wondered about this I said, you know, is there anything that's, that's unique about someone who is traditionally High Achiever in life? You know, when that comes to, uh, you know, having that that kind of that close to ideal body that we want, you know, do we sometimes get in our own way because of that personality? And thanks to Daniel, I learned that Yeah, there's absolutely some things so if you haven't again watched the first and second videos are listened to the first and second podcast episodes about that. Please go back. And listen to that. Got my friend Daniel Thomas. Daniel and I have been working together for as of when we're recording this close to two months. And Daniel has an amazing program. He works with his clients. And there's a couple of ways you have a great group coaching program, Daniel, and then you offer individual coaching, which you and I have done over the past, getting close to getting close to two months, I've lost well, more than 1010 pounds. I think I'm about 12 pounds lost right now. And what's really great is, you know, beyond just dropping the weight, because, you know, because I've done that before, where I just white knuckle it and I'm like, you know, I'm going to eat under 1000 calories a day, and I'm just going to starve myself, but because I'm such a strong willed individual, I can do that. But you know, and I know now that that's not really sustainable, right? Because you're only going to do that for so long. And then of course you get back into regular life and I think can just tell you having gone through that yo yo so many times that, you know, I keep rebounding up, and it's not fun. I'm kind of tired of that, quite frankly, Daniel and I think that, you know, a lot of your clients have not only lost weight, in some cases, significant amounts of weight, they actually keep it off long term. What's the difference?


Thank you for the government. And I'm really happy that you're losing weight and not white-knuckling it anymore. You know, we've talked about that's a, that went that's a winning strategy that might work for a few days on certain select projects, right? Having crazy willpower is good for solving problems and for acutes projects, but it's not a long term strategy, right. And when it becomes a long term strategy, what That is actually no strategy at all because white-knuckling is a path towards burnout and you don't want to burn yourself out. I don't mean burnout, like, like psychologically breaking down having a whole breakdown, I just mean, anything that you're doing. So if you're committed to losing weight, but then you burn out, that means you're no longer motivated. You're no longer intrinsically connected to it, you no longer care. And you probably develop a whole host of other unhealthy habits, that in order to continue coping, so what the, the way that I help my clients achieve results is that we have to, we have to recognize that there's a bigger game being played, you know, if you, if the only thing that you had going on was losing weight, then sure let's obsess about it. Like let's obsess about it every day all throughout the day.

Like imagine going to the biggest loser ranch. You know, it's

Right, yeah, but Right, exactly. And even believe me, I've got a lot, I've got a whole, I've got a lot of problems with that. But like, I know, my point is that


I'm working with people who have massive responsibility, you know, entrepreneurs and executives who have huge teams, tons of followers, tons of expectations, lots of things going on other coaching clients, clients, just, you know, families. They can't be focused on this every second of the day, all the time. So to the point that they're obsessing about it and making it mean something about themselves are all right, because psychologically, they're then going to psych them. They're going to psych themselves out, and they're going to feel so removed from their goal that they're going to feel like a failure. They're going to feel like a loser. They're going to feel all sorts of unhealthy, unhealthy associations that don't serve them. Also. There's just the energetic and perfect element if you're starving yourself, your performance is going to suffer. And you've got way too much going on. And way too much responsibility to take that on, right? Like that's you can't take that on. So we've got a, we're going to be playing chess, not checkers. And that means my job as your coach is often to hold the line and practice help you practice patience to get the result. And to do that, we're going to learn it, we're actually going to learn how to build habits and habits. To me, our

