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Nik Kalyani: Find an Expert Right for You

Are you in need of an expert?

We are honored to give you a unique guest, Nik Kalyani of WhenHub, to introduce to us a platform that will help you find the experts in any field.

There are times that we are in need of advisors, it might be your business planning, finances, your website, fitness, your psychological health, your children's tutor, etc. WhenHub lets you connect with any experts at various field, it's not only limited to your business alone. Also, you get to market yourself on your specialization.

“Our platform really designed to connect people and have them have their questions answered.” – Nik

Nik Kalyani is a co-founder and CTO of WhenHub.

Learn more about how WhenHub lets you call a Video Advisor for advice on any topic by listening to this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur above and don’t forget to subscribe on  Apple Podcasts Stitcher SpotifyGoogle Play Castbox TuneIn RSS.

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