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Want to accelerate your growth?

July 26, 2019

Business owners (especially agencies): Want to accelerate your growth?

 1. Talk to 20+ new people every week.

People that might have valuable connections or could possibly use your services. If you're too busy, assign this task to your director of partnerships. If you don't have one, you're not too busy. Change your priorities.

If you don't know how to get 20 appointments a week, let us handle lead generation for you. We can fill your schedule.

 2. Lead with doing stuff for them FIRST for FREE.

No asks!! Read the book “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg For us, we interview our target clients on our podcast, The Thoughtful Entrepreneur. We also promote them to our social media audiences. Some guests do not buy our services, some do. Some refer us to others. Sometimes I learn some CRAZY valuable info that I take massive action on. Here's the mission: It's important that LOTS of people know the problem you solve.

 3. They will probably learn what you do – because you'll ensure it NATURALLY comes up in conversation.

DO NOT SELL!! Just inform. If it solves a potential need for them, they'll let you know.

4. Continue to give them value.

As you produce content or have media placements, podcast guest appearances, share this with them as long as you are not coming across as salesy.

 5. When you DO have an offer, ask if they KNOW someone who might benefit.

e.g. We recently scored 30 media placements in ONE MONTH for one of our clients. I *informed* everyone in my contact list and asked if they knew someone who would want that kind of fame and visibility. Not a surprise, but several people responded back with, “uh…. ME!”

 6. Keep finding ways to give easy value.

Promote them. Make introductions. Offer personalized tips. e.g. I'll do stuff like say, “Hey! I was looking @ your LinkedIn and noticed you were missing __________. Here's an article/video/podcast where I mention that. Let me know if you need any help updating that.”

7. When you do get sales calls where people are asking for services – naturally make a prescription and you're gonna have to have an AMAZING follow-up.

Offer incentives for action. Just start getting to work on stuff if you can… even before they pay you. Assume the sale and just start doing good stuff for them. Act as-if – but DON'T BE PUSHY. Be insanely (and authentically) helpful.


We've been following this formula pretty consistently the past 3 months. We're now getting more than 15 appointment requests a day. As you can imagine, I'm starting to get in pretty high demand – because I personally can only take 36 appointments a week. That's when you'll know to hire someone else and delegate.

❤️ 36 appointments a week. Not only are we doing great business for lots of great clients, I'm getting incredible connections and ideas that wouldn't come if I was hiding out / afraid to serve others first because of a scarcity mindset.

😴 Am I exhausted at the end of the day? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. I've learned, however, that achievers are always ‘doing it tired.' When other people give up, they press on. I'm SO not perfect at this – but I aspire to be better.

I hope you get an idea or 2 out of this! 🤜🏽💥🤛🏼

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