Security Basics and Essentials with Security Institute’s Bill Alderson

A quicker way to search the web. Today we’re joined with Bill Alderson, the Chief Technology Officer at the Security Institute. Security Institute handles certification and training for security professionals, and information for avid tech users. In this episode we talk a bit about Quic, a new way to speed up your internet by enabling a system already in your …

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Mobile and Versatile Security with Smart Mimic’s Burak Yalcinkaya

Leaving the comfort and safety of your at-home security system means a lot of uncertainty for your on-the-go belongings, or temporary spaces like your office or your hotel room, or even just protecting your child. There’s a scary world out there! But it doesn’t have to be uncertain with Smart Mimic products. Burak Yalcinkaya, co-founder of Smart Mimic is here on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur talking about their amazing products.