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Are YOU missing out on important connections?

February 23, 2019

If you’re not on this social media platform, you could be missing out on important customer connections.

Find out more on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur with special guest Dan Willis.

Dan Willis knows Twitter. It’s one of the tools he uses to help companies best use digital content and advertising to build an authentic personality that a community can relate to. He’s even helped craft campaigns for H&M, Toyota and FOX TV.

His specialty is “relational marketing,” which is a method that focuses on connecting with an audience rather than outwardly pushing the sale of a product.

“Influence marketing … that’s a buzz term a lot of people are talking about this year,” Dan said. “But influencer marketing is just a portion of relational marketing.”

He explained that when a company utilizes an influencer, they are seizing the opportunity of entering someone else’s community. However, only a portion of brands can effectively participate in influencer marketing while most companies could benefit from relational marketing.

“Brands can also go ahead and create a brand identity for themselves, get their brand its own voice, and speak directly to consumers, their clients or community,” Dan said.  “I know – it’s crazy, right? You can actually reach out through this internet thing and talk to somebody one on one. You can be social on social media.”

Dan points to Twitter, which allows immediate, real-time interaction and conversation.

“That platform is built for one to one interaction in real-time and the beauty is it was built for the phone,” Dan said.

He encourages businesses to embrace video on Twitter. He pointed out that using video replies means you’re constantly using new, original content rather than copy and pasting the same text and images. This makes a brand seem more personable to consumers.

While some gripe about the text restrictions, Dan said that video responses can be as long as they need to be.

A quick 30-second video can show authenticity and provide a genuine approach that people appreciate, Dan said. It doesn’t have to have perfect lighting and it’s okay if you don’t look fantastic – you’re more relatable that way.

When it comes to Twitter, Dan recommends two things that all small businesses should do. Want to know what they are? Listen to the episode above and don’t forget to subscribe on Apple PodcastsStitcherSpotifyGoogle PlayCastboxTuneInRSS.

To learn more about Dan, visit his website or connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn or Youtube.

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