Your customers HATE your lousy sales script!

You have a new voicemail.

Hey, Josh Elledge here. The reason I'm calling is I'd like 5 minutes on Wednesday to discuss something with you. Will you give me 5 minutes?

If someone left you this cryptic message, what would you think? Would you call back?

I recently attended a HUGE marketing convention where Grant Cardone taught this approach. Grant knows what he’s doing – he’s been in the business for years and is very successful – but this script didn’t sit well with me.

I decided to ask some of my friends what they thought. What resulted was a conversation that included more than 100 comments on Facebook.

The majority of people said they would hang up if they happened to answer and wouldn’t call back if they received this script in their voicemail. Some said the script was an outdated approach. A number of people pointed out that its a skeevy tactic used by multi-level marketing companies.

A FEW people said they’d take or return the call – but only if they knew the caller.

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