Video Advisor

Nik Kalyani: Find an Expert Right for You

Are you in need of an expert? We are honored to give you a unique guest, Nik Kalyani of WhenHub, to introduce to us a platform that will help you find the experts in any field.There are times that we are in need of advisors. WhenHub lets you connect with any experts in various fields; it’s not only limited to your business alone. Also, you get to market yourself on your specialization. Nik Kalyani is a co-founder and CTO of WhenHub. WhenHub lets you call a Video Advisor for advice on any topic.

how to boost your sales

Roderick Jefferson: Enabling Your Sales

Are you ready to step up your sales into a whole nother notch? We have invited one of the recipients of this year’s Top 10 Sales Enablement Consultant by Sales Hacker and LinkedIn Top 15 Sales & Marketing Influencer, Roderick Jefferson from Roderick Jefferson & Associates, LLC to give us some details on how to boost your sales. Roderick Jefferson & Associates, LLC is a global sales enablement consultancy. They work toward decreasing time to raise revenue and increase sales productivity. Find out more on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.