core habits are actionable manifestations of records identity, right of your core identity. So I'll say that, again, it's an actionable manifestation of your core identity. What does that mean? It means we all have these principles and these beliefs about ourselves. Exactly. I, but that's an internal thing. So a habit is something that's repeated an automatic and you do it. Right. So a habit is you expressing a core element of your personality on a daily basis. And when that becomes repeatable and automatic, that thing that you do is yours to keep forever. And so my goal is to help you create a lifestyle of health starting with the way that you eat, and what you eat and how you go about that. That's a core representation of who you are. Right? So if you want it to be somebody who's just racing to the finish line and jamming it in and burn, burn, burn, burn Burn, then sure, that might be supportive to you, but I doubt it. No, you're you're a leader who's building a company or building a team or serving your clients or whatever it is that you're up to right who wants to be living in integrity, and being the best version of themselves to help those around them and to touch those around them. Right? So we want to train that identity into the way that you're taking care of yourself as well. And, you know what, what my clients really discover throughout this whole process is themselves is that by focusing on generating a life of meaning, internally, and then extrinsically, showing that to the world and showing that to themselves, that is like how do I build a lifestyle that that takes these parts of me, myself and who I want to be and then makes that a daily practice. Not only do I lose weight, but the process of getting there is is meaningful. I learned something about myself, I discover who I am along the way, and I did. And that sense of surprise and discovery is what has them enrolling themselves into staying committed. Even when motivation dies out, because it will die out sometimes, you know, you can't you're not always going to be 100% jazzed up to be doing this every single day. Right? Because that's true. Yeah. Right. Because motivation is influenced by circumstances in your life. So I think this is lower See, circumstances, all the things that are happening beyond our control. We slept poorly, our spouses angry at us, our kids are sick, our client forgot to pay us you know, all of a sudden, I'm not very motivated to eat well, if I you know, if, if, if if the only thing that I'm that's driving my connection to the path is like how it's going on the outside, right? So yeah, languishing lowercase c circumstances from capital C commitment, right. When you're committed to something, it's it represents something bigger than how you're currently feeling. And something bigger than circumstances influence how we're currently feeling. But commitment is an anchor that or a Northstar that shows us the way. And so when we work together, I'm helping my clients find a part of themselves that's either gone missing, or they've never allowed themselves to see where they were scared to confront, which has them re enrolling in their own commitment, because now it becomes a commitment of self discovery. And it is that makes weight loss like awesome, but not even the best part. Right. So

yeah, we, you know, I think it could be really tempting for someone to say, well, weight loss is just about knowing the right it's, it's just very tactical about knowing the right food to eat and you know, whether or not we should be eating carbs or fats or proteins or the macro. Or it's the timing and yeah, I mean, that stuff is important, but it's not nearly as critical as what's going on in here. The layer the psychology. Yeah, Rives the activity and it's the activity. And I talked about it since the micro commitments. It's, it's, you know, my 12 pounds lost so far. And we're on a consistent train at this point, like I'm hardcore committed at this point. And so, it's, if you if you want to know the secret to dropping 12 1520 pounds, it's honestly it's, it's it was it's 10 to 15 to 20,000 little decisions I made. That's what it is. And I'm only like I said, only about halfway there at this point. But at this point, what's really great is I'm not starving myself at all. Like I'm just I'm just Making decisions and, and you and I have been doing this Daniel during the holidays. So yeah, and and listen, there's plenty of excuses I could have made, you know, but I just, you know, with your help, and again, to the person who's watching this or listening to this, I could just tell you that this system that Daniel and I are talking about, it absolutely works. It's worked out so well for me because you know, it's just as simple as me snapping a photo texting you that picture of what I'm eating and then sometimes we engage back and forth and initially I was afraid Daniel that you were going to like you know, I was going to take a picture and you're like at Nana what's what's that stuff doing? Like I thought you were gonna like nag me and then like you've never done that. Like everything is just you know all about being conscious in what we chose. And not these, you know, little hiding out here or there with food and What I find oftentimes too, is those little indulgences. Like Okay, do I want a bowl of granola right now? Yeah, cuz that would taste so good right now. But if I eat it, I gotta take a picture of it. I got it said to Daniel. Daniel is not gonna like he's not you're not going to chew me out for that. Right? You're gonna ask me a question like, Oh, hey, what was you know, what were you thinking in terms of like, not like, What are you thinking? Like, you know, tell me what went into your Yeah, what's Yeah,

what's going on over there?

