1151 – Use a YouTube Channel as a Passive Income Generator with Chris Zissis

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to YouTube growth and viral expert, Chris Zissis

Chris helps entrepreneurs and investors create passive income through having a YouTube channel. An investor can diversify their portfolio by investing in a YouTube channel with the intention of generating revenue through viral content. But what are the elements of creating a viral video? 

Chris explains that yes, there’s a little luck when it comes to creating viral videos, however, it can be repeatable. Chris has been building these channels for several years now and knows typically what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building large, successful channels. News oriented videos are quite popular, but you can work with anything that has an audience. These audiences will watch content about their niches daily, over and over, for hours. These elements come into play when building successful YouTube channels. 

There are many ways to generate revenue with YouTube videos, with digital ads and video sponsorships at the top of the list. Where people go wrong with YouTube, Chris shares, is that users don’t look at the platform as a business. At the end of the day, YouTube is an amazing audience aggregator organically. Why wouldn't you build audiences through well made, viral-tuned content? Chris and his expertise assists these investors and entrepreneurs with a fully-managed YouTube channel that generates revenue totally passively.  

Josh and Chris explore what to produce content around if you want to start your own channel. If you want to generate revenue, choose a niche that gets a lot of daily views. Chris suggests one tool, SocialBlade, which can give you an idea of the daily views of specific channels. See what niches accumulate views quickly and consider picking something in that vein. Chris shares that if there’s an audience for it, people will consume it if it’s good quality content. Social Blade is one tool that can provide these types of insights, but there are many more. 

Chris’s business model revolves around taking the work and headache out of managing a YouTube channel for his clients. His business offers a done-for-you channel that’s maintained and optimized completely on behalf of his clients. YouTube is a fascinating way to diversify your portfolio and generate meaningful content. 

There is a lot of power that comes with influence and being able to generate content on a platform like YouTube is an amazing opportunity to connect with real audiences. You directly benefit from this positive type of engagement and generate tons of revenue at the same time. Go where the audiences are and monetize strategically to see viral results.

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