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Content and Brand Management Platform with Loomly’s Thibaud Clement

October 5, 2020

Meet Loomly, a Company Dedicated To Creating Contents and Schedules for other Companies to Thrive

Thibaud Clement is the CEO and Founder of Loomly. This company focuses on creating content and a schedule, with an entire workflow for a team and a project management tool integrated. It was Thibaut Clement's turn to speak on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast with Josh, he talked about his business, clients, and every other thing you need to know about the company. While on the interview, Clement was quite honest about his responses; he talked exclusively about virtually everything while giving a precise analysis of how things work in the industry.

He revealed that Loomly is the fourth company he had founded at the moment; he had founded Lumi. Before building loomly, they managed an advertising agency, both in France, where their biggest client was L'Oreal, (which was based in the US) helping growing startups succeed. And for all of those clients, they had a common process where they had to create content for them. And all of that was managed through Excel, or spreadsheets, in what they call editorial calendars, or editorial plantings.

Clement and his team later realized that though Excel is great for numbers, it is completely the opposite of accountants and media. So, they started looking for a better way to do things. All they could find online (again) were either some generic project management software that was not a good fit for their marketing workflow, or social media schedulers that were great at spreading existing content but not helping you with the actual collaboration part.  They just decided that they will build the tool that they needed back in 2015.

Clement is not an engineer, but then he and his team built the prototype, but throughout the process, he was up and running; by the end of the year, the company started using it with their clients – and from the look of things, they liked it. This is how they opened it up in public beta. But then things got out of hand, but this very simple app was built to help their customer's preview content and give their approval. But this thing has now evolved into what they call a brand success platform, meaning that they cover the entire content publishing process from ID generation and asset management to content production, preview approval, and of course, scheduling a response to any kind of comment that anyone gets on your content.

Further Explanation about How Loomly Works

There are many reasons why the marketing team needs to review what is going out. It is also why the legal team, the HR team, the sales team, the product team, and this collaboration part is super important. But in all of that, it is not specific to the large and the big accounts. It's very true, even for the smallest businesses, because, as you know, social media becomes a larger part of marketing today and even more in the current context, where more and more small businesses exist. This is just the company turning to online marketing. And even if you have one person creating the content, usually you want some input from another person. So collaborating around the content process is key to deliver great content as you know it.  Again, this resonates with your audience.

From the way Loomly works, it performs better the moment you integrate with RSS feeds. If you have like a blog post, it will automatically import any new post published on your blog. From there, you can then create social media posts in Loomly to distribute that piece of interest in your blog. The company is currently working on more advanced integrations and new forms of content that will make it easier and allow you to even create that content from within Lumley, with the same preparation process. The second part is creating a blog post, creating a podcast, and distributing it through social media with the right format for each platform. You can still do this in a game to publish the same thing, same thing on Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok.

The most interesting thing about Loomly's is how the company has crafted its product; it helps you take any post that you want to create and then fine-tune it for each channel. So with that, one won't have to reinvent the wheel. But at the same time, always customize your content for each platform. On Instagram, you want to add a couple of hashtags and have (maybe) your square, video feature and, on Tick tock, you want to have a kind of format that is vertical, e.t.c. so that you can deliver your message, at the same time in a consistent manner. You want to tell the same story on all channels while respecting each platform's cultural codes.


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