Now you're making me want it, you know, now I have so this is this is the secret right here. It's about no longer making unconscious or actions based on unconscious decisions. It's everything is conscious. And yes, you can be conscious, conscious, conscious, conscious, conscious. Yes. About every decision. Then. You it's game set match.


That's the system you design, honestly is I, like I said, You know, I still have about, you know, I'm at the 50% mark right now got 12 more to go, dude, I lose 12 more pounds. I'm over one happy camper, I can tell you that. But what's great is I'm not eating, you know, powders and all this other junk like I'm just eating real food. Yeah, healthy food, like food I enjoy.

We know, we both know that you're going to get there because what we're talking about Josh is, is that your core identity is being shaped by this experience and you're pouring yourself into it and it's therefore more meaningful and you're experiencing life from this identity as the as a healthy person who does healthy things for himself. And yeah, during the holidays, when you're out and you're on I mean, not only did we do this through the holidays, but you also did this while on a week long vacation at the beginning, right where everybody was eating other food and there might be moments Where you feel like God, I'm, I'm, I have to I have to. There is a bit of a sacrifice to the greater cause, right? But never has that been, oh, I'm going to starve myself I'm going to make myself physically uncomfortable or mentally or emotionally uncomfortable. Right? So my my job is to make this as inviting and rewarding and experience as possible. And what people often do when they try to lose weight is, you know, as you said, diet down white knuckle it eat way, under, way under deficit exercise, way more than they're accustomed to. And again, that leads to burnout, where people stop most people start the process is where they actually want to end up. And so imagine that this was a different skill set. Imagine that you were learning how to play the guitar and you're like, when I can play like Jimi Hendrix. I'll know that I'll have gotten there, right? So then it says, if you've never picked up a guitar before, and you try to solo on day one, like Jimmy, and you're like, I can't do this, screw this, I quit, right? Like, like, like, it's not gonna work. The thing about our health and our diet is that our white knuckling it thinks that we're getting it for a little bit, but actually, it's, it's still just not going to, it's the same thing as you not getting in at all. And therefore, where you can't start where you want to end up, you might end up one day, eating 500 calories under deficit under, under what you're currently doing and exercising five days a week and eating clean and healthy, every single meal, whatever, whatever we've defined that to be for you. But that might not be where you're at right now. It probably isn't. In fact, if we're working together and that's not a bad thing. We just have to see where you're at along the developmental curve, and then create a quote unquote program that works for you. Now and where you're evolving into, and

and again, that's not just that, that that takes a dynamic interaction where I'm seeing who you are and what you're taking on and what you're committed to, in order to figure out exactly what works and what doesn't. But it all started, but it definitely means that we need this to be a nourishing experience for you. If you hate this experience, if you're white knuckling it and you hate it, you're not going to learn that skill. You're not going to learn anything. It's like cramming for a test. It's like pulling an all nighter for a test. Currently, you know, taking Adderall and slamming coffee, you might get the A on the test the next day, but if you feel like death for the next two days after that, because you didn't sleep and you took all these uppers, and you don't even remember anything for the finals, and you have got to study all over again. Then, what was the point? Right? Yeah, you didn't actually look. There's nothing that's been learned. You've got a good grade. But you didn't learn anything. And so I don't want you to have to keep pulling all nighters on your health, I want you to learn and master this skill set, which means you have to nourish yourself. So you can't starve. You've got to eat enough of the good stuff, which is what I say to you every single day. And to make that real for anybody who's listening, eat, eat, eat enough of the good stuff means start out for a general population, right? If you're just a general like a any person, I plucked off the street, three meals a day, each meal consisting of a protein, healthy protein source, a healthy fat source and a vegetable, yes, even breakfast. If you can practice that habit every day, three meals a day, then your baseline is now eating three nutritiously nutritionally dense meals every single day. I'm not saying don't eat other stuff on top of it. I'm not saying remove anything yet, but make sure that you have that foundation in place. You can add stuff to it, but make sure that you have that foundation. I guarantee that over time, that alone will have you making Well, obviously, you'll already have made healthy choices. But you'll also also start craving the unhealthy stuff less and less and less. Because what we often do is that we make compromises, we say, oh, I'll just have this cookie, and I won't have lunch or like I will be, you know, the healthy food because I'll have this cookie. And so we keep making compromises left to right. So three meals a day, every day, the rule of three, right protein, fat vegetable, that alone would change so much for so many people. And that's basically what you and I are doing right now. And it's working. You're eating enough. It's healthy food. It's helping you it's helped counter unhealthy cravings and you're not feeling stuck. You're not starving throughout the day so you're not reaching for the unhealthy stuff and because Were in communication and you have to take photos, we're practicing being mindful, every time you do feel triggered, you reach out, and you allow yourself to be vulnerable. And then we can course correct in real time. So you decide to do something healthy instead, or, or at least not eat the unhealthy food if you do feel triggered, right? So it's no surprise that you're accomplishing a great amount. And I'm really happy for you,

