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Press kit builder

Press kit

A well-created and updated press kit will show that you are someone that is sought after by the media and will help you be treated like an authority in your space. We will work with you to create something magnificent that will showcase your subject matter-expertise and help you get far more media. All you need to do is take what we prepare and give it to your web developer for your website. A press kit is mandatory if you want more media attention!

Done for you

We interview you and comb through all your content to write your bios and everything else a good press kit should have. $1799

Done with you

You fill out forms and do your best to supply everything we need. We do all the editing to make sure your press kit will do all you need it to. $1199


You have a press kit already. We'll review and edit what you have and make sure it follows all of today's best practices and communicates with media and influencers so that you are respected as the authority that you are. $399

LinkedIn authority review

LinkedIn Authority Makeover

You are regularly being vetted on LinkedIn by potential customers, influencers, investors, and partners. We'll make sure they love what they see so they'll engage with you.

We'll conduct a thorough review of your LinkedIn and render a full report (via an easy-to-read google doc), complete with recommendations of the changes you should make. The review will include personalized suggestions as well as best practices so your profile performs well and helps you connect with influencers, journalists, clients, and possibly even new partners. Our objective is to make you look like the thought leader you are! $399

Pitch me to the media

Pitching Services (Coaching, Contacts, Creation)

Pitching the media to grow your visibility helps you get seen. Many public relations firms charge big money to advocate for you and ‘sell your story.' We take a different approach and it ends up delivering a far better return on investment for our clients.

If you want to connect with media, we've got contacts, systems, and processes that work. If you are looking for more effective influencer outreach, we take a different approach than the ‘spray and pray' method that most influencer marketing and PR agencies take. Be very careful! Spamming journalists and influencers no longer works. It's expensive, ineffective, and ruins your brand reputation. Sadly, it's still the norm for many PR firms.

Here's our process:

1. We count on you (or someone on your team) to create a draft of a pitch after we strategize – since you will know your subject matter better than us.
2. We will edit the pitch.
3. We will strategize on IDing contacts.
4. We will research and create a Google spreadsheet of names, phone numbers, email addresses, social media or intended contacts (up to 100/mo)
5. You (or someone on your internal team) should serve as the point of contact. 3rd party PR representation has been getting less and less effective (and more expensive). Journalists would rather hear directly from you. This makes the connection far more authentic. We'll advise on doing a simple (non-spammy) mail-merge or you can just email each contact directly.
6. We will advise on any communication with journalists/influencers and advise on follow-up process when/if you do or do not hear back.

We've been testing our method for 5+ years. It works FAR more effectively than completely outsourcing your outreach.

The best part? Our rate is 1/5th what a normal PR firm of our experience would charge. $799

Website authority review

Website Authority Review

You are being judged by the appearance and effectiveness of your website every time someone views it. We can offer a full review of your website – which focuses on indicators of authority and suggestions for conversion optimization. This comes complete with suggested improvements to increase and prolong engagement with your entire website, not just the front page. $399

Millions In Free Media Video Course

Millions In Free Media Video Course

Josh Elledge has been in the media over 2000 times and will reveal exactly what to do and say to become a king or queen of all media. As you regularly score media placements, you can become a household name and your audience will love you and want to do business with you. This video series includes more than 15 lessons. Over 6 hours of content destined to make you a media superstar! $799

Twitter Publicity Mastery Video Library

Twitter Publicity Mastery Video Course

More connections. More traffic. More sales. We will reveal our step-by-step process for connecting with influencers and growing a following of customers and fans. $499


Podcast Training, Appearance, Promotion on Our Show

We'll get you trained on being an amazing podcast guest, how to sell without ‘selling' and drive listeners to your offer. Then, we'll interview you on our own show, provide post-interview feedback, and promote you to our 60K fans. $799

Edit and send my monthly press release.

150 Guaranteed Press Release Media Placements

The ‘as seen on’ media logos you’ll be able to add to your website with your first press release, alone, are going to impress your audience, and potential customers and partners. It will also signal to other media that you are savvy. Imagine what that could do for other areas of business. High-authority media logos can give you instant perceived authority. Authority = respect. $799

Enhanced media inquiry alerts

Live Media Training

Whether you’re being interviewed for TV, print, radio, podcast, or online video, your media training session will help you feel more comfortable on camera and rock the interview! This means more sales and bigger media opportunities. This 30-minute session with a media veteran is conducted via Zoom and will give you exactly what you need to better profit from all future media segments. Plus – if you have TV/video segments online, share your three favorites with us and our team will review them and provide specific feedback on how you can better connect with audiences and drive traffic to your offer. $599

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Monthly services

Targeted daily media inquiry alerts - Journalists need YOUR help right now.

