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How to get PR: Talk to the right people!

Want to know how to get PR? Talk to the right people!

As an entrepreneur, I want you to get your foot in the door by being a reliable source to the *right* reporters. And, get the FREE media coverage your business deserves! This will ultimately help increase sales and grow your business. It’s exactly how I built a multi-million dollar business: will teach you step-by-step how to get PR and free media advertising for your business plus so much more. You need the right strategy in place that will help you stand out.

It’s pretty powerful when 800 brand-new customers visit your website in one hour looking to buy your product or service. This is what happens when you learn how to get PR and score a really good media segment on TV, radio, or get sourced on a popular online news website.

You need to know which media your customers consume. Follow these steps:

  • Target your media outreach around who your target market is. Know what kind of people will buy your products or use your services. It matters!
  • Decide what the best media sources are for your customers. You want your customers’ positive experience with you reinforced by hearing or reading about your business from a third-party credible source. If your target audience are mostly NASCAR fans, maybe getting placed in the Huffington Post or Slate isn’t the best use of your time.

Don’t do media for your ego. Do it to build a huge, profitable business!

  • If you want to know my #1 favorite activity for how to get PR, I recommend almost always reaching out to local media sources such as TV, radio, print and web publications. You can get placed fairly easy, it’s great practice for major market media, it can lead to regular appearances, and it’s a good way to build up to larger, more targeted news sources.

I don’t want you blasting out emails, tweets, or press releases to any media contact you can find. That would be a waste of everyone’s time. You’re going to want to build your own customized list for your business by truly knowing your media contacts work and what they’re looking for. I recommend starting on twitter.

In my UpMyInfluence email newsletter, I talk about how to get into the newsroom and teach how to get PR that will pay you in big sales. I break this subject down into a proven, step-by-step process that you can employ and get invited to share your product and service with huge audiences. It’s exactly what I did to get on major market and national TV, radio, print, and web news sources.

Ready to make this happen?

Don’t let another week of lackluster sales rob you from getting your business discovered! A few TV appearances and some well-placed quotes can be all it takes to get your sales on track and income flowing!

Join the rest of my media celebrities today! Yes! Let’s go!


The next step for you is to learn more and put what I teach into practice. Download my free resource guide of the tools that I use – and how I use them to generate lots of sales.



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