you know, so you've created a program and right now someone can go to EvolutionEat dot com forward slash Josh. Now if they go to that link, Daniel, they won't have to go through your system to get to you you've actually agreed to do a free coaching call, kind of do some planning for 2020. And you can kind of talk about, you know, maybe some what what you would recommend, of course, you'll talk about, you know, how you could potentially do some great work together and, man, I'm just telling you, Daniel, the reason I really wanted to do this I talked about in my previous videos, but I know that the This is life changing. You know, one thing that I've learned in business, you know, Tony Robbins will talk about, you know, 95% of the success or failure of a business comes down to the psychology of the owner. And so, you know, the same thing goes for if you want to have an ideal body. And so I had to look, I had to take a hard look at myself. And I had to say, you know, and I'm talking both when I was pushing to I was 230, a number of years ago, and and I said, Listen, my sake, there's something that's not optimized with my psychology, and it's tough. Danny, what we're talking about is a skill set. That's certainly not taught to us by food marketers, that's for sure. No, and honestly, like, very well taught by you know, an eat less move more campaign from the government. There's, it really has a lot less to do with that. And so what I want to let Someone know who's listening to this or watching this right now, I don't want you to feel bad. Because I just said, Listen, I was overweight because my psychology was not optimized. I didn't know what I didn't know, right? I only knew what I knew. And so one thing I've learned about in business is that if you want to try and figure this out on your own, that is an approach. And you can keep doing that. And, and in my experience, I have good short term success, but it's not sustainable. So one thing I've learned for success in business in life, man, I try to get coaches for every single area of my life, if I can, wherever I want to improve, I invest in. And so for weight loss, I could just tell you from my own personal experience, man, wouldn't it be amazing if you could just take Daniel around with you? Everywhere you went? Every time there was a temptation, he's right there with you and you could say, Man, those cookies look really good. What do you think? and Daniel could just like, what? Tell me what you're thinking. Right? And it's like, wouldn't that be amazing? If you could do that? And well, you would invariably be successful in getting that body of your dreams. And so Daniel, the way that you've set up your coaching is just, it's, it's I think it's just fantastic. So, one more time on the just again, I think we talked about the accountability piece. But what someone will expect on that 30 minutes or that conversation that evolution eat.com slash Josh, what do you what else are you guys going to talk about?

