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Targeted daily media inquiry alerts - Journalists need YOUR help right now.

Responsive Media Placements

Go from feeling INVISIBLE to being SEEN and CELEBRATED! There are dozens of opportunities for you to get amazing media placements every month. Historically, you've likely been missing out on these. As a result, your perfect audience hasn't yet learned about you – or gained trust in your brand. You've missed out on the authority. Your conversion isn't as high as it could be. The Responsive Media Placements service can change this!

We get more than 100 media opportunities a day. We've got many that would be perfect for you. Let us become your media placement department! We'll respond on your behalf. We'll let you know every time we get a great opportunity, grab a quote from you and get it back to the journalist! We may, also, be able to pull the content directly from your blog. Unlike traditional public relations, this is a month-to-month service with no contracts. We also have a 30-day money-back guarantee that you'll be delighted with our mutual success. We've facilitated thousands of media placements over the years. We can turn you, too, into a media celebrity! $1399/mo

Pitch me to the media

Proactive Media Placements

Pitching the media to grow your visibility helps you get seen. Many public relations firms charge big money to advocate for you and ‘sell your story.' We take a different approach and it ends up delivering a far better return on investment for our clients.

If you want to connect with media, we've got contacts, systems, and processes that work. If you are looking for more effective influencer outreach, we take a different approach than the ‘spray and pray' method that most influencer marketing and PR agencies take. Be very careful! Spamming journalists and influencers no longer works. It's expensive, ineffective, and ruins your brand reputation. Sadly, it's still the norm for many PR firms.

Here's our process:

1. We count on you (or someone on your team) to create a draft of a pitch after we strategize – since you will know your subject matter better than us.
2. We will edit the pitch.
3. We will strategize on IDing contacts.
4. We will research and create a Google spreadsheet of names, phone numbers, email addresses, social media or intended contacts (up to 100/mo)
5. You (or someone on your internal team) should serve as the point of contact. 3rd party PR representation has been getting less and less effective (and more expensive). Journalists would rather hear directly from you. This makes the connection far more authentic. We'll advise on doing a simple (non-spammy) mail-merge or you can just email each contact directly.
6. We will advise on any communication with journalists/influencers and advise on follow-up process when/if you do or do not hear back.

We've been testing our method for 6+ years. It works FAR more effectively than completely outsourcing your outreach.

The best part? Our rate is 1/5th what a normal PR firm of our experience would charge. $799

Personal intros to podcasters

Podcast Pitching

We’re going to personally pitch you to podcasters via email each month. These connections are highly curated and thought out. If you follow our coaching on being an amazing guest, you can create a great amount of interest in your products and services from highly engaged audiences. Note that podcasters can sometimes book several weeks or months into the future. Our aim is to get you an average of 2,4, or 6 commitments each month – depending on your level.


Two podcast connections each month.


Four podcast connections each month.


Six podcast connections each month.


influencer engagement agency

Influencer Marketing System

Over the course of 12 years, our team has mastered the process of influencer engagement. Our other company successfully created millions of dollars of business thanks to influencer relationships.

Our approach to influencer engagement reduces risk on your part (we'll work out a profitable business plan together) and focuses on building valuable relationships with the perfect influencers for your product or service to truly reach the masses.

Our work together will consist of strategy, research of your “dream 100” list of influencers (and beyond), we will write all the communication together, work on execution of influencer outreach, and help advise you on negotiation in the case where influencers may want to enter into a business relationship with you.

There is an UNLIMITED number of influencers who will work with you. There are just three problems:

  1. You are currently invisible to them.
  2. The most qualified influencers are too busy to reply to your cold outreach.
  3. The most qualified influencers are too busy to build a relationship with you – and certainly too busy to reply to your cold outreach.

We'd like to help you set up the exact system that we used to create $200,000 MRR in our sales pipeline.

Josh Elledge has studied and led consumer behavior for 13+ years. As such, your potential influencer partners are ALL consumers and old-school sales and marketing methods do not work with influencers. Quite frankly, they hate it..

Here's how our Influencer outreach system works:


  • We will conduct three 30-minute phone calls to discover your current processes, troubleshoot what can be improved, and better establish your authority and devise our plan for success.
  • We will lead you to establishing more digital competence, likability, and influence. It matters.
  • We will coach you on creating a perfect offer (separate from your products) that your potential influencers will LOVE. Imagine if 31% or better of the perfectly qualified influencers you reached out to said yes to an appointment with you.
  • We will architect a sustainable and scalable leadgen plan that will help you achieve your goals.
  • We'll construct a formula for follow-up that will help improve your close rate. Most busy influencers are NOT going to engage immediately. They require someone to lead in the relationship; someone who will continue to give value and move the ball forward. Chances are, you are currently losing huge deals because you simply don't know what to do. Through automation, human connection, and virtual connection on all channels (particularly social media), you will stop losing your momentum with amazing influencers.
  • Hint-hint to how we've mastered this: It is critical to our work for you to have an amazing LinkedIn profile. With a three month commitment of our B2B sales system, we will offer you a LinkedIn profile makeover at no additional cost – and will begin on that work immediately upon engagement.
  • If you are not completely excited by the end of month one, we will issue a full refund. We only work with people who are a 10 out of 10.


  • We will fill up your schedule with qualified potential influencers. They will be aware of your offer – and, most importantly, they will be excited to talk with you.
  • We will constantly evaluate our outreach – ensuring that you are spending your time with as many great prospects as possible who are eager to grow a relationship with you.
  • We will constantly evaluate your follow-up processes – ensuring that you are closing as many deals as possible. We want to shorten your sales cycles and win you more partnerships.
  • There is no long-term contract. You can pause, cancel, upgrade, or downgrade any month you like.


Edit and send my monthly press release.

150 Guaranteed Press Release Media Placements

The ‘as seen on’ media logos you’ll be able to add to your website with your first press release, alone, are going to impress your audience, and potential customers and partners. It will also signal to other media that you are savvy. Imagine what that could do for other areas of business. High-authority media logos can give you instant perceived authority. Authority = respect. $799

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