Being Yourself on Social Media Like a Voss’s Amanda Relyea-Voss

Branding on social media. The guest with on the show today is Amanda Relyea-Voss, the Owner and CEO of Like a Voss Social Media. Amanda has run Like a Voss for eight years. Based in Canada, they manage social media and build online communities for businesses and influencers. The marketing and social media professionals at Like a Voss can create …

The Power of Social Media Influence with JayJayLive’s Jay Jay

Social Media Spotlight. Today the guest is Jay Jay, the Founder of Jay Jay Agency.  Jay Jay helps other influencers and coaches gain traction on Instagram. In his words, he will bring you from out of the shadows to the spotlight. Social media is one of the best ways to get attention and gain profitability. Jay used to be a …

Media Monitoring with BrandMentions’ Razvan Gavrilas

Monitor your media. Razvan Gavrilas is the Founder of BrandMentions and Cognitive SEO. BrandMentions is a brand social media tracking tool launched in 2018. They help you gain insight on your brands reputation and connect you with other influencers. Cognitive SEO is a full-featured SEO company designed for SEO professionals and agencies. They are a company of 13 people based …

Social Media Wizardry with Shedavi’s Elizabeth Davis

Curls to cash. Elizabeth Davis is the Founder and CEO of Shedavi. Shedavi is a hair care brand for textured curls and use a paraben free, organic, cruelty-free vegan formula. Since 2016, Davis has been running the store and using social media to sell hair care focused on inspiring others and making you look as good as you feel. Learn …

Coupon Queen to Social Media Savant with Capitalize Social Media’s Amy Airom

Build social media relations. Amy Airom is the Founder of Capitalize Social Media. She started a couponing company that eventually led to social media marketing. She had realized that running your own business and keeping up with its social media accounts is tough to do alone. That’s where Capitalize Social Media comes in. Learn more about how social media can …

Video Advisor

Nik Kalyani: Find an Expert Right for You

Are you in need of an expert? We are honored to give you a unique guest, Nik Kalyani of WhenHub, to introduce to us a platform that will help you find the experts in any field.There are times that we are in need of advisors. WhenHub lets you connect with any experts in various fields; it’s not only limited to your business alone. Also, you get to market yourself on your specialization. Nik Kalyani is a co-founder and CTO of WhenHub. WhenHub lets you call a Video Advisor for advice on any topic.

how to boost your sales

Roderick Jefferson: Enabling Your Sales

Are you ready to step up your sales into a whole nother notch? We have invited one of the recipients of this year’s Top 10 Sales Enablement Consultant by Sales Hacker and LinkedIn Top 15 Sales & Marketing Influencer, Roderick Jefferson from Roderick Jefferson & Associates, LLC to give us some details on how to boost your sales. Roderick Jefferson & Associates, LLC is a global sales enablement consultancy. They work toward decreasing time to raise revenue and increase sales productivity. Find out more on this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur.

how to get verified on instagram

Want to get verified? Here are some tips.

I’m working on getting our Instagram account verified and I wanted to share my process with you! There’s no doubt that consumers are more likely to trust recommendations on social media from verified brands and individuals than they are those who are unverified. How can you get that coveted blue checkmark? Keep reading.