Yeah, we're just gonna, there's no expectations from my side like that. Like, yes, obviously, I've a business. This is my work, we're talking about it. There's an opportunity for us to work together if there will be a good fit and that's what you know, you're looking for help to to work on this part of your life. But, Josh, you know, you're a really important person to me. And I know that you work with a lot of people for whom, like, I speak their language, I get it, and they're there. They represent my, the typical clientele who I work with. So I'm just I'm here to help, we will look at not what not just the goals that you want to accomplish for 2020. That's important. But I'm more concerned about what are the predictable patterns of the past that keep repeating themselves, right. Yeah. In other words, how are you going to sabotage yourself in 2020? Right, and because How is it? How have you done that same thing time and time again? Right. let's identify that, let's confront that. Let's talk about that. And then from that awareness, let's put some measures in place that would have you knowing that you're moving forward and also some constraints. So You're getting the support that you need. Right? And let's have a conversation from that place. That's what I'm here to help you do. Also tell you about, you know, if you have questions about dietary stuff, everybody's always got a million questions about that how, yeah, you know, but those those are those are important, but it's again, it's it's secondary, tertiary to Who who are you being about it? How was it gone in your life until now. And, you know, we've got to confront those things in order to then break through them. So and then at the end of those, that conversation if you if you were interested in, in working together than we have, we've got one on one and group coaching programs for that. And, again, I'll just, I'll just help you figure out what the what makes sense for you have given where you're at.

That's awesome. Daniel, you know, before you and i, you and I were introduced by a mutual friend, and one thing that I really appreciated was, you know, I went and found a couple of podcasts that you've been interviewed on So that gave me a some time to kind of dig into what's this guy all about. And so I just knew it was really important that if you and I were to talk about, you know, weight loss for entrepreneurs, I thought it would be really, really helpful that people could spend time and actually learn some great content. And I know that that's what we've been able to do in this kind of three, three part series, both in our podcast, the thoughtful entrepreneur, and our YouTube channel. If you're listening and you want to watch my interview with Daniel, you can see each of us you can see Daniel and see if he looks like a trustworthy guy or not. So you just go to up my influence in the lower left hand corner, you'll find a link to our YouTube channel right there. And so, Daniel again, thank you so much. The URL is evolution eat.com slash Josh, and that'll get you past the gatekeepers straight to being able to grab some time with Daniel and Greg with me again, Daniel, congratulations on all your success. You've helped so many other people, I'm, I'm honored to be on that journey to be among that group. I, you know, I love these all these amazing photos of people that, you know, have dropped like 3040 5090 pounds since they started working with you. And of course, you know, again, I think one thing that's fairly unique is, you know, there's a way watchers, you know, your, your students, your clients, like they're having successes in so many other areas of their life, because they're, that they're there and, again, that it's the psychology that's changing. It's not all I know how to count points better. It's so much more than that.

This is health and well, just to put it simply, this is health and wellness meets self development or self mastery, where you get to master these parts of yourself in a way where you get to discover something along about yourself along the way. And, and, you know, for entrepreneurs, I know that that's, I mean, that's what we're up to, right. We're all is looking to improve and develop and, and, and learn so I would love to be part of that journey for you and just to be a resource for you so if you're if you're interested in taking me up on that offer then let's set up a time to talk and Josh just thank you for being so enthusiastic about your your commitment to your own health but also in sharing the good word with the people you do not have to do this. This was

this was this is a this is a very kind gesture and I appreciate you awesome. Daniel Thomas of EvolutionEat. Thank you so much for joining us and, and talking about weight loss for entrepreneurs. Thank you for having me. Thanks for listening to the thoughtful entrepreneur show. If you are a thoughtful business owner or professional who would like to be on this daily program, please visit up my influence.com slash guest that we've got something out of this interview. Would you share this episode on social media just a quick screenshot with your phone and texted to a friend or posted on the socials. A few do that tag us with the hashtag up my influence. Each month we scour Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. We pick one winner from each platform, and you get crowned king or queen of that social media now what do you win? We're going to promote you and your business to over 120,000 social media fans totally free. Now. Can you also hook us up now in your podcast player right now? Please give us a thumbs up or a rating and review. We promise to read it all and take action. We believe that every person has a message that can positively impact the world. Your feedback helps us fulfill that mission. While you're at it. Hit that subscribe button. You know why? Tomorrow? That's right. seven days a week, you are going to be inspired and motivated to succeed 15 minutes a day. My name is Josh Elledge. Let's connect on the socials, you'll find all the stuff we're doing at up my influence.com Thanks for listening and thank you for being a part of the thoughtful entrepreneur movement.

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