1024 – Become Truly Limitless with Limitless MD’s Dr. Vikram Raya

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to Dr. Vikram Raya. Dr. Raya is a cardiologist and also the founder and CEO of Limitless MD and the CEO and founding partner of Viking Capital.

Dr. Raya says he’s most passionate about health, wealth, and mindset. Dr. Raya went into cardiology after he saw his family suffer from cardiac issues. He admits, though, that when he went into the medical field, he lost his connection to his patients because of how transactional the industry is. Dr. Raya opened a functional medicine clinic by broadening his income horizons; he began investing in real estate, which is how Viking Capital came about. 

During this time, colleagues and friends came to Dr. Raya asking for coaching and consulting on how he managed to open a practice, practice with passion, and invest in real estate. This is how Limitless MD was born. 

Josh and Dr. Raya also discuss how you have to take breaks from working and practice self-care. This is constant active recovery and business owners and leaders are mental athletes. This self care time is integral to your health and wellness, according to Dr. Raya. He also shares health insights on how to maximize your heart health while juggling your busy life. He discusses several ways, one of which is your heart rate variation. HRV defines your heart beat to beat durability and those heart rate variations can be driven by stress – your HRV drops when you don’t take a break. He also advises good and powerful sleep and nutrition. There are also ways to check how clogged your arteries could be, as well as ways to keep your insulin under control. Watch over these aspects and you will increase your longevity, according to Dr. Raya. 

Josh then asks Dr. Raya about the truth about the medical industry. Stress and politics burnout physicians and make many of them regret entering the field. To temper this, Dr. Raya advises that they begin exploring ways to incorporate more easy, lucrative, and fun things into their life and business. He also talks about chasing the five freedoms.

The five freedoms are found in 1) time freedom, 2) geographic freedom, 3) financial freedom, 4) freedom from dis-ease, and 5) freedom from stress. Many business owners are still operating rather than owning their businesses. Grant yourself true freedom and build your business to be successful and scalable without your daily presence. 

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