Ep 002 – Balance is the Foundation of Life – Erin Paruszewski

Erin Paruszewski is the Founder and CEO of Alkalign, which was founded in April 2015. Erin is a lifelong athlete, former dancer and recovering investment banker. Her own injuries and health challenges coupled with her passion for business inspired her to leave the corporate world to open a boutique fitness studio in 2009.

As a franchisee herself, she learned a lot about what does and does not work and and has leveraged that experience to create a business that truly supports and mentors its franchisees.
Erin loves helping people feel better and is committed to delivering high quality, holistic fitness and nutrition coaching that will challenge you today and completely transform you for tomorrow.
Alkalign is truly disrupting the way people think about fitness. The days of high impact exercises and accelerated wear and tear on the body are over. Alkalign is rooted in science and biomechanics. We believe you are going to live in your body for 100 years (or more) and we want to help you preserve your body for the long-haul!

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