1339 – Creating a Structured Work Force with Breakfast Consulting’s Neil Heckman

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder of Breakfast Consulting, Neil Heckman.

Breakfast Consulting works with founders and business leaders during times of change. Breakfast Consulting was created as Neil saw the constant change and need for branding scopes to evolve while he worked in-house with some direct consumer brands. Neil explains that brands are experiencing change from COVID, the recession, IOS 14, and many other factors. Some businesses may experience positive change such as telehealth or virtual personal trainers due to the rise in virtual business. Other businesses may experience negative changes such as restaurants and retail due to the impending recession. The impending recession is a major change that businesses are preparing for going into the holiday season. Neil explains that funds are becoming more deliberate where they are investing their money. Businesses have learned that they may not be able to be bulletproof to the unknowns, as seen through the pandemic. However, they can reposition their business to resonate their product or service to the highest group of consumers while maintaining cost-effectiveness in selling and marketing.

Neil advises businesses who are looking for investors to set their expectations higher and know they may fall short. With investors becoming more disciplined, businesses need to become more disciplined to gain the support of these investors. Neil has worked hands-on with direct consumer business during times of change which makes him unique to the consulting space. Neil also explains that he is focused on the constant evolution of a business and will work on whatever factor is the most pressing at the time. If the importance of a factor changes, he will change his approach along with it.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What Breakfast Consulting does
  • Changes clients are bringing to Breakfast Consulting
  • Market factors
  • Advice for companies looking for investors
  • Why Neil’s business is unique

About Neil Heckman:

Neil Heckman is a marketing professional hailing from 2 of the fastest growing start-ups of all time (Casper and Away), in addition to working with Fortune 500 brands like Verizon, Nationwide, and Johnson & Johnson. Having driven more than $2B in revenue over 10 years at some of the largest, most well-known brands in the world, and also at some of the most innovative and disruptive brands in history, his capabilities are vast and the service is unrivaled. In 2021 Neil founded Breakfast Consulting to bring an experienced and nimble approach to supporting founders and entrepreneurs.

Tweetable Moments:

5:38 “There are different challenges depending on the industry, the period, and the specific factor at play.”

06:13 “The investing community has by no means dried up, but it's becoming much more structured, and I would say much more deliberate in where they're investing and, more importantly, where they're not investing.”

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