Media Inquiry Placements

Thousands of journalists turn to the web regularly to find experts to quote. We have some amazing systems for getting connected to those requests. We have members who have scored over 50 media & influencer mentions in one month, alone. A couple well-placed expert quotes could help you earn thousands of dollars in new sales.

Done with you

We scan the latest media requests from journalists for you and send the keyword alerts to you hours before nearly everyone else gets them. We also coach you on exactly what to say when you respond. Finally, we'll review any of your responses so that you get the most placements possible. $299/mo

Done for you

WE'LL respond to your alerts FOR you! Having facilitated many hundreds of media responses, we're very good at getting responses back to journalists who would love to quote you. This service is a HUGE time-saver. We'll spend month one getting to know your voice and building a library of content. We'll also start writing as you and get your feedback. Then, we'll begin submitting responses to media for you. This could save you an hour or more a day compared to trying to help journalists on your own. Not all clients qualify for this service – so please get our okay before purchasing. $1199/mo

Personal intros to podcasters

Podcast Pitching

We’re going to personally pitch you to podcasters via email each month. These connections are highly curated and thought out. If you follow our coaching on being an amazing guest, you can create a great amount of interest in your products and services from highly engaged audiences. Note that podcasters can sometimes book several weeks or months into the future. Our aim is to get you an average of 2,4, or 6 commitments each month – depending on your level.

Two podcast connections each month.


Four podcast connections each month.


Six podcast connections each month.


Become Twitter famous

Twitter Skyrocket

You are being judged by the media and influencers based on your Twitter presence. It's not an optional social media platform if you want to work with journalists. Not to worry. We'll take care of this and make you look like a Twitter rock star. You just need to make sure some content is cycling on your Twitter account. We'll find the people who care about what you have to say. We'll help you gain the greatest number of engaged fans that Twitter will allow us each month (up to 2000). This is a manual process that takes us 30 min+ each day on your behalf. Your job is to follow our advice on sharing content regularly as well as engaging with people who mention you. We'll take care of the rest!

We will grow your Twitter followers by up to 2000 monthly


influencer engagement agency

Influencer Engagement

Over the course of 11 years, our team has mastered the process of influencer engagement. Our other brand successfully created millions of dollars of business thanks to influencer relationships.

Our approach to influencer engagement reduces risk on your part (we'll work out a profitable business plan together) and focuses on building valuable relationships with the perfect influencers for your product or service to truly reach the masses. Our work together will consist of strategy, research of your “dream 100” list of influencers (and beyond), we will write all the communication, work on execution of influencer outreach, and help negotiate in the case where influencers may want to enter into a business relationship with you. Our rate is customized for this work as each project is unique.

Please book a 15-minute discovery call before purchasing.

lead generation

B2B Lead Generation

Right now, there is such an amazing opportunity to generate meetings with highly qualified leads if you do business with other business owners and professionals. Hint: We don't use facebook ads and we don't use Google. Both were terrible for us. LinkedIn gives us a seemingly endless supply of scheduled conversations with our perfect audience.

We're happy to use our internal team to create the same success for you.

The intention is to book your potential customers or partners a time with your sales staff using your online scheduler. Our goal is to create 20+ appointments with qualified leads each month. This is the exact same system we use for ourselves and for many of our own clients.

The goal of any qualified lead should be to just get them on the phone with you. We will provide direction on best practices for sales/engagement. We will also provide coaching so that you can replicate what has been working for us.

This is a month to month service and only start the second month of billing after we have been actively reaching out to potential clients for a full month.

It is critical to our work for you to have an amazing LinkedIn profile. With a three month commitment of our B2B lead generation, we will offer you a LinkedIn profile makeover at no additional cost – and will begin on that work immediately upon engagement. $1799/mo

VIP media database

Media Database

Want to research media and get contact info for newsrooms? Instantly search the information, including the “front door” emails for thousands of TV and radio stations, magazines, podcasts, and newspapers (both daily and weekly publications – including ethnic).

Note: If you want personal contact information, including names and direct email addresses to influencers and journalists, add our pitching services above. A direct contact will almost always be more effective when pitching.$49/mo

PR mention monitoring

Media Mention Alerts

Alerts whenever and wherever you are mentioned allow you to take advantage of opportunities and address issues. $49/mo

Train your VA

We Train and Manage Your VA or Team

Save the $150/hour you'd spend on a PR pro. We are going to train your team to share your story far and wide – while leveraging our platform. You get one training topic and live training call per month (your choice on what you want your VA/team to learn) and ongoing support throughout the month.$299/mo

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